Thursday, 19 April 2012

It's a bloomin' HUGE HAUL! Primark, Boots etc...

Omg I really cannot help myself when it comes to spending money. I do believe that I picked up some pretty damn good things whilst browsing the shops with my mother dearest, and again with my friend, and then once again with momma. I like going shopping with my mum, she always buys me things! Quite a lot of the clothes in the haul were bought by the cash in her purse rather than mine, but there was one condition - I had to keep them unworn for my summer holidays at the end of June, which I guess I can live with. This haul actually consists of  things that I acquired over three days of shopping (and there is quite a few things to show...) but the days were so close together (yep, three times in one week) that I can't call it a collective haul. What can I say, I am a diagnosed shopaholic.

Apologies in advance for the poop photos. I didn't have time to edit them and make them brighter :(

Leopard print hotpants £12.99
///These are absolutely GORGEOUS! I must admit, they are quite short but for wearing on my summer holidays in Spain this year, I am not really bothered. I want to be able to show off my tan! You may or may not know, TK Maxx is a shop that contains a whole mish mash of stuff -- everything from hair straighteners to a cooking pot and the odd exercise ball. 


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 'shade 53' £9.99
///Yep, I finally bought it. And after all that dithering for months about "should I buy it or shouldn't I??", I bought the wrong shade. It is kinda dark for me, but still wearable.

17 pressed powder £3.99
///Needed a new powder, and this was what I picked. Nothing special, just a regular powder.

Rimmel eye make-up remover (free) £3.59
///Really like this, it doesn't hurt my eyes like most eye make-up removers seem to. It is maybe because I wear contact lenses on a daily basis because I am blind as a bat, and I still have them in when I take my make-up off. This says on the bottle 'suitable for contact lens wearers'.

17 blusher 'First Kiss' £3.49
///Really really really love the colour of this, it is a slightly corally pink with a hint of shimmer to it. I only own a couple of blushes as I tend to stick to wearing the same one, but I thought a nice shimmery one would be nice for the coming seasons. It's not too shimmery that it makes you look like a disco ball, just a nice subtle one.

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer 'shade 3' £4.19
///Turns out I have been wearing the wrong shade of this. I finally noticed after 4 bottles. Shade 2 is too pinky for my skin, this is more yellowy. I wouldn't say it is any darker, just a different undertone that suits my skin wayyyyy better.

Barry M Nail paint in 'Blueberry Ice Cream' (free) £2.99
///This nail polish is Stunning with a capital S. Wows.

Miss Sporty nail polish £1.99
///Ahhh, the famous 'no name' brand. I really hate how the nail polishes have no shade names, or even numbers but can't be helped. It is easy to tell which one it is anyhoo. Love love love this blue colour for spring.

Miss Sporty clear nail polish £1.99

Natural Collection lash build mascara (free) £1.99
///Pleasantly surprised with this, I just got it because I needed something the same price to get free, but it is actually really good. It really floats my boat. I might do a review on it soon, let me know what ya think.

VO5 Miracle Concentrate £4.99
///I finally succumbed to this. I have been wanting this for god knows how long. Smells amazing -- also maybe a review to come?

And last but not least...

Blue mens hoody £12
///I know it's mens, but I like it!

Beige/Nude t shirt £4

Blue and silver long necklace £1 - sale

Black woven belt £1

Black and nude pumps £4

French writing moustache t shirt £4
How cute is this -- there is just something about moustaches on tshirts that really float my boat.

Orangey-red vest top £2
///Correction - a very creased orangey-red vest top.

Union Jack hotpants £10
Very very very short shorts, but I like em.

Dark blue denim hotpants £5

Pink checked shirt £8

Grey owl vest £3
D'aww, this is cayooot too.

Oh dear, I have bought more than I thought. Seeing it altogether like this really proves how fab I am at splashing the cash...

Let me know what make-up doo-das you want reviews on :)


  1. Huge haul!:D Thanks for sharing your recent purchases. The Oui top is really cute.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. I’m so jealous; I’ve been trying to get those black/nude pumps for a couple of weeks now, and they never have them in my size! :[
    I have that Beige shirt too in about three different colours; It appears we both have great style! ;]

  3. I love the nail polishes. Barry m Blueberry ice cream looks lovely!!!
    Great haul. You did great :P

  4. Love the items you picked up :) I love the nude t-shirt (so cheap as well) and the V05 oil is amazing :)

    Check out my giveaway! :)

  5. Wow! Brilliant haul, such great pieces. I'm sure your purse feels sad. Love the union jack shorts and french top :D


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