Sunday, 27 May 2012

OOTD: Girly night out

As promised yesterday, I come to you today bearing an outfit post. Once again, forgive my terrible lack of posts lately, hopefully this is me back in to the swing of things. I thought you might all like to see what I wore on Friday night to go out with my friends. It was my friend Laura's birthday on Tuesday and this was us celebrating it. We got the train to a bigger town, and let me tell you, I am shocked we managed to get it. The train was already there and was leaving in less than one minute when the last person arrived. I bet the train driver and all the passengers had a right laugh at the 10 teenage girls sprinting in their high heels to catch it. But in the end, we managed to get on with seconds to spare. We went out for dinner that night then went a walk along the beach where some 20-something year old man tried to get off with us. Yep, fun night! Then we caught the train back and slept over at her house Friday night. Saturday was boiliiiiiiing so we went down the beach in Laura's village to sunbathe. I have the tan lines to prove it! All in all, we had a great time.

Now, after possibly boring you with all the details, i've gotten to the good bit! The outfit.

Pink sheer chiffon shirt with cream collar and cuffs - £10
Dark blue denim shorts - around £5
Dark beige/taupe heels - £3 in the sale, originally about £12 or something

And I feel guilty to say, these were all from Primark. Yep, my whole outfit was Primark.

I wore my makeup basically the same as I do everyday, but with a brown shimmery eyeshadow. I had on Garnier BB Cream, 17 Pressed Powder, Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, Maybelline Dream Lumitouch highlighting concealer,  a couple of browns from the MUA Heaven & Earth palette, Collection 2000 blush in 'bashful' (a coral colour), Natural Collection Lashbuild mascara and finally, Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in 'Rose Bud'. Woah, that is a lot of makeup...

I hope you liked my outfit. I loved it! The shirt is really versatile and I think I will get a lot of wear out of it. You could wear it with leggings or jeans. I think it will look great in the winter with black skinny jeans and a black leather jacket and a pair of boots. Look at me, already planning what I'll be wearing in 6 months...

Saturday, 26 May 2012

The non-existent blogger

I am have earned a new title - the most non-consistent blogger ever. I haven't blogged in EIGHT WHOLE DAYS!!! I mean, what kind of blogger goes that long without one single stinkin' post? Clearly, me. I want to say I have been so busy this week; the weather has been scorching (28 degrees Celsius today - that is not heard of in Scotland. At all.), it was my friend's birthday sleepover where we went out for dinner, I have been sunbathing and trying my very hardest to get a tan (unfortunately, almost totally unsuccessful). The problem is there are no real excuses, there never is. So I dearly hope I will one day be forgiven. I pinky swear that I will post an OOTD tomorrow showing what I wore to go out for dinner last night with my best buds. 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Nailed: Pastel blue with a hint of sparkle!

Above: without flash
Above: with flash

Barry M 'Blueberry Ice Cream'///Orly 'Tiara'

It is not spring without a good pastel nail polish, as I am sure most of you - if not all - will agree with me there. Peaches, lilacs and pale blues are my favourite ways to wear pastels on my nails but I like to jazz them up a bit by adding an 'accent nail' (or at least that's what I think they are called..). I always choose my ring finger to do anything different on, but I am not really sure why we do that. Who knows? Not me anyway. I am really chuffed with this look, I think the silver compliments the blue perfectly. 
What is your favourite pastel colour for your nails?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My current skincare routine!

I have been meaning to share my skincare routine for a while now - I even had a draft post with the above title and no text in it to remind me to write it but I still didn't do it. I figured it was finally time to do it! Firstly, I would like to make it known that I have oily combination skin - a very very very oily t-zone (mostly my forehead and sides of my nose) and normal skin on my cheeks. I also have mild acne. It used to be a lot worse but the products that I show at the end of this post are what helped to clear it up a bit. My skin used to be so bad, I had a mass of spots across my forehead, not all big ones. Some of them were just like little toty lumps and dots. Reeeeally annoying! I also had a huge cluster of sore ones on each of my cheeks. I do still have the marks from the ones of my cheeks - well, I have marks on my right cheek, and one spot on my left cheek with marks surrounding it. And the thing that I am most delighted about is... my forehead is perfectly smooth! Waheyy! 

Everything in my routine

Step 1 - Remove foundation:
The first thing I do at night to take my face make-up off is use one of these Tesco Cucumber Cleansing Face Wipes. It really doesn't matter what face wipes you use, I like these because they are nice any cheap - only something like 50p! I am not looking for something that is amazing, just something that takes the first layer of make-up off easily. I don't use this to take off eye make-up, that's the next step.

Step 2 - Remove mascara:
I remove my eye make-up using this product by Rimmel. I loooove this because it is very gentle on the eyes which I need because I wear contact lenses on a daily basis (otherwise I would be as blind as a bat, not exaggerating). This doesn't sting my eyes and removes mascara and eyeshadow quickly. You don't need to rub at your eyes either so it doesn't give you bags. 

