Saturday, 19 May 2012

Nailed: Pastel blue with a hint of sparkle!

Above: without flash
Above: with flash

Barry M 'Blueberry Ice Cream'///Orly 'Tiara'

It is not spring without a good pastel nail polish, as I am sure most of you - if not all - will agree with me there. Peaches, lilacs and pale blues are my favourite ways to wear pastels on my nails but I like to jazz them up a bit by adding an 'accent nail' (or at least that's what I think they are called..). I always choose my ring finger to do anything different on, but I am not really sure why we do that. Who knows? Not me anyway. I am really chuffed with this look, I think the silver compliments the blue perfectly. 
What is your favourite pastel colour for your nails?


  1. Your blog is so pretty :) Love your nail polish gorgeous colour xx

  2. That's a really nice colour. I have the lighter version of the Barry M one and I reaaally like it but it's really thin, even with a good bit of shaking haha! :)x

  3. I love the blue! I have to say the sister of this polish, Berry ice cream, is my absolute favourite! peach melba is pretty nice too :)

  4. Lovely shade of blue :D

  5. Love that it looks gorgeous x

  6. Sweetie I`m watching your blog for a while! Maybe you wanna follow each other? just announce me :X


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