Tuesday, 3 April 2012

March Favourites

Another month gone. Is it just me that thinks that Christmas feels like it was only last week?! But it does mean that spring has sprung -- yay for spring! Mind you, it felt more like winter today with 2 degrees celcius and snow...

I am currently cosied up in my bed with my big fluffy socks. I am planning to put on one of the Twilight movies after this, maybe New Moon. I like it the best out of them all so far, of course nothing to do with how yummy Taylor Lautner is with his top off *cough cough* Right, em, where was I?

#1 Soap & Glory Mist You Madly
This body spray smells ah-may-ZING! It is the typical Soap & Glory scent, in spray form. It is a really nice everyday floral-ish scent and I will definitely repurchuse.

#2 Soap & Glory Pulp Friction
Another Soap & Glory product, this time a body scrub. It smells really lovely and fruity and leaves my skin so soft and supple to the touch (oo er). I love using this on my legs before shaving/fake tanning.

#3 Avon Extra Lasting Liquid Eye Liner Pen
I got this in the giveaway that I won, and I really do love it now that I have got the hang of it. No longer are my lines all wiggly, I have been practising and can now even leave the house with it on! It is the pen type rather than a brush. It is my first liquid eyeliner, I have only ever used the pencil ones.

#4 MUA Lipstick 'Shade 13'
I got this to wear for my dance show at my school in a bright red shade. It's not necessarily the shade that is a favourite, it is the formula. It is really moisturising on my lips and is super long lasting. I think I am going to buy a more natural pinky shade. Red lips aren't really something I usually go for, but it is a good thing to have.

#5 Elemis Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser
I love using this in the morning because whenever I wake up in the morning, I have a really greasy oily face (oh what a lovely image that has given you) and this just leaves me with lovely smoooooth skin like a baby's bottom -- ahhhh.

#6 The Hunger Games
This book is bloody brilliant. I just finished the first one today, I will be buying the next one as soon as! This is probably my favourite of favourites so I saved it to last. I really love the idea behind the story -- it is totally different to anything I have ever read before. If you haven't already tried this book yet, go buy it now. 

That's all for my favourites for the month of March -- time now for some drooling, I mean watching New Moon!


  1. All of these things look good together too, all pinks! I love Pulp Friction, smells so good! x

  2. I really need to read the hunger games. It appears i've been under a rock. And im so with you with Taylor topless = pure heaven.


  3. i love the shade of the MUA lipstick,theyre so good for their price too

  4. I seen The Hunger Games tonight and its beyond AMAZING! I've haven't read the books as I'm going to borrow my friends and I can't imagine how much more amazing the book can be!! :D

    Also, I completely agree with you on Taylor. When he throws the invitation down and tears of his top *cloud 9*!


  5. I finished The Hunger Games at 1:30 last night and just picked up the next one half an hour ago :D x

    Lea x


  6. The lipstick looks so gorgeous! Why don't we have MUA in my country, why?! I've seen so many amazing products from them.


  7. I love the Hunger Games books! So much better than the film. The second one is my favourite :D


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