Saturday, 31 March 2012

I won Sandra's giveaway!

I know I promised a mini Primark haul for Monday in last weeks Sunday Post but I have been so so so busy this week. I'll give you a quick update now, but more details will be in this weeks Sunday Post.
On Monday I couldn't post because I had a meeting after school for Duke Of Edinburgh, then I had less than half an hour at home to eat my dinner and go out again to go to my swimming club. 
Couldn't post on tuesday, wednesday or yesterday either because it has been the dance show at my school and I am in it. I have been coming in from school and starting to get ready straight way, leaving the house at 6pm and not getting in till after 10. So not had any time to myself whatsoever this week! Today I do though, school finished a little bit earlier today because it is now the Easter holidays (yayyyy). That's two weeks school-free!!

Anyhoo, back to what this is actually meant to be about. I won a giveaway!! It is super duper exciting because this is the first giveaway that I have ever won. The giveaway was done by Sandra from, and because she does not live in the UK, it took a few weeks to come. But it is here! It actually arrived on monday, but as you know, this is the first chance I have got to write.

So I got a cherry vanilla body spray, avon naturals strawberry and guava body lotion, h&m nail polish duo 'festival fuschia', avon extra lasting liquid eye liner pen and 3 face masks from avon. I am so so so SO happy with everything I got, I love them all! I have the eye liner on just now, the body lotion and spray smell  ah-may-ZING and the nail polish is gorgeous (i have the purple one on now!) This was her 300 follower giveaway, but go to her blog and follow her now so she gets more. That's an order! She is such a lovely person that deserves a little follow from ya.

Here is the photo she gave, because I forgot to take a photo of the elf lip gloss and the essence lipstain. They were in my makeup bag so I forgot about them... but I love them just as much as each of the other things :-)

That's all for today, have any of you tried any of these things? I think my favourite is the eyeliner or the body lotion. You can never have too many of them!!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Sunday Post #2

I have been having fun with my laptop's webcam. Please note, my head does not usually look like it does in the first and last pictures... haha.

001:  This week has been hectic with dance practices. Our annual school dance show will run from Tuesday night to Thursday night of the coming week so I have been staying back at school 3 out of 5 days for the past few weeks. I even had to go in today - ON A SUNDAY!!! - to practice for 5 hours. Yes, that's a whole 5 HOURS. Sure, I like going to dancing, but I am not so committed that I like giving up my weekend too. We didn't really get all that much done though, everybody in the group seems to hate each other!

002:  Friday after school I got the train to a town that is half an hour away that has good shops. I went with two of my friends, and the purpose of our trip was to get our outfits for the dance show. I also got a few more things as you can imagine, so I have a small haul coming probably tomorrow.

003:  The weather has been so nice this weekend. It really does feel like spring now. I just can't wait for summer now so that I can wear my shorts. 

004:  I am being a big saddo and re-reading the Twilight books. I started Twilight on Monday and I am already almost finished New Moon. I really do love them books!

005:  After I finish New Moon, I might start reading the Hunger Games. Has anyone read them? Are they any good?

Oufit of the Day

Top - New Look
Rust-coloured jeans - Internationale
Charm bracelet - Fake Pandora
Anchor necklace - Forever 21

Sorry about the poo photos, but I just thought I would upload them anyway so you can see today's outfit. I just kept it really simple with minimal accessories and nothing too dramatic on the make-up front. 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lipswatch: 17 Ultimate Volume Lip gloss 'Very Berry'

Apologies for such a boring post, but I have a 1000 word essay due for tomorrow for my English class, so I didn't have time to write a very fun one. This is just one that I have had saved as a draft for times like this! I promise I will write something better and put it up tomorrow night.

The picture below is the swatch from the Boots website, but don't be fooled by it because it is nothing like this!!
Very Berry 

This makes it look like it is going to be a deep purple, or pink at the very least. But it's not. It is a dark red colour, so in no way are Boots correct!

