Thursday, 5 April 2012

Nailed: Multi-coloured Spotty Nails

In the same order as on the nail::
Missguided 'Misschevious'//H&M 'Festive Fuschia' duo (green side)//Barry M 'Peach Melba'//w7 Sheer Mauve//Forever21 love & beauty 'Dusty Blue'//Avon French Manicure 'White'

these pictures have been oh so slightly edited in terms on colour saturation and stuff, just tomake the colours more true to life. the nail polish colours do look like this, I am not trying to change them!

Hello everybody, I have a Nailed post for you all today! Inspiration for this nail look was taken from Sandra's ( Nails. Obviously mine aren't as nice as her's -- the cute little chicks looked quite hard to do and I don't own a yellow nail polish so it would have been tricky! Also, I don't have a blue cream colour so the one I used has a slight gold shimmer to it but it is hardly noticeable once the white dots went on. To achieve the white dots I simply dipped a kirby grip/bobby pin in white nail polish and dotted it on my nails -- easy peasy! I love this look, I can't stop looking at them! All these colours are stunning on the nails, they all feel very season appropriate! I recommend them all. What do you think of this look then? 


  1. I love these, very neatly done too!

  2. I have a post exactly like this scheduled for tomorrow haha, minds thinking alike here :)

  3. You did a really nice job! Thanks for the shoutout. :)

  4. These nails are gorgeous, I love them!! xx

  5. ahhh, these are so neat! do my nails please! xoxo

  6. they are SO gorgeous! they remind me of cute little mushrooms for some reason :)



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