Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Nailed: alternate blue and pink spots

Hiya lovelies,
Super quick post tonight just to let you have a peek at my nail love at the mo. I think this is the second or third time this month I have been sporting spotty nails, and these were just too adorable to skip a post on. I used two Barry M pastel colours, Blueberry Ice Cream and Peach Melba. The blue one was featured in my recent haul, which you can view right here! I then just used a Miss Sporty 7 day top coat, which was also in the haul. It is a surprisingly good top coat actually, it makes my nail polish last longer than my usual two days. And it was only £1.99 too, bargain! The spots were done by a kirby grip/hair grip/bobby pin (so many names for those things) to make them perfectly round. I am planning on buying some dotting tools in the near future, but a kirby grip works perfectly fine for the time being. What is your favourite nail combo?

Barry M 'Peach Melba'//Barry M 'Blueberry Ice Cream'//Miss Sporty 7 day top coat


  1. These are great, so neatly done!


  2. Love these! x
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  3. These are gorgeous! Look really professional too!

  4. I really like how pink base with blue dots looks!


  5. omggggg so cute im in awe!

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  6. that's such cute nail art

  7. I awarded you with 'The Sunshine Award'.Check out my post for more details :)


  8. Heyah Holly , dono if you'll see this but I just had to comment ! These nails are soooo cute im diving for my nail polish as soon as I finish typing this. Hope you could give my blog a check if you have a moment and want to read while drinking some tea hahha. rachel x

  9. LOL. handfullofdaisys@blogspot.co.uk


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