Saturday, 26 May 2012

The non-existent blogger

I am have earned a new title - the most non-consistent blogger ever. I haven't blogged in EIGHT WHOLE DAYS!!! I mean, what kind of blogger goes that long without one single stinkin' post? Clearly, me. I want to say I have been so busy this week; the weather has been scorching (28 degrees Celsius today - that is not heard of in Scotland. At all.), it was my friend's birthday sleepover where we went out for dinner, I have been sunbathing and trying my very hardest to get a tan (unfortunately, almost totally unsuccessful). The problem is there are no real excuses, there never is. So I dearly hope I will one day be forgiven. I pinky swear that I will post an OOTD tomorrow showing what I wore to go out for dinner last night with my best buds. 

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  1. I'm also Scottish and I managed to catch a cold whilst in Edinburgh today :') x


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