Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My top 10 summer beauty essentials

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. This is starting to be a habit, me apologising for being such a rubbish blogger. Woopsies! I have had mild writer's block (that sounds like some sort of disease. Where's the medication for it? Hahahaha, I make myself laugh.) It's been over a week since my last post, I know that for sure. I think it is 9 days? Something like that. But it's all good, no need to panic, I have a haul post planned for this week. I am just waiting on my New Look order to arrive. I ordered about 5 different bralets - you know they little crop top thingummies? I ordered tons to choose from just because I wanted it to be over £45 to get free delivery then I'll take the ones I don't want back to the shop. I'm a money-saving genius. It seems I have rambled here a bit, so without further ado...

In no particular order (remind you of The X Factor?!)...

     1. Sun cream
Of course, you need a good sun cream in the summer unless you want to burn to a crisp and get skin cancer. Cheery thought for you there! Don't forget to put some of your face too, because the skin on your face is really sensitive to sun and burns easily. There is not much worse than a bright red sunburnt face! 
Top tip: Put sun cream on before you get dressed and then you can make sure you have covered every single nook and cranny.

Up until this year, I haven't been a fan of sunglasses which is reeeeally bad of me. I can never seem to find ones that suit me and my small face/head. But this year I got quite nice ones that don't seem to look too bad, but then I could be wrong. 

     3. BB Cream/tinted moisturiser
I find foundation can sometimes be a bit too heavy in the summer so tend to opt for lighter coverage with a bb cream or a tinted moisturiser (if I wear any make-up that is). I recommend the Garnier BB Cream and the Maybelline Dream Fresh bb cream (the garnier one has a little bit more coverage but it's shinier on my face). The garnier one has SPF 15 whilst the Maybelline one has SPF 30. 

     4. moisturising lip balm
My lips can sometimes get really dry in the summer. Not really sure why, maybe it is just all the heat and the sun. I actually think your lips can get sunburnt - ouch, I can imagine the pain of that! - so it is best to go for a lip balm with an SPF in it. I think some of the little vaseline tins have SPF, and they are really moisturising too.

     5. body lotion
Like my lips, my body gets really dry when I am on holiday from all the sunbathing so I always use a good moisturising body lotion when I come out of the shower. I like something that sinks into my skin quickly and doesn't feel greasy, like Sweet Craving Warm Vanilla and Tempting Praline from Victoria's Secret.

     6. Body spray/flowery perfume
For the summer months, you can't beat a nice floral perfume or light body spray. You don't want anything too heavy because they can smell a bit wintery or autumny (are they real words?). My favourite perfume for spring and summer is Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh. A good body spray is Soap & Glory Mist You Madly.

     7. loose translucent powder
I have really oily skin so I always need a powder. In the summer when I am on holiday, I don't want anything during the day that looks too much like makeup, so I use the Collection 2000 Loose Sheer Powder in Translucent, because it isn't visible on the skin but still keeps the oil at bay.

     8. hair serum
The sun and the heat ALWAYS turns my hair into a giant fuzzball so I need a serum to tame it to something more kind to the eyes. Vo5 Miracle Concentrate works like a dream for this.

     9. coral blush
There is nothing more uplifting and summery for your face than a pretty coral blush. I like Collection 2000 blush in Bashful. 

     10. bronzer
My face is always last to tan (my body tans within 5 minutes of sitting in the sun) so I use a bronzer to match the colour up to the rest of my body. That means that I can use a high SPF on my face to protect it and then fake the colour safely! I have no idea what brand this bronzer is, it doesn't say a brand name or shade name but I think I got it in Boots years ago and it is still going strong. It doesn't even seem to be anywhere near hitting pan!

What are your summer necessities?


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