Saturday, 12 May 2012

Swimsuits for your body shape

Seeing as we are coming into the warmer months now, I thought it would be fitting to do a few posts with a summer them. I think I may do a few outfit ideas and make-up looks too. Leave any requests for a summer-themed post in the comments section below. Your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated!!

Hips and shoulders are both narrow, and waist is not well defined.
Any naturally slim-figured gal is lucky when it comes to picking a bikini or one-piece. They can get away with almost all styles but there a few tips and tricks for giving yourself a bit more shape. Try bikini tops with frills and ruffles as they give the illusion of a bigger bust, and bikini bottoms with tied sides give you more shape around your hips. Geometric patterns on one-pieces also give you a bit more waist definition. Cutesy floral prints also make you look more feminine. Skip on the bandeau styles as they make it more obvious that you don't need much support in the chest area. And then of course you can go for the padding to give you a bit more oomph to your boobies (oo er).

Shoulders and hips are the same width and waist is narrow and defined.
This is probably the most desired body shape out of them all. If you are lucky enough to be this shape, opt for underwired tops to give you the support you need. Balconette and halter styles will also work for you. Avoid big frills as these will make you look even wider. Smaller minimalistic prints will suit you best as they don't draw attention to one area like large patterns would. Keep well away from skimpy bikinis. 

Slightly bigger belly.
Stay well away from whites and neons as they make you look bigger than you actually are. Try going for darker shades as they really do slim you out. Another important thing is to not cover up too much as this makes it more obvious what you are trying to hide. If you are self-conscious about your stomach, a tankini would be brilliant for you as they cover it up but you can still show off your hips in bikini bottoms. Sarongs made of sheer loose fabric are also a great way of covering you up modestly but still looking fab. Completely avoid those itsy bitsy bikinis from the beaches of Miami. 

Your booty is wider.
For this body shape you can try and emphasize your upper half by wearing padded bikini tops. These will make your body look more proportionate and even. You can also wear bottoms that have rings on them to prevent them from riding up and exposing any unwanted flesh.

Top Heavy/Inverted Triangle:
Big boobies and narrower hips.
Anybody with a top heavy shape might want to wear v-necks on a one piece as they elongate your figure and minimize your breasticles. You can also try simple bikini tops with bottoms that have ruffles. As I said before, ruffles give the illusion of that area being wider, so you would look like you have the oh-so-desired hourglass shape. Halterneck tops also give you the needed support without seeming like you are doing it on purpose.

I really hope this helps you out when you are choosing your swimsuit for this year. Remember to leave your summer-themed post suggestions down below! Also, tell me if you are going on holiday this coming summer! Are you going abroad, or staying in the country? Are you jetting off to the sun?

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  1. I'm blessed with an hourglass figure :) There's some beautiful bathers in simply be at the moment.

  2. This is such a good idea for a post :) I'm not going on holiday this year but I will probably end up buying a new bikini anyway! haha x

  3. great advices.......Maybe follow each other, I would like to.......


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