Monday, 27 February 2012

OOTD (and what I bought!)

I just thought I would show my outfit that I wore today to go shopping with my mum because I really liked it! The top is lovely, and I've only worn it twice before so I want to get a little bit of use out of it before it's too late and it either doesn't fit or is too warm to wear it. 

I look really tall in the picture on the right but don't worry, I am standing on a box so that you can see more of my outfit... I also didn't watermark these photos because they are of me so I thought it would be pretty obvious I didn't steal someone elses pictures.

Blue sheer top - Primark
Plain black tank top - Primark
Navy jeans - New Look
Watch - New Look
Necklace Primark
(I also have on my black classic long Ugg boots)

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation (shade 04)
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (Shade 02)
MUA Heaven & Earth eyeshadow palette
Clinique High Lengths mascara
Sleek black kohl pencil
Collection 2000 blush (shade 'bashful')
Clinique Long Last Glosswear (shade 'Kissy Fit')

I only bought one thing which is really not like me! I wasn't really planning on buying anything but I couldn't resist when I saw this in TK Maxx for only £3.99

It said RRP £18 on it so I think that is how much it would cost to buy the set elsewhere but each Ciate nail varnish is £7.95 on Beauty Bay. That's what I love about TK Maxx, everything is so much cheaper but it is a bit of hit or miss when shopping in there. You could find loads you like or none at all. Occasionally though you find a right bargain (like I did today!). These are the crackly nail varnishes and I am really excited to try them out because these is my first from the brand. I'll do a Nailed post and maybe a review on them soon if you like.

That is all from me today! Do you recommend any other shades by Ciate?

*Like I said, I own all the pictures in this post even though they are not watermarked. Just wanted to make that clear, but they all have me in them apart from the nail polish one so it should be fine!!*

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Nailed: Grey + Sparkles = Amazing

(left; with flash) (right; without flash)
the one on the right is more true to colour, but you can see the base colour a little bit more
In my Collective Haul post which went up two days ago, I mentioned I had got an Orly nail varnish from Cheap Smells and I have been trying it out with different colours underneath. I have found quite a few good combos, which I might feature in a couple of weeks but I just wanted to show my favourite one. The base colour is Leighton Denny 'Zero Gravity', a gorgeous mid-toned grey. It goes on like a dream and although it does take a while to dry, looks great - so shiny! I loved it before I put the sparkles on top, but loved it even more after!! I love how this looks over the grey because the grey isn't too noticeable but just adds a little something extra to the look.  The pictures show my nails with two coats of the grey and two coats of the sparkles, just so that the colour is opaque and it is jam-packed with glitter. Because it isn't a really dark grey, I think it is great for wearing at this time of year when it is not quite Winter and not quite Spring. What do you think?

Monday, 20 February 2012

Collective Haul: Lush, Primark, New Look, H&M etc...

I've been doing a fair amount of retail therapy over the few weeks and I think it is about time that I show you what I have purchased. I have been putting off and putting off this post because I kept thinking, oh what if I buy something else after I post it?! But I have just decided to do this before I forget what I even have bought! A couple of weeks ago, I did my first order from and then last week I was in Glasgow to do a little shopping with my friend. There is quite a lot to get through so I'll just get cracking.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - Shade 2 Light (£4.19)
I just picked up my regular concealer again when I was in Boots because I had almost finished my other one and I didn't want to end up with none at all! I have started it now though.

Deep cleansing blemish mud (£0.99)
Peel off mask (£0.99)
Wasn't really looking for something like this, but when I saw them I really wanted to try them. The blemish mud has Aloe Vera, Willow and Rosemary in it and is skin clearing so I am keeping it for when my skin feels really bad. And the peel off mask has Orange oil and Vitamin C in it so it refreshes and smoothes the skin (or so it says on the packet). I am really looking forward to trying these out, I haven't ever used any of them before. There were loads to choose from, I was tempted by the chocolate mud mask but I think I would just want to eat that! I'll do a review on each of these when I have used them.

Mint green cardigan (£10)
Brown cord bracelet (£1.50 reduced to £0.50)
Green velvet belt (£2)
I picked up this cardigan because I absolutely adored the colour and fell in love with it straight away! I don't have anything that colour, I mostly wear neutrals like black and grey and white and just dark colours so it is a nice change, and lovely for Spring. The bracelet was reduced to only 50p so I thought it was silly NOT to pick it up, especially at that price! And I needed a new belt and this one is gorgeous! Like I said, I hardly wear bright colours so again this a nice little change. It is actually a waist belt (not for round your jeans) but I can never get belts to fit so I just got it in size S/M. It's perfect for wearing round my hips!

