Monday, 27 February 2012

OOTD (and what I bought!)

I just thought I would show my outfit that I wore today to go shopping with my mum because I really liked it! The top is lovely, and I've only worn it twice before so I want to get a little bit of use out of it before it's too late and it either doesn't fit or is too warm to wear it. 

I look really tall in the picture on the right but don't worry, I am standing on a box so that you can see more of my outfit... I also didn't watermark these photos because they are of me so I thought it would be pretty obvious I didn't steal someone elses pictures.

Blue sheer top - Primark
Plain black tank top - Primark
Navy jeans - New Look
Watch - New Look
Necklace Primark
(I also have on my black classic long Ugg boots)

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation (shade 04)
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (Shade 02)
MUA Heaven & Earth eyeshadow palette
Clinique High Lengths mascara
Sleek black kohl pencil
Collection 2000 blush (shade 'bashful')
Clinique Long Last Glosswear (shade 'Kissy Fit')

I only bought one thing which is really not like me! I wasn't really planning on buying anything but I couldn't resist when I saw this in TK Maxx for only £3.99

It said RRP £18 on it so I think that is how much it would cost to buy the set elsewhere but each Ciate nail varnish is £7.95 on Beauty Bay. That's what I love about TK Maxx, everything is so much cheaper but it is a bit of hit or miss when shopping in there. You could find loads you like or none at all. Occasionally though you find a right bargain (like I did today!). These are the crackly nail varnishes and I am really excited to try them out because these is my first from the brand. I'll do a Nailed post and maybe a review on them soon if you like.

That is all from me today! Do you recommend any other shades by Ciate?

*Like I said, I own all the pictures in this post even though they are not watermarked. Just wanted to make that clear, but they all have me in them apart from the nail polish one so it should be fine!!*


  1. Love the teal top, and the Ciate nail polishes are the best!
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  2. Ciate have so many pretty colors! But I don't own any because they are not sold in my country...

  3. You look lovely Holly and that shirt is really pretty.


  4. your style is really pretty!

  5. Lovely top and lovely blog <3

  6. Pretty shirt love the blue/green shade.

  7. I love the lace detailing in your top, not to mention the colour. You look lovely! :)


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