Monday, 27 August 2012

Mini Boots Haul

I went shopping today with the mother which of course means that I bought more makeup that I don't need. I just can't resist the temptation of those gorgeous cosmetic stands that shout out "Half price!" or "Save £2!". I bought a new foundation, which is the one thing I definitely don't need. I only just bought my L'Oreal True Match about a month ago. There is something about buying new makeup that really cheers me up. It's very therapeutic! So now I am in a good mood, and I am not going to burst my bubble by thinking about how much money I spend on makeup per month.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain £5.99, normally £7.99 (offer on just now)
No7 Creme Touch Powder £4.50, normally £9 (on offer)

I got this powder in the shade '12 Honeymilk' which is actually a tiny bit too dark for me but it is fine once it is blended into my skin. A lot of the No7 makeup is half price just now because according to the woman in the store, they are getting new packaging in soon. £4.50 is really good for a No7 product, I would have paid that for a regular brand like Rimmel, and No7 is a really good high quality brand. Not too shabby. 

As I said, I did NOT need a new foundation but i've been lusting over this for absolutely ages and I decided to just get it. I got the shade '220 Natural Beige' which is a tiny tad too light but with that powder over the top and in the winter when my skin is paler, it will do just fine. My skin is combination - normal on my cheeks and an oily t-zone - so I got the one for combination/oily skin.

Something weird going on in this picture, the writing looks like it is smudged and the colour is strange. Damn my rubbishy camera.

I had £11 worth of points on my Boots Advantage card so I jumped on the bandwagon (sorry for the overused phrase but it is just so fitting for this product) and got this whilst it was on offer. It meant I would be using less points than if I waited to get it. I got 'Honey' which is a stunning mauve toned colour. It's gorrrrrgeous. 

Not a huge haul, I know, but I would say I did pretty well. Two of the things I bought were things I have been humming and hawing about buying for so long, it was time I knuckled down and spent the money. All three things will be reviewed soon, keep your eyes peeled for that! The lip balm stain thing will probably be reviewed first, it's the easiest to write about. God, I am so lazy...

Sunday, 19 August 2012

New Look Autumn Preview: My Picks

The shops are getting in their autumn/winter collections, signalling that summer is almost officially over for the year. It seems like this summer has just flown in. This year has, in fact. Is it just me or does every year go past quicker than the last?! One of the not so many good things about the end of summer is the autumn clothes. I love the colour scheme for autumn - dark plums, reds and browns. I have already started painting my nails in darker shades to get myself prepared for wearing darker colours. Out goes the neon colours for this year, I think! I am really loving this years autumn collections, I showed my favourite H&M ones here. Today it's New Look's turn. 

1 - £16.99
2 - £17.99
3 - £5.99
4 - £14.99

5 - £14.99
6 - £12.99
7 - £17.99

New Look is getting very reasonably priced. I mean, £14.99 for those dresses?! That's what I would expect from Primark. My favourites out of all my picks are number 1 (the green jeans), 4 (the bird print dress) and 6 (the sheer black lace top). But mostly just the dress. It is an absolute bargain! I would place an order with New Look tonight, but my purse might as well be empty, with the tiny amount that is in it. Once I am paid next though, I know where I will be putting it. 

Have a look at the New Look Autumn Preview here. There are 50 items in total so far, but I am sure it won't be long before the whole line is out in stores and online. Autumn is, after all, just around the corner!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My New Obsession: Pretty Little Liars

I have a brand new obsession. It's not like I don't watch enough tv already. If anything, I need to watch less. But after my brother told me about a website where you can watch movies and tv shows for free (here), I realised it was the perfect opportunity to get into a new show. And here comes along Pretty Little Liars.


This tv show is based on the book series by Sara Shepard. I've read the first 2 books in the series, but I think there are 8 altogether (I think, that was all I could find but there may be more?). The story is about four girls who used to be friends with Alison DiLaurentis, a girl who disappeared 'last summer'. Ali was the leader of the group, a queen bee if you like. After she died, the girls gradually go their separate ways but come together again after a major event happens (don't want to spoil anything!). The year after she disappears, the four girls (Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin and Emily Fields) begin to receive weird messages from someone called 'A'. The messages are about the secrets that only Ali knew.

Pretty Little Liars Poster

L-R: Emily, Spencer, Aria, Hanna

Pretty Little Liar Emily's sporty and relaxed style
Emily Fields, played by Shay Mitchell.

Spencer Hastings, played by Troian Bellisario

Aria Montgomery, played by Lucy Hale

Hanna Marin, played by Ashley Benson

I absolutely adore this tv show now! It's my new One Tree Hill, now that that has finished. Aria is my favourite, purely because Lucy is so gorgeous. Her hair is literally to die for and she is now my ultimate style crush (hahaha how corny). She dresses really different, but I like it. She is almost always in dresses or skirts. But really, how does her hair look so perfect so much? I found a website where it gives you tips on how to dress like Aria - view it here. I love love love this show, it's different to all the other usual ones like One Tree Hill. 

Who's your favourite character?

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Nailed: Nails Inc Portobello

I am the worst blogger in the world. It has been almost 2 whole weeks since I last wrote something. How terrible is that?! I do have sort of an excuse though - my sister has been over visiting with her husband and two year old son. They live in America and we only see them about once a year so I took a little time out to catch up with them. True, I should have mentioned I would be away, but I am not the greatest at planning forward. They left this morning (*sob*) so I have some time to get back into the swing of things.

These were all taken on my phone - not the best quality, I know. Desperately need to
start saving money for a new camera.

Today I bring to you a Nails Inc nail polish - Portobello. It's a gorgeous corally redy pinky colour (how technical). Like all Nails Inc polishes, it lasts really well on the nails. It has been a few days and yet there are still no chips whatsoever. It is probably the best nail polish by Nails Inc, in terms of applying it. It goes on like a dream! I have never used a nail varnish with such a smooth and precise application. The brush is the perfect size so that there is no going over the edges. It is easy peasy to keep everything neat and tidy.

This did not feature in the Nails Inc collection because it is my mum's but she hasn't used it so I have pinched it now! Nails Inc is my favourite brand of nail polish, they have a great range of colours and I am yet to find one I am not pleased with. Soon I won't be able to wear this colour, it is really quite summery. I'll be moving on to deeper colours for autumn/winter. What colours do you wear in the colder months?