Saturday, 31 March 2012

I won Sandra's giveaway!

I know I promised a mini Primark haul for Monday in last weeks Sunday Post but I have been so so so busy this week. I'll give you a quick update now, but more details will be in this weeks Sunday Post.
On Monday I couldn't post because I had a meeting after school for Duke Of Edinburgh, then I had less than half an hour at home to eat my dinner and go out again to go to my swimming club. 
Couldn't post on tuesday, wednesday or yesterday either because it has been the dance show at my school and I am in it. I have been coming in from school and starting to get ready straight way, leaving the house at 6pm and not getting in till after 10. So not had any time to myself whatsoever this week! Today I do though, school finished a little bit earlier today because it is now the Easter holidays (yayyyy). That's two weeks school-free!!

Anyhoo, back to what this is actually meant to be about. I won a giveaway!! It is super duper exciting because this is the first giveaway that I have ever won. The giveaway was done by Sandra from, and because she does not live in the UK, it took a few weeks to come. But it is here! It actually arrived on monday, but as you know, this is the first chance I have got to write.

So I got a cherry vanilla body spray, avon naturals strawberry and guava body lotion, h&m nail polish duo 'festival fuschia', avon extra lasting liquid eye liner pen and 3 face masks from avon. I am so so so SO happy with everything I got, I love them all! I have the eye liner on just now, the body lotion and spray smell  ah-may-ZING and the nail polish is gorgeous (i have the purple one on now!) This was her 300 follower giveaway, but go to her blog and follow her now so she gets more. That's an order! She is such a lovely person that deserves a little follow from ya.

Here is the photo she gave, because I forgot to take a photo of the elf lip gloss and the essence lipstain. They were in my makeup bag so I forgot about them... but I love them just as much as each of the other things :-)

That's all for today, have any of you tried any of these things? I think my favourite is the eyeliner or the body lotion. You can never have too many of them!!

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  1. I'm glad it finally arrived and that you are satisfied with the things you got. :)

    P.S. There should also be a card there saying thank you and all that crap, but I forgot to put in there. When I realized that I forgot to put it in the envelope, everything was already sealed and I didn't have another envelope at home, so I decided to ship it off without it. I'm so scatterbrained lately. I really need holiday, haha.


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