Step 3 - Cleanse:
Next I get a cotton pad and squirt one pump of my Aveeno Positively Luminous Cleanser on to it. This cleanser is lovely and soothing on my skin. It also takes the remaining foundation left on my skin that the face wipe didn't manage to remove. My skin feels super soft after using this and I do believe this helped clear my spots up a fair bit. It is relatively cheap too.

Step 4 - Tone:
Taking another cotton pad, I wipe the Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner all over my face whilst carefully avoiding my eye area (this stings eyes like a bee-atch). Yes, it does stink of tea tree (now there's a surprise...not). I am not a huge fan of the tea tree smell but I can live with it if it helps to clear my spots. As you most likely know, tea tree is a gods send for spots and blemishes. This toner is no different. It is just wows.

Step 5 - Spot treatment:
I use this cream that was prescribed by my doctor before my moisturiser as it can be drying on my skin. It is very good for healing acne, although it is not fast working. It takes a few months to see some improvements, but after that the effects are pretty rapid. I have been using this for about 6 months, twice daily.

Step 6 - Moisturise:
I use the Superdrug own brand moisturiser because it is cheap and cheerful. It is fragrance free and really gentle for the skin. I wouldn't use this in the winter as it is very light, but it is perfect for this time of the year. It is nothing special, I don't think it has any SPF in it but for 99p, it is not bad. My skin feels as soft as a baby's bum after applying this.

Step 6 - Acne tablets:
The final step is not a product type of thing - it is my Lymecycline tablets. These were prescribed by my doctor. I had tablets before these that I took for about 4 months but they weren't doing anything. These are MUCH better. I have been using them for almost 2 months and already I have seen a massive improvement. You only take one a day, and I tend to take them right before I get in to bed with a glass of water. I really recommend these, unfortunately you can only get these on prescription.

That is everything I use at night. In the mornings I use the same products, minus the wipes, eye make-up remover and tablets. Other than those three, I do these steps in the same order. This is what I have found to work for me but obviously I cannot guarantee that they would work for everybody. The things that I recommend the most are the eye make-up remover, cleanser and tablets. 

That is all for today. I hope you liked this post as it seems to be one that a lot of people do.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and check back for an answer. Although I know I am really bad at checking back on blogs for replies, so I might just go onto to your blog if you have one and leave my reply on your most recent post.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Swimsuits for your body shape

Seeing as we are coming into the warmer months now, I thought it would be fitting to do a few posts with a summer them. I think I may do a few outfit ideas and make-up looks too. Leave any requests for a summer-themed post in the comments section below. Your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated!!

Hips and shoulders are both narrow, and waist is not well defined.
Any naturally slim-figured gal is lucky when it comes to picking a bikini or one-piece. They can get away with almost all styles but there a few tips and tricks for giving yourself a bit more shape. Try bikini tops with frills and ruffles as they give the illusion of a bigger bust, and bikini bottoms with tied sides give you more shape around your hips. Geometric patterns on one-pieces also give you a bit more waist definition. Cutesy floral prints also make you look more feminine. Skip on the bandeau styles as they make it more obvious that you don't need much support in the chest area. And then of course you can go for the padding to give you a bit more oomph to your boobies (oo er).

Shoulders and hips are the same width and waist is narrow and defined.
This is probably the most desired body shape out of them all. If you are lucky enough to be this shape, opt for underwired tops to give you the support you need. Balconette and halter styles will also work for you. Avoid big frills as these will make you look even wider. Smaller minimalistic prints will suit you best as they don't draw attention to one area like large patterns would. Keep well away from skimpy bikinis. 

Slightly bigger belly.
Stay well away from whites and neons as they make you look bigger than you actually are. Try going for darker shades as they really do slim you out. Another important thing is to not cover up too much as this makes it more obvious what you are trying to hide. If you are self-conscious about your stomach, a tankini would be brilliant for you as they cover it up but you can still show off your hips in bikini bottoms. Sarongs made of sheer loose fabric are also a great way of covering you up modestly but still looking fab. Completely avoid those itsy bitsy bikinis from the beaches of Miami. 

Your booty is wider.
For this body shape you can try and emphasize your upper half by wearing padded bikini tops. These will make your body look more proportionate and even. You can also wear bottoms that have rings on them to prevent them from riding up and exposing any unwanted flesh.

Top Heavy/Inverted Triangle:
Big boobies and narrower hips.
Anybody with a top heavy shape might want to wear v-necks on a one piece as they elongate your figure and minimize your breasticles. You can also try simple bikini tops with bottoms that have ruffles. As I said before, ruffles give the illusion of that area being wider, so you would look like you have the oh-so-desired hourglass shape. Halterneck tops also give you the needed support without seeming like you are doing it on purpose.

I really hope this helps you out when you are choosing your swimsuit for this year. Remember to leave your summer-themed post suggestions down below! Also, tell me if you are going on holiday this coming summer! Are you going abroad, or staying in the country? Are you jetting off to the sun?

Images are taken from

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Recipe: Apple Crumble

I made this the other day, and let me tell you, it was deeeee-lish! Very stupidly of me, I didn't take a picture of the finished piece before we all started tucking in but I took one when there was just a little left. I must say, it looked pretty similar to the photograph on the BBC website, so I have included that too for ya.