New Look
Printed t-shirt (£12.99)
Grey knitted tights (£3)
The picture on the left is actually a horrible one - I look all frumpy and shapeless but it was the best I could get. The other one is the same as the one for the cardigan, they go really nicely together. It reads 'Street spirit lives on' which I don't really get but I like the top so i'm not caring! The tights were just something to wear with my school skirt and I really love these - so cosy!

3 tea tree toner tabs (£0.80 each)
My first ever purchase from Lush! I don't have a Lush store near me and the closest one is about two hours away so I when I was there last week I decided to try it out. I'll do a review on these soon. I've only used one so far.

TK Maxx
Peter Coppola Boar Bristle Brush (£4.99)
I've been really wanting a boar bristle brush for a while now and I finally caved in and bought one. However, two days later I accidently melted it by sitting it next to my straighteners while they were on...

Cheap Smells
Orly nail varnish 'Tiara' 18ml (£2.99)
Aveeno Perfectly Luminous Exfoliating Cleanser (£3.95)
First order from Cheap Smells, very impressed! I love love love this nail polish, I will do a Nailed post on it soon and the exfoliating cleanser is amazing - review coming soon as well.

WH Smith & Asda
Elle magazine (£3.90)
Look magazine (£1.70)
Glamour magazine (£2)
I got Elle magazine because it had a free Soap & Glory mascara in it, a sample of Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and a discount voucher for Boots; Look magazine because I love all the clothes in it; and Glamour magazine because it had a Chanel foundation sample, skincare sample and another one of the Rimmel foundation samples. I love my freebies!

That's it for my haul - I think I need to cut back on my spending now for a little while! Anybody bought anything interesting lately?

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Casual OOTD

AN OOTD! These aren't really things that I do very often. Don't get me wrong, I have attempted it (once) but it was many moons ago. I hope this goes well, let me know what you think because I have a couple more outfits that I can show you that I have been wearing non-stop lately.
fuzzy, i know, but i had to turn my flash off in order to take
a picture in the mirror :( and apologies for the purple socks...
a close-up of my top 
just to show you how skinny these jeans are, infact
they are almost like jeggings...

ribbed long sleeved top (colour: rust) - New Look
black super skinny jeans - Primark
fake Tresor Paris bracelet - eBay
flower earrings -
black sparkly love heart necklace - Asda

This is just a really simple everyday outfit, that I would wear if I was just popping out for something, or maybe if I was going shopping. It is surprisingly comfortable too, so that's always a bonus! The shoes I would pair with this are my black classic long Uggs. 

Hope you liked this OOTD. Let me know what you think, and what I could do to make them a little better!!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Blogger Awards: Versatile, Cute Blog, Beauty-ful

This is actually pretty unbelievable but in the past 4 days, I have won 4 blog awards. Unbelievable, huh?! I got the Versatile blogger, the Beauty-ful blog award and the Cute Blog award twice. I didn't think anyone would want to read 3 separate posts on them so I have decided to just lump them all together in to one big mighty one. I am really sorry, but this is going to be one hell of a post. You may be reading this for quite some time (that's if you even make it to the end!).

The Versatile Blogger Award
There seems to be two pictures for this going about so I thought I would just include both. This was very kindly awarded this by Hayley from Water Painted Dreams. So thank you Hayley! It was very very very nice of you to nominate me for this! For this award, all I hav to do is tell you seven things about myself and then award this to some bloggers. I have only just done the 11 Questions Tag so I will try and keep these different to the ones I wrote there.
1  I have a phobia of spiders
2  I never imagined that my blog would even get one follower, never mind 92
3  I write all my blog posts on my Samsung NC110 netbook (it's red, I love it!)
4  I won a poetry competition today in my English class and my price was chocolate (yum)
5  I am a really messy person
6  I love listening to Taylor Swift because I can relate to practically all of her songs
7  I am become obsessed with twitter ever since I got my new phone at Christmas
And now I can award this to as many people as I like, but so that I don't run out of people to tag for the other two awards, I have just picked a couple. 

