Monday, 30 July 2012

L'Oreal True Match Foundation - my new must-have?

 The above two pictures aren't showing the foundation to its true colour. it is slightly darker than this.

I seriously need to stop buying foundations. This one however, was kind of a necessity, as all my other foundations are too light for me now that I have been on holiday. Well, they match my face colour almost perfectly but I look crazy with a pale face and sunkissed everywhere else. My face simply just doesn't tan, which is extremely frustrating. The problem is, I buy an foundation, use it for a while, get sick of it, and then buy a new one. I have a box full of unfinished foundations at the back of a drawer. I can't resist the temptation of the Boots make-up stands. So much for trying to save for two of my friend's birthday presents and a day trip to Belfast next weekend when my sister visits. 

However... whilst browsing in Boots the other week, I subconsciously drifted over to the L'Oreal stand. For weeks I have been researching online for a new foundation - reading reviews, looking at swatches, searching for the best prices. One of the ones I had come across was the L'Oreal True Match Foundation. It had pretty good reviews on the Boots website. What was really annoying though, was how hard it was to find a decent review of it online. I couldn't find many bloggers that had written about it. So when I was in Boots that day, I decided I might as well just get it while I was there, and then I could do my own review on it, whether I liked it or not. As it turns out, I love it!

The shade I have is N5 Sand. This is one of the darker shades, because I want it to match up to the colour of my neck and chest. If it were later in the year, I would go for a lighter shade. There is quite a good shade range, especially when you consider the usual drugstore foundation shade ranges. There is much more of a range than, say, Bourjois. It has light to medium coverage, yet it still looks and feels totally natural. You can build it up to get more coverage, yet it never looks cakey. One of the things that I really love about this foundation is how unbelievably easy it is to blend into the skin. When L'Oreal say its 'super-blendable', boy do they mean it! Even though it is quite dark for my face, which you can see when I have it dotted on before it is blended, once blended in you would never know it. It also makes it hardly take any time at all to put on all over my face, so it would be a great foundation to use if I am in a rush (which is often). I think it will be great for when I go back to school, as it will help me get ready a bit quicker (which in itself, is a miracle). I have an oily t-zone, yet it never melted off after half an hour like many foundations I have tried do. It isn't too shiny, it seems to turn the oil into a nice glow. I believe this would be suitable for all skin types, even dry skin. I had a dry patch on my cheek for a little while and it didn't cling to it. It is fairly long lasting, longer than all foundations I have tried. I'm not guaranteeing you could put it on in the morning and that would be it there all day, but it does definitely last till mid-afternoon on my skin. I highly recommend this foundation, it may even be the first ever foundation that I repurchase! How's that for a good foundation. 

Where to buy:

Friday, 27 July 2012

My Nails Inc Collection (100th Post!!)

To put it simply, I own A LOT of nail polishes. When I say a lot, I don't mean 20. I don't mean 50. Hell, I don't even mean 100. I mean 133. Yes, you read that right.

So, the reason for this post is the fact that it is my 100th post with this blog! Wowzas! To be perfectly honest, I didn't think I would last to 10 posts. I am not really someone who tends to stick to things, I usually just give up after a couple of days (terrible, I know). So imagine my surprise (and delight) when I realised just how much I loved blogging! To this day, I am still not bored of it and definitely not ready to give it up so you are all stuck with me a little while longer! I thought, as a special little treat, that I would share my Nails Inc nail polish collection as an acknowledgement for reaching this landmark. 

Nails Inc is by far my favourite brand for nail polishes. There nail polishes last the longest on my nails, they aren't streaky or gloopy, easy to apply, the most amazing colours and they do great special effects nail polishes too. I am yet to find a nail polish of theirs that I don't like. My mum has a lot of their colours as well and I love all of hers too! 

L-R: Old Queen Street, Whitechapel, Cambridge Terrace, Porchester Square

As you can see, Old Queen Street and Cambridge Terrace are much loved, hence the abused packaging. These two are my favourites for wearing under a black crackle top coat. Whitechapel is very similar to Old Queen Street but it is more cream than white. Porchester Square is one I haven't used yet, but apparently it is their 'hero shade'. According to the Nails Inc website, this shade is one of their bestsellers.

