Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Sunday Post #3

001: Every Monday I go to a swimming club, but as I am doing my bronze Duke of Edinburgh, I have chosen to do my volunteering there. My friend and I have been helping out the swimming coach with the younger swimmers and it has been really fun. This week however the coach was ill, and any other people who sometimes help at the club were at the annual meeting so there was no one left to run the club for the night. So my friend and I did it! We decided on the training and shouted at them to stop talking and keep swimming and I had a really good night.

002: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have all consisted of me coming home from school, getting straight in the shower, curling my hair and then heading back up to the school to take part in the dance show. This meant no tv or youtube videos were watched, no blogs were read (booo) and no homework was done (always a bonus!). I have finally caught up now though. As far as dance shows go, this went pretty well. I messed up a bit on the first night but nothing too major. 

003: Yesterday (saturday) I went to my best friend's little cousin's 4th birthday party at a children's play area. You know, the kind with the ball pits and slides and all that? It was so so so much fun, we spent ages in the ball bit (we are so immature...) We played with the kids and chased them round and stuff, and all was swell apart from one little devil child who was spitting at us and punching us in the back. Oh the joys of kids.

004: The majority of today was spent tidying my room. I have no clue how it managed to become such a tip, but you literally could not see the floor. It was mostly clothes, makeup and all the things a girl needs to get ready. I think I must just have used something and let it fall to the floor and left it there. I am now thankfully sitting in a lovely tidy, dusted and hoovered room and it feels so much better.

005: Boy am I loving the Hunger Games. I have almost finished the first book and it was the reason why I took so long to tidy my room today - I couldn't resist stopping every 10 minutes to read a bit more. I have read the majority of the book in just today, I'll be finished it tomorrow for sure. I am defo buying the next one!!

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  1. You sound like you've had a busy but completely lovely and satisfying week. I love the feeling of getting all caught up and organised again after a hectic week. It makes you feel like you've accomplished so much doesn't it?
    Your fringe is giving me hair envy, it just suits you so much!

    Lea x


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