The Cute Blog Award
This picture was being very mean and wouldn't go in the centre of the page. Don't you just hate it when pictures refuse to co-operate?! I know I do... Anyway! Back to the subject. I was very touched when I was given this by two people, yes you heard me right, not one but TWO! Wowzas. Thank you to Bex at and Emer from I have just realised that their blog names are practically the same, how cool is that? They are like blogging twins now, since they both gave the award. So for this, I have to follow a couple of simple little rules.
The rules:- 
Link back to the person who awarded you
Answer the award questions
Share something about yourself that you haven't shared on your blog
Award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award
The award question:-
1  What is your go-to makeup product?
It's hard to decide between my foundation and my concealer. I always have to have my foundation on because I have uneven skin but then my concealer covers my dark circles and spots very well. I think this will just have to be a tie.
2  Favourite fashion trend of 2011?
I don't really follow fashion trends to the exact, but I think it might be pastels.

3  What was the last song you listened to?
It was 'One Thing' by One Direction. Yes, I am a saddo and listen to them on my ipod...

4  Cats or dogs?
I'm not really a big fan of cats ever since my friend's one attack my leg when I was younger...  But then I don't like big dogs, only little cute fluffy ones :)

5  What is your middle name?
Jennifer. My mum's mum was called Janet, but Jenny for short so my mum changed that into Jennifer.
And something I have never mentioned on my blog before is that no one in my personal life knows about my blog. I'm not really sure why, I don't think I am embarrassed really. I just feel like because I never mentioned anything right at the start, it is kinda late now to do it. I don't really know what people would say and think so I just haven't told a sole. 
I give this award to:-

Beauty-ful Blog Award
A big big thank you to Natalie from for this award. I have never actually heard of this one before, but now that I have I like the sound of it! It's quite nice to be given an award that can only be won by beauty bloggers. Makes it feel more special!

***This award is meant ONLY for people who have a blog dedicated to makeup...that's why the "Beauty" bit is there***
The person who receives the award should link back to the person who gave the award (if you have received the award directly from sdglitter then you may skip this step but mention that you have been awarded by sdglitter)
The person who receives this award must pass this on to 5 other beauty blogs that he/she follows and out of the 5 one should be a newly discovered blog
The person who receives the award should list 5 trends of makeup that he/she likes or dislikes or both
The best rule - the person who receives the award should post a link to Beauty-ful Blog Awards so people who have not received the award can nominate themselves

I feel really bad about this but I don't really understand what it is that I have to do as far as listing beauty trends go! I'm not exactly a well-knowledged makeupy person so I am not 100% familiar with what the trends are/were! I just kind of make stuff up as I go along and copy what I see on blogs, youtube and other people. So I am afraid I am going to have to skip this bit. 

I nominate:-

So, if you managed to get through this lengthy blog post then I truly am amazed at how dedicated you are! I apologise if this was an incredibly boring few days for my blog, all I have done is a tag and blog awards. I promise I will be back to my normal blogging either tomorrow or the next day, I have a HUGE collective haul to show you guys! Sight tight, be patient, and you will be rewarded by reading about how much I like to shop. Thank again to all the people who nominated me for awards, I am so incredibly grateful and everybody should go and check out their blogs because they are very lovely people.

I am away to catch up on my tv. I have too much to watch - New Girl, Gok Wan, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and I recorded PS I Love You the other night as well. Looks like i'll be sitting on my bum for a few hours at least!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

11 Questions Tag

I am quite excited to do this because I have never been specifically tagged in anything before (not including blogger awards, because i have the kreativ award). Obviously there are the tags that people have done where they say "I tag everyone who reads/watches this!". But still, this is exciting! I was tagged by the lovely youralmostalice so check her blog out!

The Rules
- each person must post 11 things about them on their blog.
- answer the questions the tagger set for you and create 11 questions for the people you tag to answer.
- choose 11 people to tag and link them in the post
- go to their page and tell them you have linked him/her
- no tag backs
- no stuff in the tagging section about 'you are tagged if you are reading this'. you legitimately have to tag 11 people

11 things about me
1. I watch way too much tv - One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, CSI: New York, Casualty... 
2. I once had a hamster called Elvis but after having him for 2 weeks (and thinking he was a boy for 2 weeks) he had 10 babies and had to be renamed to Scarlett.
3. I am obsessed with Fantasy Shopper.
4. I am incredibly shy around people that I don't know or haven't seen in a long time.
5. I want to be a journalist when I am older.
6. When I am older, I want to get a tattoo on my wrist.
7. Lasagne is my absolute favourite dinner EVER.
8. I spend at least one hour a day reading blogs and watching youtube videos.
9. I own 106 nail polishes (and plan to buy even more).
10. I really want to get a job.
11. I just won a giveaway a few days ago on a blog.

youralmostalice's questions
1. You're favourite beauty item?
Probably has to be my Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, because I use it every single day under my eyes and on my horrible spots. It's really affordable and I am on my 3rd tube of it!

