Sunday, 19 August 2012

New Look Autumn Preview: My Picks

The shops are getting in their autumn/winter collections, signalling that summer is almost officially over for the year. It seems like this summer has just flown in. This year has, in fact. Is it just me or does every year go past quicker than the last?! One of the not so many good things about the end of summer is the autumn clothes. I love the colour scheme for autumn - dark plums, reds and browns. I have already started painting my nails in darker shades to get myself prepared for wearing darker colours. Out goes the neon colours for this year, I think! I am really loving this years autumn collections, I showed my favourite H&M ones here. Today it's New Look's turn. 

1 - £16.99
2 - £17.99
3 - £5.99
4 - £14.99

5 - £14.99
6 - £12.99
7 - £17.99

New Look is getting very reasonably priced. I mean, £14.99 for those dresses?! That's what I would expect from Primark. My favourites out of all my picks are number 1 (the green jeans), 4 (the bird print dress) and 6 (the sheer black lace top). But mostly just the dress. It is an absolute bargain! I would place an order with New Look tonight, but my purse might as well be empty, with the tiny amount that is in it. Once I am paid next though, I know where I will be putting it. 

Have a look at the New Look Autumn Preview here. There are 50 items in total so far, but I am sure it won't be long before the whole line is out in stores and online. Autumn is, after all, just around the corner!


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  2. I think autumn colors are my favorites too.


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