L-R: South Molton Street, Brompton Place, Burtons Mews, Drury Lane, Nails Inc for Diet Coke - Paris

My favourites out of this bunch are South Molton Street and Brompton Place. This picture isn't the best quality so go on the Nails Inc website for better colour references. 

L-R: Emporer's Gate, New King's Road, Victoria, Motcomb Street, Sloane Gardens

There was a slight explosion in my nail polish box where a coral-red colour managed to get on to 3 nail polishes, Emporer's Gate being one of them. And Sloane Gardens is just the most beautiful colour in the world. It is to die for. 

L-R: Warwick Street, Cheyne Walk, Princes Arcade, Royal Arcade, Pudding Lane, Camden

I haven't used Warwick Street yet, I only just bought it this week. I don't know if it is a top coat or if you wear it on its own, I will have to get back to you on that. I love love love the Nail Jewellery ones on toes, I am yet to try it on my hands but I am positive it will look great. I have the Sprinkles one on my nails right now, and I am pleased to say I love it (I seem to be saying that a lot in this post...). I will do a Nailed post soon on it. And Camden is the best black crackle/shatter nail polish I have tried out. As I said, looks great over Old Queen Street and Cambridge Terrace.


Links take you to the Nails Inc part of the website.

If you have a request for any of these nail polishes to be shown in a Nailed post, I would be happy to do just that! Just let me know.

Any Nails Inc recommendations?

Thursday, 19 July 2012

H&M Autumn Wish List

So an H&M Autumn catalogue arrived on my door step this morning which of course has tempted me in to wanting to buy a few things. For some reason, I have never been a huge fan of H&M. I think it is because the store nearest me isn't a very good one. Everything is very cramped in it and there isn't that much to choose from, even though it is a pretty big shop. There is too much men's clothes in my opinion! However now that I have seen that catalogue, it has come to my attention that there are several thing that I would like to buy from there. Therefore, today's post is an H&M Autumn wish list! 
Click here to view all the new autumn arrivals (UK).

Add caption
White blouse - £12.99
Purple jumper - £7.99
Black bag - £19.99 
(wondering if this is going to be big enough for school)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Really in need of some technical help here please!!!

Hello everybody! Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top, can someone help me out with my, um, technical issues. I am the worst at anything hi-tech and fancy so I am totally baffled and mind-blown whilst trying to customise the tabs at the top of my page. Anybody fancy giving me a hand? Pleeeeeeeeeease! If you could just leave a comment saying how you did it, that would be fab! Thank you! 

P.S. You will become my best friend if you help. Does that tempt you?

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo *review*

To give you all a break from me going on and on about my holidays I decided on reviewing a dry shampoo today. 
(On a side note, I came home from Spain on friday night/early saturday morning and I wish I was still there! The weather here is the worst, it is more like winter but autumn temperatures. It's horrible! Seriously, go onto the BBC website and type in 'South Ayrshire' into the weather bit and you'll see!) 
The one I have here is the Batiste Original Dry Shampoo. Since it is called 'original' I am automatically assuming that this was there first ever dry shampoo released, am I right? This is the second dry shampoo I have ever tried - the first being the Blush dry shampoo, also Batiste. I bought the Original one for around the £2 mark in Asda aaaaages ago, but it is still available.

I took these photos whilst I was in Spain, thought they would turn out nicer than taking them in dull weather!

Simple, but I quite like it. It is nothing particularly fascinating but alright as far as aerosol cans go.

I am pleased to announce that this works very well on my hair and refreshes it when need be. I wash my hair every two or three days but sometimes the roots just need a little bit of jazzing up so I just spritz a tad of this in and rub it in, and voilĂ ! 

I find that it feels much less chalky in my hair compared to the Batiste Blush dry shampoo. Once it has been rubbed in, you can barely feel it at all.