Apple crumble
BBC picture

My picture

I have never done any recipe or even food posts on here so I thought I would give it a try to see what you think. 

For the crumble/topping:
- 300g/ 10 1|2 oz plain flour 
- pinch of salt
- 175g/6 oz unrefined brown sugar
- 200g/7 oz unsalted butter, cubed at room temperature
- knob of butter for greasing

For the filling:
- 450g/1lb cooking apples, peeled, cored and cut into 1cm pieces
- 50g/2 oz unrefined brown sugar 
- 1 tbsp plain flour
- 1 pinch of ground cinnamon

Right now, I would just like to point out that I used caster sugar instead of brown sugar. It makes no obvious difference.
Also, if I were to make this again, I would add more apple to the filling and less sugar to the crumble. I used two large cooking apples, but next time I would go for 2 1|2 or 3. Then I would possibly go for around 150g sugar because the topping was extremely sweet. I didn't mind too much because I have a terrible sweet tooth, but most people would probably find it a bit sickening.

1) Preheat the oven to 180 C/350 F/Gas Mark 4
2) Sieve the flour into a large bowl and mix in the sugar. 
3) Taking a few cubes of butter at a time, rub it in to the flour mixture. Keep rubbing until your mixture resembles breadcrumbs.
4) Butter an ovenproof dish. I used a large glass casserole dish.
5) Spoon the mixture in to the bottom, then sprinkle the crumble mixture evenly on top.
6) Bake in the oven for 40 - 45 minutes until the crumble has browned and the fruit mixture is bubbling slightly.
7) Serve with cream, custard, ice cream, or on its own.

I will definitely be making this again sometime because it was very yummy and simple to make. I am 100% sure that anyone could bake this well, no matter what their cooking abilities are. As I said, take in to account what I said about changing the recipe slightly if you want. The recipe is originally from the BBC website - click here to view it.

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post. Let me know if you would like any more recipes and food related things because I am more than happy to do them! Any excuse to get baking... 

Sunshine Blog Award

Really glad to announce that I have been awarded the Sunshine Award by both jhilmilbeauty (Beauty & Beyond) and Emer over at Beauty Moments. Thank you so much guys! Definitely go check out both those blogs, I am sure you will likey. 

And the all important rules are:
1) Each tagged person must post 7 to 10 things about themselves
2) You have to choose and tag 7 people
3) Go to their blogs and tell them you have tagged them

10 things about moi:
I am going to be a sheep and follow Emer, as she did 10 things that make her happy which I think is definitely fitting to the theme of sunshine.
1) Chocolate, and lots of it.
2) Make-up - you really can never get bored of it.
3) As clich├ęd as it sounds, my friends never fail to put a smile on my face.
4) Soaking up the sun on my summer holidays
5) Water fights in the garden - you can't beat them.
7) Watching beauty videos on YouTube.
8) Reading and writing blog posts to fulfil my makeup and fashion needs 
9) Putting together an outfit for a partyyyyy.
10) Talking about all the hot actors with my best friend *drool*

The people I taggy tag:

I always struggle to find enough people to tag, so since I went to all the bother of picking blogs, the least you can do is go and give them a little look over. Link your post once you have done it if you wish!

Friday, 4 May 2012

April Favourites 2012

It is once again time to do my favourite kind of post -- monthly favourites! I can't get my head around the fact we are not far away from being half way in to the year already! Time really does fly. I have quite a good mixture of things to share with you this time round, so lets get cracking.

1. Aveeno Positively Luminous Cleansing Lotion - simply amazing. I really love the texture of it, and it leaves my skin as soft as a baby's bum - ahhhh.

2. VO5 Miracle Concentrate - the hair oil has literally been working miracles to my hair (hahaha 'miracle' concentrate. geddit?) It contains argan oil and my hair feels so silky and totally free of frizz post applying it.

3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner - this has also played a big part in improving my skin immensely. As you most likely already know, tea tree is a god's send for spots/pimples/acne (whatever you wish to call it) and this product does just that. It was surprisingly inexpensive too, only something like £4.50. Possibly a skin care routine coming soon, your thoughts?

4. Miss Sporty nameless cobalt blue nail polish - you have no idea how much it frustrates me that Miss Sporty nail polishes do not have shade names. I mean, how hard is it to put a tiny little sticker on the bottle, with a shade number at least. Despite this slight drawback, it is a stunning colour and lasts days on my nails.

5. Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara - this little cheapy mascara looks incredible on my eyelashes - not what I was expecting from a little £1.99 number! I especially love how it makes by bottom eyelashes look.

6. The Gallagher Girl book seriesthese books are one of the best I have ever read. They are aimed at teenagers I think but that is not to say you can't read it if you are an adult. They are witty, well-written and totally un-put-downable (is that a word?). There are 5 in the series so far, and I have read the first 4. I own the 5th one, but I am re-reading the series before I start it to remind me what happened. This time round, I read the first in less than 24 hours, and the second even quicker.

That's it until next time. I have a few Nailed posts planned and as I mentioned before, maybe a skin care routine so keep your eyes peeled! Let me know if you want a skin care routine or not. xxx