Monday, 20 February 2012

Collective Haul: Lush, Primark, New Look, H&M etc...

I've been doing a fair amount of retail therapy over the few weeks and I think it is about time that I show you what I have purchased. I have been putting off and putting off this post because I kept thinking, oh what if I buy something else after I post it?! But I have just decided to do this before I forget what I even have bought! A couple of weeks ago, I did my first order from and then last week I was in Glasgow to do a little shopping with my friend. There is quite a lot to get through so I'll just get cracking.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - Shade 2 Light (£4.19)
I just picked up my regular concealer again when I was in Boots because I had almost finished my other one and I didn't want to end up with none at all! I have started it now though.

Deep cleansing blemish mud (£0.99)
Peel off mask (£0.99)
Wasn't really looking for something like this, but when I saw them I really wanted to try them. The blemish mud has Aloe Vera, Willow and Rosemary in it and is skin clearing so I am keeping it for when my skin feels really bad. And the peel off mask has Orange oil and Vitamin C in it so it refreshes and smoothes the skin (or so it says on the packet). I am really looking forward to trying these out, I haven't ever used any of them before. There were loads to choose from, I was tempted by the chocolate mud mask but I think I would just want to eat that! I'll do a review on each of these when I have used them.

Mint green cardigan (£10)
Brown cord bracelet (£1.50 reduced to £0.50)
Green velvet belt (£2)
I picked up this cardigan because I absolutely adored the colour and fell in love with it straight away! I don't have anything that colour, I mostly wear neutrals like black and grey and white and just dark colours so it is a nice change, and lovely for Spring. The bracelet was reduced to only 50p so I thought it was silly NOT to pick it up, especially at that price! And I needed a new belt and this one is gorgeous! Like I said, I hardly wear bright colours so again this a nice little change. It is actually a waist belt (not for round your jeans) but I can never get belts to fit so I just got it in size S/M. It's perfect for wearing round my hips!

New Look
Printed t-shirt (£12.99)
Grey knitted tights (£3)
The picture on the left is actually a horrible one - I look all frumpy and shapeless but it was the best I could get. The other one is the same as the one for the cardigan, they go really nicely together. It reads 'Street spirit lives on' which I don't really get but I like the top so i'm not caring! The tights were just something to wear with my school skirt and I really love these - so cosy!

3 tea tree toner tabs (£0.80 each)
My first ever purchase from Lush! I don't have a Lush store near me and the closest one is about two hours away so I when I was there last week I decided to try it out. I'll do a review on these soon. I've only used one so far.

TK Maxx
Peter Coppola Boar Bristle Brush (£4.99)
I've been really wanting a boar bristle brush for a while now and I finally caved in and bought one. However, two days later I accidently melted it by sitting it next to my straighteners while they were on...

Cheap Smells
Orly nail varnish 'Tiara' 18ml (£2.99)
Aveeno Perfectly Luminous Exfoliating Cleanser (£3.95)
First order from Cheap Smells, very impressed! I love love love this nail polish, I will do a Nailed post on it soon and the exfoliating cleanser is amazing - review coming soon as well.

WH Smith & Asda
Elle magazine (£3.90)
Look magazine (£1.70)
Glamour magazine (£2)
I got Elle magazine because it had a free Soap & Glory mascara in it, a sample of Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and a discount voucher for Boots; Look magazine because I love all the clothes in it; and Glamour magazine because it had a Chanel foundation sample, skincare sample and another one of the Rimmel foundation samples. I love my freebies!

That's it for my haul - I think I need to cut back on my spending now for a little while! Anybody bought anything interesting lately?


  1. I'm the same with th magazines I love getting free samples!!! Especially a full product like the Soap&Glory Mascara :)


  2. Great post!

  3. I love that cardigan. And I've heard a lot of good things about that concealer too. I wish we have that in US.

  4. So nice stuff what you have girl!!

    kisses from:

  5. nice stuff you've got Holly esp the collection 2000 concealer. Can you please do a review? :)
    thanks for the reply and for the follow. Of course I'll follow back xx

  6. i love the h&m masks! :) i bought some not that long ago and they were so good!
    check out my blog -

    love from a new follower

  7. Great haul, i LOVE the green belt! Your blog is so lovely. I am your newest follower. Please check out my blog and follow me if you like it too, thanks!


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