Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nailed: French Manicure

I've always found french manicures really difficult to do on myself, so I am not sure what came across me yesterday when I was deciding how to paint my nails! I am not overly skilled at doing patterns or any little intricate detail on my nails, so not being able to paint a decent white tip has never come as a surprise to me. However yesterday I was feeling brave and decided to just go for it, expecting horrendous results. But if I do say so myself, they turned out pretty good!

French manicures are a really classic way to paint your nails. They look clean and polished which makes them perfect for wearing to work. They are not too in your face which is brilliant for wearing to work or an interview.

the nail polish remover bottle is empty now, but originally it was filled with a purple liquid
Left to right:
Nails Inc 'South Molton Street'///Avon Nail Experts French Manicure 'white'///Miss Sporty Lasting Colour clear

To achieve this look, I painted my nails with one coat of the pale pink. Applying only one coat ensured that I could still see my natural tips. I like to do this so the white has something to stick to. Then I done the white tips freehand. You must now leave the white tips to dry COMPLETELY. If they are not totally dry, the next coat will smudge them everywhere and you'll have to start again. Then I did another coat of the pink so that the tips aren't too white and look more natural. Having only one coat over the white rather than too keeps them from looking too pink as well. I finished off with a clear varnish.

I always end up with white nail polish all over the tops of my fingers so I used an old lip brush (obviously not one I use on my lips) dipped in nail polish remover to clean them. This made it look sooooo much neater and I couldn't have left the house without doing this. I've tried the sticker guide things before but didn't get on well with them.

I wonder why they are called 'french' manicures. Did they originate in France or something? If anyone knows, feel free to let me know. I'm curious!

If you find it difficult to do these on yourself, you can always go and get them professionally done. Watch will the person does it, and maybe you will pick up a few tips from them!

Do you have any tips I could use for the next time I try this out?


  1. I'm so jealous, I just can't seem to get a good clean line when I do it!

    Lea x

  2. You mani looks lovely! :)


  3. :O they are so beautiful!<3


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