I do really love this colour, it is a very wearable red. It isn't too in-your-face and obvious, so it can be worn day or night. It doesn't have the highest shine that I have seen in a lip gloss, but you can add a clear coat if you prefer your lips that little bit glossier. It is called 'Ultimate Volume' lip gloss, but to be honest I never noticed one tiny bit of difference to the volume of my lips! All it did for me was give me colour, no added volume in sight. If you are looking for a volumising lip gloss, then I would recommend the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker. This is more of an average lip gloss. The only problem I have had with it is it can bleed slightly, but this can be fixed by adding a tiny bit of concealer all the way round your lips to act as a barrier. This retails at £3.99 in Boots (click here to view).

Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Sunday Post

 Today is the first of many Sunday Post's, and what it really is is just me giving a little account on my weekend. I'll try my hardest to get one of these up every single Sunday but some weeks I might not have time, or it could be a really short one sometimes (it depends how lazy I was that weekend). I'll probably usually start with a picture of me that day, and then occasionally a picture of something I have mentioned. I don't want it to be too boring and a whole page of just writing.

001: The present I ordered for my mum arrived on Friday. It was for Mother's Day, which is today. I don't know if mother's day is just a UK thing or if the whole world celebrates it. Or is it just on a different day in different countries? I don't know. But I got my mum a pair of Tresor Paris earrings, and they are gorgeous!! I want a pair for myself, they are really really sparkly. They cost £14, and delivery was surprisingly quick. I only ordered them on Wednesday night.

002: Yesterday I had to dash to Asda (a supermarket, I think it is the UK version of Walmart?) to get a card for my mum and to buy her flowers. Flowers must be the hardest thing EVER to sneak in to the house.
the beautiful flowers I gave my mumma <3
003: I also bought new plastic folders to keep all my school work in for my bag. My last ones were all burst up the sides because of how much stuff was in them. I use the ones that have little popper studs on them, not ring binders. Can you imagine carrying one ring binder for every subject?! That's 8 ring binders...

004: It got to 11 PM last night when I realised that I had nothing to wrap the earrings in. So of course I improvised - I used a sheet of newspaper! Possibly the best wrapping ever. I even chose the page which had the picture of George Clooney being arrested on it so all you could see was his face. My mum said it was the best wrapping paper she had ever seen.
my amazing George Clooney wrapping paper
006: Today was quite uneventful. I tidied my room and studied for my 3rd year exams which are in a few weeks.

How did you spend your weekend?

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Lipswatch: Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss

Good evening everyone! It is just a quick post tonight, to show you one of my current favourite lip glosses. It is the Superbalm Moisturising Gloss in the shade 'Currant' by Clinique. This is a gorgeous berry colour, yet still totally wearable. I think it goes with just about anybody's skin colour. The texture is amazing, it feels really smooth and soft on my lips. The lasting power is also pretty damn good, I can put this on and have something to drink and still feel it a few hours later. And of course it is easy to reapply whenever you feel you need it. This is not the full size product I have here, it came in a freebie from the Clinique counter in Debenhams a little while ago. You know, like when you purchase two or more items and you get a little goody bag free? Well this came like that. It is still a great size, and has lasted me for ages. The full size is £13.50 for 15ml. Mine is a half size at 7ml so it is great value for money!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Spring Outfit Idea #2

Carrying on with the theme from my first post on this, I just thought I would share with you another outfit that could be worn in the upcoming season. This is a follow up from Spring Outfit Idea #1.
Navy Sleeveless Lawn Crop Button-up - American Apparel (£34)
Navy/White Polka Dot Mini - River Island through Asos (£20)
Pink Patent Brogues - New Look (£19.99)
Beige Croc Satchel - River Island (£35)

I think this outfit is slightly more expensive than the last I shared, but to be honest I prefer this one! I really love the shirt, might buy that for myself! This can be worn in either spring or summer, it is versatile that way. It can also be casual or quite dressy, it is one of those outfits that can be worn again and again for different occasions. Well worth spending your hard earned cash on, in my opinion.