2. What is your favourite Disney movie?
Just has to be Lady and the Tramp, such an adorable movie.

3. Who are your favourite beauty youtubers?
Brogan from brogantatexo, Louise from sprinkleofglitter, Zoe from zoella280390 and Fleur from FleurDeForce

4. One of your pet hates?
People sniffing when they have the cold. Bleugh, it's disgusting!!

5. Who is someone you look up to? (dead or alive, famous or not)
I look up to Gok Wan, the fashion stylist guy that does all the confidence and body image shows on Channel 4. I just think he is a real inspiration because he has gone through it all - chinese racist comments, obesity, anorexia, body confidence issues and he is gay. I love him, he is hilarious! His newest programme, the one for teenagers, is so inspiring. I don't care that he is gay, I want to marry him.

6.. Most embarrassing moment?
I can't actually remember anything that I have done that has been that embarrassing. I'll need to get back to you on that one.

7. What is your favourite thing to do when you are feeling down?
Either go shopping, or if that isn't possible (like it is late at night), then read blogs and watch youtube videos. They just really cheer me up! I also like to write blog posts when I am feeling down.

8. Favourite makeup brand?
I love Benefit, but it is really expensive so I don't own much from it.

9. What is your ideal first date?
A nice little lunch out to a cafe, somewhere you can talk and get to know each  other.

10. What is your favourite food?
Well, lasagne is my favourite dinner like I said earlier. I also love chocolate (doesn't everybody?!), shortbread, party rings, kit kats, malteasers and spaghetti hoops. I have a real sweet tooth...

11. A piece of advice you would give to other bloggers or people who want to start a blog?
Make a blog about something that you have a real interest in, otherwise you will run out of things to write about. If you already have a blog, then my advice would be that even if you have hardly any followers and you feel like no one is reading your blog, just keep on writing and posting. If people come across your blog and see that you hardly ever post anything or you haven't wrote anything in a while, then they aren't going to be that tempted to hit the follow button, are they?! And one more thing, when you are writing a comment on other people's blogs, leave the link to your blog at the bottom of your comment. This will show people that you have a blog and they will go and check you out. For example, at the bottom of every comment of mine, I write ''

My 11 questions

1. Cats or dogs?
2. What is the one beauty thing that you couldn't live without?
3. Favourite movie of all time?
4. Favourite make-up brand?
5. What is at the top of your beauty wishlist right now?
6. What do you think is your best feature?
7. Who is your top 3 favourite bloggers/youtubers?
8. What colour do you wear most often?
9. What shop do buy most of your clothes from?
10. Where is the one place you would love to go on holiday and why?
11. What is your favourite thing about having a blog?

I tag...

If you were tagged in this then it would be great if you could leave a comment once you have done the post so that I can read the answers you gave to my questions! Thanks x

Monday, 13 February 2012

Grammys 2012: Who Wore What

I don't often do anything on fashion or celebrities so I thought showing the best and worst dressed at yesterday's Grammys would be a nice change.

Music's big night is also one of fashion's biggest. What were the stars wearing at the 2012 Grammy's? BEST DRESSED: Rihanna says she wanted a Grammy look that was 'simple', 'sexy,' and 'gangster.' The songstress and Armani teamed up to create just that look, which made jaws drop on the red carpet. -- BY ROSANNE SALVATORE
WORST DRESSED: I have seen quite a few people say they loved Rihanna's look but I think that she could have gone for something a little more classic and elegant. She said she wanted her dress to be 'simple' and 'sexy', but I think she maybe overdone her dress just a tad. She teamed up with Armani to create this little number.

WORST DRESSED:  Nicki Minaj gets the top honor for creativity, but this religiously themed dress does nothing for her body. Her cloak is Versace, as for her Pope look-a-like - no one's sure yet.
WORST DRESSED: Here is Nicki Minaj in her usual weird attire. Her cloak is Versace, but I don't think anyone will be trying to recreate this look anytime soon. As for he Pope look-a-like, that is just downright strange.

