Sunday, 8 July 2012

Nailed: Shellac/Gel nail polish

Hey guys!
Today's post is focused on nails. Before I came on holiday, I went to a local beauty salon to get my finger nails and toe nails professionally done. I decided on gel nail polish (like the brand Shellac) because it lasts 2-3 weeks on your nails. This would mean that I don't need to worry about painting my nails every couple of days whilst I am in Spain. I got a nice bright pink colour which to me just defines summer perfectly.

I might try doing the photos for my nailed posts outside more often, I really like how these turned out. I took them whilst sunbathing, hence the bare legs and towel! 

The shade is Hot Pop Pink - or something like that! I am really impressed with the gel nail polish. I do admit, I should have taken these pictures when I first got them done, rather than one whole week later (hence the gaps at the bottom where my nails have grown). They have stayed glossy and perfect. In my local salon they usually cost £25 to get them done, but they do this offer for when you are under 16 you get some things for cheaper. So I got them for £10 and then paid £2 for the little gems. Bargain! 

Let me know if you have ever tried gel nail polish or shellac. I think another brand is Calgel, if you have tried that. Overall, I am mega impressed with them. They were well worth the money and I think I am going to get them done for every holiday I go on! Unfortunately I can't get them done at any other time of the year because I work in the kitchen of a local cafe. I don't think it would be all too hygienic for me to wear nail polish to work!


  1. I love the colour & the diamant├ęs! (: xx

  2. What a lovely colour and the hint of sparkle looks really nice :)

    Tanesha x

  3. I've been wanting to try gel polish for so long, but couldn't really justify the price. This post just may have convinced me! If it's going to last 2-3 weeks, it's worth the investment for me. The color looks gorgeous on you, too! :)

  4. These look really great! What are they like on your toes?

  5. These look stunning, I love the little diamonds :) xx

  6. Omg £12! Thats an absolute bargain! I've looked in some salons where I live and it costs around £40 quid! Boo! xxx


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