Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Sunday Post #2

I have been having fun with my laptop's webcam. Please note, my head does not usually look like it does in the first and last pictures... haha.

001:  This week has been hectic with dance practices. Our annual school dance show will run from Tuesday night to Thursday night of the coming week so I have been staying back at school 3 out of 5 days for the past few weeks. I even had to go in today - ON A SUNDAY!!! - to practice for 5 hours. Yes, that's a whole 5 HOURS. Sure, I like going to dancing, but I am not so committed that I like giving up my weekend too. We didn't really get all that much done though, everybody in the group seems to hate each other!

002:  Friday after school I got the train to a town that is half an hour away that has good shops. I went with two of my friends, and the purpose of our trip was to get our outfits for the dance show. I also got a few more things as you can imagine, so I have a small haul coming probably tomorrow.

003:  The weather has been so nice this weekend. It really does feel like spring now. I just can't wait for summer now so that I can wear my shorts. 

004:  I am being a big saddo and re-reading the Twilight books. I started Twilight on Monday and I am already almost finished New Moon. I really do love them books!

005:  After I finish New Moon, I might start reading the Hunger Games. Has anyone read them? Are they any good?


  1. I am going to buy the Hunger games tomorrow. I can't wait to start reading them!!!

  2. OMG they are so funny!
    I've read all the hunger games and they're awesome. The 3rd one is a tiny bit of a let down, but it's a fab trilogy.

    P.S. I have a giveaway on my blog at the moment, with 2 sets of Meadham Kirchoff nail wraps to be won.

    Sheree xxx

  3. Haha, they are hilarious! Once my friend has read them she's passing them on to me :D I can't wait to see the film.

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