BEST DRESSED: The Grammy's are about making heads turn and Fergie's orange lace Jean Paul Gaultier dress did just that. The granny panties are, however, questionable.
WORST DRESSED: This Jean Paul Gaultier dress that Fergie wore to the Grammys is a little too transparent for my liking. Surely she could have picked nicer underwear than these granny pants?!

BEST DRESSED: The darling Carrie Underwood wore a long-sleeve backless Gomez-Gracia gown, and boy did she shine.
BEST DRESSED: Carrie Underwood looks absolutely STUNNING in this floor-length Gomez-Gracia gown. The picture says it all.

WORST DRESSED: Jessie J's metallic Julien Macdonald creation unfortunately left her looking like the tin woman.
WORST DRESSED: Mmmm, I don't think I am a fan of Jessie J's choice of dress. She kind of looks like she is wrapped in tin foil...

BEST DRESSED: Everyone probably expected Katy Perry to look a little blue on Grammy night, but the sexy singer used it to her advantage. Perry stunned in a princess-inspired gown by Ellie Saab.
BEST DRESSED: Wow. Just wow. Katy Perry looks amazing in this Ellie Saab dress. I think I have a girl crush...

BEST DRESSED: In her usual elegant manner, Taylor Swift sparkled in her tasteful, yet sexy, Zuhair Murad gown.
BEST DRESSED: Taylor Swift shone in this elegant Zuhair Murad gown. Another girl crush of mine... 

Lady Gaga didn't walk the red carpet, but she wouldn't miss the show. Gaga's Grammy look involved a face mask.
WORST DRESSED: Considering that this is Lady Gaga, this isn't a very exciting outfit. I was hoping for something more along the lines of her meat dress..

BEST DRESSED: Adele hit it out of the park with her sparkling black Giorgio Armani gown. Not to mention all the Grammy's she also picked up throughout the night.

She's baaaaaaaaack! Adele took to the stage to perform for the first time in months since undergoing throat surgery. She also cleaned up with awards, winning 6 Grammys throughout the night.

BEST BEST BEST DRESSED: I saved the best for last. Adele made her comeback and performed on stage for the first time in months since her throat surgery, and picked up an amazing 6 awards I think that she absolutely stole the show with her amazing Giorgio Armani dress. Best dressed of the night, for sure!

So I think that Adele was the best dressed of the night, who did it for you?

Sunday, 12 February 2012


For some reason, I have been using loads of products - but in all the wrong ways. I don't mean that I didn't know how to use them, I mean that I have been doing it on purpose! There is actually a lot of ways that you can use products, and not just the way that it says on the bottle. If you don't know what I mean, then just keep reading and hopefully you will understand!

Vaseline Rosy Lips
As great as this is for moisturising your lips, it also gives a really nice healthy glow when applied to your cheekbones! Sure, you have to blend it out well or you will end up with shiny lines on your cheeks but when done properly, it looks really nice! I just take a bit on my ring finger and gently swirl in circles along my cheekbone. It looks more natural than a powder blush and leaves a subtle highlight too! I think this is great because it means that when you are going somewhere for the day, you don't need to bring a lip balm and a blush with you, you can settle for just this one product.

Olive Oil
Most, if not all of you will use this when cooking but I also use this for one other thing - cleaning my makeup brushes. I mix it in with a bit of gentle shampoo and voilĂ  - soft brushes! Olive oil somehow makes your brushes super soft and smell delicious. And the great thing is, it doesn't even irritate your skin!

I love bananas, they are so yummy - but they also make really good face masks! Mash up one banana and apple straight to your face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then splash your face with cold water and you are left with soft and radiant skin! Jennifer Aniston actually swears by this, she uses a natural banana face mask every 2 weeks.And she looks amazing! She just turned 43 on 11 February but I would say she looks about 10 years younger than that!

Tangle teasers
There is a lot of hype about these right now, with everyone saying how great they are at de-tangling your mane. I don't actually own one (although I wish I did) but I have used my friends one a few times and I have to agree - they are great! However, they are also good at back-combing your roots because they don't damage your hair as normal brushes and combs would. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo Colour Tones Medium 150ml

Dry Shampoo
Many of us use dry shampoo to refresh our hair inbetween washes but they can also be used to give a bit of volume to limp hair. Just spray under the top layer of your hair, rub in with your fingertips and you are done! Another thing that dry shampoo can be used for is to hold a style. If you use dry shampoo before you style your hair, your hairstyle will last much longer. Batiste and Tresemme both make great dry shampoos.

That's it for my multi-taskers. I probably have more but I can't think of them right now! Do you have anything like this I could try?