Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Sunday Post

 Today is the first of many Sunday Post's, and what it really is is just me giving a little account on my weekend. I'll try my hardest to get one of these up every single Sunday but some weeks I might not have time, or it could be a really short one sometimes (it depends how lazy I was that weekend). I'll probably usually start with a picture of me that day, and then occasionally a picture of something I have mentioned. I don't want it to be too boring and a whole page of just writing.

001: The present I ordered for my mum arrived on Friday. It was for Mother's Day, which is today. I don't know if mother's day is just a UK thing or if the whole world celebrates it. Or is it just on a different day in different countries? I don't know. But I got my mum a pair of Tresor Paris earrings, and they are gorgeous!! I want a pair for myself, they are really really sparkly. They cost £14, and delivery was surprisingly quick. I only ordered them on Wednesday night.

002: Yesterday I had to dash to Asda (a supermarket, I think it is the UK version of Walmart?) to get a card for my mum and to buy her flowers. Flowers must be the hardest thing EVER to sneak in to the house.
the beautiful flowers I gave my mumma <3
003: I also bought new plastic folders to keep all my school work in for my bag. My last ones were all burst up the sides because of how much stuff was in them. I use the ones that have little popper studs on them, not ring binders. Can you imagine carrying one ring binder for every subject?! That's 8 ring binders...

004: It got to 11 PM last night when I realised that I had nothing to wrap the earrings in. So of course I improvised - I used a sheet of newspaper! Possibly the best wrapping ever. I even chose the page which had the picture of George Clooney being arrested on it so all you could see was his face. My mum said it was the best wrapping paper she had ever seen.
my amazing George Clooney wrapping paper
006: Today was quite uneventful. I tidied my room and studied for my 3rd year exams which are in a few weeks.

How did you spend your weekend?


  1. Oh god you're studying for your 3rd year exams and i'm not for my standard grades, yikes I need to start! x

  2. Haha, I love the George Clooney wrapping, my mum would of loved that too ;)
    Bex x

  3. great improvisation with the wrapping paper!!

  4. Love the 'wrapping paper', haha! :)

  5. I'm loving your fringe, you really suit it. You've definitely gained a follower <3

    Lea x

  6. I love these sorts of posts! Love seeing what everyone's up to <3
    Zoe xoxo

  7. The fringe really suits me. What you bought your mum was lovely xx


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