Finished Look
It leaves my hair look clean, fresh and volumised - what more can you ask for? It does take a little bit of the natural shine out of my hair, but I can live with that if it gives me better looking locks.

My Rating
I give this product a 4 OUT OF 5 because I like the overall look but it still doesn't replace washing your hair (obviously). I don't think I will ever reach 5 out of 5 for a dry shampoo so this is as close as its gets for me!

Do you have any dry shampoos you can recommend?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Nailed: Minx/nail wraps on my toenails

I apologise sincerely for having the fattest toes on earth, but the hot weather has made them all swollen and huge, I swear!

I'm not really a huge fan of my feet (is anybody?!) but I just threw all my fears out of the window for this post because I am desperate to show you all my toenails! If you read my recent post on gel nail polish (insert link of other nailed post) then you will have read that I went to get my nails professionally done to come on holiday. I decided on Minx for my toenails because I love the effect that nail wraps give. I have had Minx done once before but it was on my fingernails. Minx tends to last a couple of weeks when you get it professionally done, so like my Shellac on my finger nails, I thought it would be a great idea for my holidays rather than having to bother with painting my nails when they get chipped.

I picked a gold and silver leopard print. I absolutely adooooore them! They look great with both my silver and gold sandals and match any outfit because of the neutral shades. I couldn't be more happy with them. These pictures were  taken after one week of wearing them, and as you can see, they are still looking presentable.

Personally, I love how nail wraps look. I want to try doing some at home myself. I have a packet of nail wraps in the house but have never been brave enough to try them out yet. Might need to now that I know how much I love them on my toenails! Have you ever tried doing them at home? Any tips?

I have my 100th blog post coming up soon (this is the 95th) so if you have any request or suggestions for something to do for it then please let me know! Thank you muchly xxx

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Nailed: Shellac/Gel nail polish

Hey guys!
Today's post is focused on nails. Before I came on holiday, I went to a local beauty salon to get my finger nails and toe nails professionally done. I decided on gel nail polish (like the brand Shellac) because it lasts 2-3 weeks on your nails. This would mean that I don't need to worry about painting my nails every couple of days whilst I am in Spain. I got a nice bright pink colour which to me just defines summer perfectly.

I might try doing the photos for my nailed posts outside more often, I really like how these turned out. I took them whilst sunbathing, hence the bare legs and towel! 

The shade is Hot Pop Pink - or something like that! I am really impressed with the gel nail polish. I do admit, I should have taken these pictures when I first got them done, rather than one whole week later (hence the gaps at the bottom where my nails have grown). They have stayed glossy and perfect. In my local salon they usually cost £25 to get them done, but they do this offer for when you are under 16 you get some things for cheaper. So I got them for £10 and then paid £2 for the little gems. Bargain! 

Let me know if you have ever tried gel nail polish or shellac. I think another brand is Calgel, if you have tried that. Overall, I am mega impressed with them. They were well worth the money and I think I am going to get them done for every holiday I go on! Unfortunately I can't get them done at any other time of the year because I work in the kitchen of a local cafe. I don't think it would be all too hygienic for me to wear nail polish to work!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Spain OOTD | Collar tips and lace skirt

Click on the photos and they will come up with a bit better quality!

Navy blue with cream collared top and collar tips - Primark
Beige lace skirt - Fashion Union 
Tan belt - Primark
Tan bag - Primark
Tan wedges - bought in a local shop in spain

First blog post from spain! Haven't posted in a week i think, but that is because i forgot to schedule a post or two before i left to come here. Sorry! This is just what i wore to go out for dinner on 5th july. We went to a lovely restaurant called the Hemming-way and the food was deeeee-lish! I had a homemade beef burger then apple crumble and ice cream. Yum yum! The service was really good too. The waitresses were lovely! 

Having an absolute ball in spain so far. Have an amazing tan already, but i doubt i'll get to show it off when i go back to rainy scotland next friday! It'll probably be gone about a week later because there will be no sun to top it up. Oh the joys of living in scotland.