Tuesday, 26 June 2012

a HAUL of bits and bobs for my holiday!

I'M GOING TO SPAIN IN 3 DAYS! This time on Friday I will be on the plane on my way to Murcia in Spain, then I'll be getting a taxi to Alcazaras/Costa Calida (either Costa Calida is in Alcazares or vice versa). I am soooooo excited you wouldn't believe it. Our villa/appartment thing has wifi so I will hopefully be posting some OOTDs and holiday snaps for you to enjoy so keep a lookout for those next week and the week after! I have some cracking outfits planned, so you will hopefull be seeing them. I'm going for a fortnight, so I am going to get a mega tan! Woohoooo!

In the meantime, I am going to show you some of the stuff that I have been buying in preparation for my holidays. Some of the stuff I got a good little while ago so I can't remember the prices but I have done my best to find the majority of them on the internet.

Also, I usually edit all my photos to make them brighter but I can't be bothered tonight (ther's way too many - it would take ages!) so you will have to suffer my poo pictures. Hope they aren't too bad!

I have been wanting to buy this powder for aaaaaaaages (you may have seen it in an previous wishlist post) but I finally got round to doing it after my 17 one smashed. It's really good actually, it keeps my t-zone shine free for a good while. Review soon maybe?

Got this earlier today in Semi Chem on my walk home from the optician's (couldn't resist going in when I walked past...) and I really quite like it. It's a really pretty cherry colour and I love how glossy but not sticky it is.

I ran out of the Batiste Blush dry shampoo so I decided to try this one out. I prefer the smell of this one actually but it does the same job.

This has an SPF of 30 so it will be a good thing to have with me on my holiday. I don't really burn so this should be okay. Haven't tried it out yet but I'll do a review when I have.

Finally got round to buying the Mac 217 dupe, but only because I had one of those £5 no7 vouchers in Boots. So far so good, my favourite way to use it is to blend in Benefit Erase Paste under my eyes.

Love love love this colour! It's the one that I have on my nails just now and it's so pretty. Perfect for summer.

Roughly my 6th re-purchase of this concealer, I love it so darn much. 

I bought this when it was £4.99 in New Look last week but now it's half price so if you like it, get it quickly! It's really really pretty and summery and I love it.

Tribal print??? vest top
Not quite sure if this counts as tribal but I'll just go with that. I bought it in TK Maxx for £9.99 I think (not on the internet). It's a lovely blouse/sheer material and looks great with cropped white trousers or denim shorts.

Flower tie front blouse
No idea whatsoever of the price but its from Debenhams. Again, looks nice with white cropped trousers and shorts.

Stripey zip front dress
Again, don't know the price and from Debenhams. I LOVE THIS DRESS. It's so cool.

I really like the whole bra top trend so I was confident one night and ordered two. So I'll have my belly out on holiday since this comes above my belly button so I'll try not to eat to much in the next few days...

I'm absolutely RAGING that this is reduced to £2.40 now after buying it last week. TWO POUNDS FORTY PENCE! Not that I paid much for it (£7.99) but still! £2.40 is absolutely NOTHING. They might as well give you it for free.

Really like the bralets with these jeans and the blouses I showed earlier. I might even wear these to travel on Friday. I got them in the teens section in New Look because they were reduced and the womens bit didn't have anything like them and I really wanted something like this.

So as it turns out, the majority of the photos weren't too bad but omg, this was the longest post in beauty blogging history. Sorry! That's if anyone even made it this far. Leave a comment if you got to the end!


  1. I love everything you've gotten :) I have the no7 brush and love it :) x

  2. Your clothes are lovely! Please could you do a review of the powder, really interested in it! (: xx

  3. hey holly again! I was all smiles when i read your comment haha. I think we have the same taste in everything !! I bought that no 7. brush about this time last year and its my staple makeup brush adoooreee it. I love these tops but my local new look closed down on saturday so im gonna have to wait a while till i can get to the nearest one!
    I actually just turned 15 in april so my side bar thingy hasnt been updated. you can see how on top of things i am. still keep forgetting im 15. You seem so lovely tooo, would love to get to know you too, its unfortunate you live in scotland all the nice people live in scotland and it makes it hard for me to get involved with the whole blogger and youtube community :( Heres my twitter - rachelxhunter and my email is rachelannhunter@hotmail.co.uk :)
    rachel x.

  4. Happily just discovered your blog! Adore all these summer purchases, especially the tribal top!
    Also love No7 polishes, and they're even better with £5 vouchers ;) Also quite keen to try the Maybelline BB cream, have been using the Garnier one for a while, and it's slightly too dark for me, you're so lucky tanning so easily!
    Anyway, love your blog, and I'm now your newest follower! It'd be amazing if you could have a quick peek at mine?
    Lots of love,

  5. Grea wee haul. Love the nail varnish!

  6. What a good haul! I was going to ask you what the nail varnish was as I started looking at the photo's but you got there before I could :) also have a lot of love for the necklace, it's sweet! xx


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