What do you think?

Monday, 12 March 2012

Nailed: a lilac from w7

Sheer Mauve - w7

This is a nail polish that I have had for absolutely ages but I haven't actually worn it all that much, but I am not really sure why that is. It is a beautiful lilac colour and really pretty for wearing in the spring and summer. It's called Sheer Mauve which always gives me the impression of a dark colour but I think mauve is maybe the same as lilac? No clue, but it's pretty anyway! Pictured above is it with 3 coats because when it says sheer, it means sheer! The first coat you can barely see, the second is wearable but I like my pastel nail polishes to be opaque without a hint of see-throughness! 

I really want a new nail polish (like I don't have enough already...) so if you have any recommendations of some really unique but affordable nail polishes then let me know!!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Garnier BB Cream review

This was requested after I featured it in my January favourites post, I am so sorry I took so long to write it!

BB creams are something which I find really interesting. At first they were not common at all and not many people had heard of them/used them but now quite a few brands are bringing them out. I know the Boot's brand 17 have one and No7 does one too but I haven't tried them yet so I can't really compare them to the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (what a mouthful that is) but what I will do is tell you what I think of this. 

What is a BB Cream?
Most people already know but if you don't, read about it here on wikipedia, or here on some random website.

What do Garnier say about this BB Cream?

'Is Miracle Skin Perfector right for me? Yes, if you feel a hectic lifestyle can leave your skin looking tired. Yes, if dullness, imperfections, redness, sunspots and wrinkles all seem to add up on your skin. Introducing the Miracle Skin Perfector, inspired by the latest Asian skincare sensation that is already a hit in Hollywood: BB (Blemish Balm) Creams! 

Discover our new all-in-one skincare solution that immediately perfects your skin! The light, non greasy formula gives an even skin tone with a healthy glow, blurs imperfections and redness, smooths the appearance of fine lines, hydrates for 24 hours and helps protect with SPF 15.

Save time with your skincare: in just one step moisturise, unify and brighten your skin.'

What do I say?
I say that Garnier are making a pretty hefty promise when they say that it immediately perfects your skin. It takes a pretty good product to live up to what they claim it is, but that just made me want to try it even more.

The formula: It has a really nice formula. It is light and not as thick a lot of foundations can be. To a certain extent, it feels similar to a moisturiser in the way of it's texture. The smell is absolutely divine, think Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. 

The coverage: Not as heavy-duty as a foundation can sometimes be but I would say it has a light to medium coverage. I still have to use concealer on my spots because they are quite red, but foundation doesn't cover them either so if you don't have any spots then you will get a flawless finish. I have oily combination skin, so this looks absolutely fine on my cheeks, but extremely shiny and greasy on my t-zone. If you have oily skin like me, then I recommend using a matte powder for your t-zone to blot out any unwanted shine. Normal/dry skin however doesn't have to be powdered, but of course you can still if you prefer. The finish is flawless, yet still natural looking.

The feel: It is non greasy just like it claimed, and feels so light on the skin. I feel like my skin can still breathe with this on and it isn't blocking my pores. 

The staying power: Foundation does not last long on me anyway because of my excess oils, but it is pretty average in terms of staying power. With powder it will last an hour or two longer on me but a friend of mine who has dry skin can put this on in the morning and still have coverage nearing the end of the day.

Any extra thoughts: It is a good sized tube as well. It is 50ml, more than your average 30ml foundation bottle. It comes in 2 shades, Light and Medium. I would say that light suits a lot of skin tones, but if you are extremely pale then even light will probably be too dark for you. Medium is more aimed at really tanned skin, so I would recommend the Light shade to most fair to medium skin tones. It is perfect for wearing spring/summer time when you maybe don't want as obvious coverage. As it is coming into spring now, I am wearing this more than I did in the winter so I think I will get a lot of good use out of it in the near future. I have found that the best way to apply this is just exactly like you would with your moisturiser. Use your fingers to blend it into your skin, and then once it is totally blended buff your skin with a brush like the ELF Powder Brush just in case there is any streaks. I don't always do this, it isn't a necessity.

