Friday, 17 February 2012

Blogger Awards: Versatile, Cute Blog, Beauty-ful

This is actually pretty unbelievable but in the past 4 days, I have won 4 blog awards. Unbelievable, huh?! I got the Versatile blogger, the Beauty-ful blog award and the Cute Blog award twice. I didn't think anyone would want to read 3 separate posts on them so I have decided to just lump them all together in to one big mighty one. I am really sorry, but this is going to be one hell of a post. You may be reading this for quite some time (that's if you even make it to the end!).

The Versatile Blogger Award
There seems to be two pictures for this going about so I thought I would just include both. This was very kindly awarded this by Hayley from Water Painted Dreams. So thank you Hayley! It was very very very nice of you to nominate me for this! For this award, all I hav to do is tell you seven things about myself and then award this to some bloggers. I have only just done the 11 Questions Tag so I will try and keep these different to the ones I wrote there.
1  I have a phobia of spiders
2  I never imagined that my blog would even get one follower, never mind 92
3  I write all my blog posts on my Samsung NC110 netbook (it's red, I love it!)
4  I won a poetry competition today in my English class and my price was chocolate (yum)
5  I am a really messy person
6  I love listening to Taylor Swift because I can relate to practically all of her songs
7  I am become obsessed with twitter ever since I got my new phone at Christmas
And now I can award this to as many people as I like, but so that I don't run out of people to tag for the other two awards, I have just picked a couple. 

The Cute Blog Award
This picture was being very mean and wouldn't go in the centre of the page. Don't you just hate it when pictures refuse to co-operate?! I know I do... Anyway! Back to the subject. I was very touched when I was given this by two people, yes you heard me right, not one but TWO! Wowzas. Thank you to Bex at and Emer from I have just realised that their blog names are practically the same, how cool is that? They are like blogging twins now, since they both gave the award. So for this, I have to follow a couple of simple little rules.
The rules:- 
Link back to the person who awarded you
Answer the award questions
Share something about yourself that you haven't shared on your blog
Award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award
The award question:-
1  What is your go-to makeup product?
It's hard to decide between my foundation and my concealer. I always have to have my foundation on because I have uneven skin but then my concealer covers my dark circles and spots very well. I think this will just have to be a tie.
2  Favourite fashion trend of 2011?
I don't really follow fashion trends to the exact, but I think it might be pastels.

3  What was the last song you listened to?
It was 'One Thing' by One Direction. Yes, I am a saddo and listen to them on my ipod...

4  Cats or dogs?
I'm not really a big fan of cats ever since my friend's one attack my leg when I was younger...  But then I don't like big dogs, only little cute fluffy ones :)

5  What is your middle name?
Jennifer. My mum's mum was called Janet, but Jenny for short so my mum changed that into Jennifer.
And something I have never mentioned on my blog before is that no one in my personal life knows about my blog. I'm not really sure why, I don't think I am embarrassed really. I just feel like because I never mentioned anything right at the start, it is kinda late now to do it. I don't really know what people would say and think so I just haven't told a sole. 
I give this award to:-

Beauty-ful Blog Award
A big big thank you to Natalie from for this award. I have never actually heard of this one before, but now that I have I like the sound of it! It's quite nice to be given an award that can only be won by beauty bloggers. Makes it feel more special!

***This award is meant ONLY for people who have a blog dedicated to makeup...that's why the "Beauty" bit is there***
The person who receives the award should link back to the person who gave the award (if you have received the award directly from sdglitter then you may skip this step but mention that you have been awarded by sdglitter)
The person who receives this award must pass this on to 5 other beauty blogs that he/she follows and out of the 5 one should be a newly discovered blog
The person who receives the award should list 5 trends of makeup that he/she likes or dislikes or both
The best rule - the person who receives the award should post a link to Beauty-ful Blog Awards so people who have not received the award can nominate themselves

I feel really bad about this but I don't really understand what it is that I have to do as far as listing beauty trends go! I'm not exactly a well-knowledged makeupy person so I am not 100% familiar with what the trends are/were! I just kind of make stuff up as I go along and copy what I see on blogs, youtube and other people. So I am afraid I am going to have to skip this bit. 

I nominate:-

So, if you managed to get through this lengthy blog post then I truly am amazed at how dedicated you are! I apologise if this was an incredibly boring few days for my blog, all I have done is a tag and blog awards. I promise I will be back to my normal blogging either tomorrow or the next day, I have a HUGE collective haul to show you guys! Sight tight, be patient, and you will be rewarded by reading about how much I like to shop. Thank again to all the people who nominated me for awards, I am so incredibly grateful and everybody should go and check out their blogs because they are very lovely people.

I am away to catch up on my tv. I have too much to watch - New Girl, Gok Wan, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and I recorded PS I Love You the other night as well. Looks like i'll be sitting on my bum for a few hours at least!


  1. My blog name is actaully different but I have to change it in the address because it's already taken up :( Ha congrats anyway on all the awards! :)


  2. Congrats!
    Check out my Body Shop - Chocomaina giveaway!

  3. thankyou so much for this, it was lovely of you to award me! <3

  4. Thanks for the link up Holly :) Although I can't say I know anything about make-up trends either :P

  5. I feel exactly the same when it comes to telling my family and friends about my blog. :D

  6. CONGRATS!!!! You totally deserve all of these, your blog is AMAZING :D


  7. Congrats dear! I love ur blog:)

    Already following:) It would be so nice if you follow me back:<3
    Btw, arghh.. i want be your future 11 question tag. Like so glad! VERY!

    have a sparkling day!

  8. hi sweetie, congratulations!
    you deserve all of these and i really love your blog, dear.
    wanna follow each other?

  9. Wow! Congrats on all these awards!!
    Would love you to stop by my blog...if you love please follow & I'll follow you back xoxo


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