Monday, 12 March 2012

Nailed: a lilac from w7

Sheer Mauve - w7

This is a nail polish that I have had for absolutely ages but I haven't actually worn it all that much, but I am not really sure why that is. It is a beautiful lilac colour and really pretty for wearing in the spring and summer. It's called Sheer Mauve which always gives me the impression of a dark colour but I think mauve is maybe the same as lilac? No clue, but it's pretty anyway! Pictured above is it with 3 coats because when it says sheer, it means sheer! The first coat you can barely see, the second is wearable but I like my pastel nail polishes to be opaque without a hint of see-throughness! 

I really want a new nail polish (like I don't have enough already...) so if you have any recommendations of some really unique but affordable nail polishes then let me know!!


  1. I am in love with this colour! So pretty <3

    Ellen xx

  2. Such a lovely shade. I like saying Mauve, I think its a weird word. Yeah, I'm weird.

    1. It is a weird word! Mauve. I never know how to pronounce it! Haha xx

  3. such a pretty colour, reminds me of barry m's berry ice cream;) You probably know this but i think barry m's the best price for the quality you get, xoxo

  4. Great post! Such a pretty colour! I need a colour like this to add to my collection!
    Check out my blog :)


  5. Really love this shade. I love lilac! Replied to your comment now on Percy and Reed products. Sorry it took me so long


  6. nice blog ^^ loves it
    follow me and i follow you))

    xoxo Christy


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