Would I repurchase this?: The answer is... yes, I would repurchase this. It is great value for money at just £9.99. If you are going to try this, then I would recommend getting it just now because it is reduced to £7.49 in Superdrug, see it here. Otherwise, it is £9.99 in Boots here.

Let me know what you think of my review, I am thinking of doing more reviews on here because I don't really do them that often. Probably because they take too long to write! This took me ages, so you better all be bloody grateful!! 

What do you think of the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (again, why did they make it such a long name?!)

I bought this with my own money and all opinions in this post were my own. I was not paid by Garnier to give a good review.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

February Favourites

It's that time of the month again! It's a few days late but hey-ho. I don't have too many things this time, not like last month. I haven't really bought that much new stuff this month, everything bar the brush was rediscovered/bought ages ago. 

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - Shade 2 Light
This is in every single one of my monthly favourites. It honestly is one of the best concealers I have ever used.

Clinique Acne Solutions Foaming Cleanser
I've had this for some time now and I have gotten back in to loving it again. I used it religiously at the start and then for ages it just sat in the cupboard, not being used. The spots on my face have gotten worse recently so I have started using this again, usually just in the mornings. I love how clean and fresh it leaves my face feeling.

Peter Coppola Boar Bristle Brush
This was in a haul recently, I got it in TK Maxx. I have never heard of the brand before, maybe it is more common in other countries. But it is a really good brush though, it leaves my hair super soft and frizz-free. Although there was a  slight mishap where I left it sitting beside my very hot straighteners and a deep slit was burnt into the side...

Clinique Long Last Glosswear 'Kissy Fit'
Again, had this for ages and have just rediscovered it. It puts a gorgeous bright pink glossy finish to your lips and brightens up my face. It just feels perfect for spring.

Batiste Blush dry shampoo
First impressions for this weren't the greatest, but somehow it has become one of my necessities. I wash my hair every other day, so on the second day I use this to freshen it up a bit and add some volume. It leaves my hair looking freshly washed, but takes nowhere near as long as getting in the shower to do it.

Benefit High Beam
I have the tester size sample that came in the Glamour magazine months and months ago. It gives a lovely sheen to my cheekbones that is perfect for transitioning into spring.

It's not much, I know, but I am sure I will make up for it next month! Like I said in my last post, Spring Outfit #1, I have a few reviews lined up for you but I had to get this up before it was too late and time for my March favourites. I have a review on my Amazon Kindle and the Garnier BB Cream because these were both requested (woops, they were requested in last months favourites and I still haven't finished them...) so I guess I better knuckle down and get them completed. Hopefully both will be up by the end of next week.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Spring Outfit Idea #1

I haven't blogged in almost a week!! I really wanted to get something up today because I don't like leaving it too long in between posts. I am actually currently writing a few reviews so look out for them in the near future, but today I just thought I would show you some clothes that I think would look great together this Spring. Doing this meant that I didn't need to go and take pictures of things and then go and edit them so they say hollylikestoblog on them and all that jazz, so this is just quicker and easier. Also I have seen quite a few posts on this from other blogs and I liked reading them so I thought why not?! This is the first outfit of three so stay tuned for the rest!!
Striped racer back vest - River Island £10
Blue skinny trousers - River Island £20
Gold three tier triangle earrings - Miss Selfridge £3

It turns out that I really really love this outfit. I would most definitely wear it myself, and I think it is very versatile - it can be worn on an average spring day with the cardigan, on a warmer spring day you maybe wouldn't need the cardigan so it could be worn without, then on a slightly colder summer day when you don't want to wear shorts it is perfect, and maybe on a not so great summer day but you still want to wear some bright colours then you can wear this. That was a really long sentence, did you get all that?!

So tell me, what do you think of this outfit? Would you wear this? And do you want me to carry on with these whole spring outfit idea posts?