Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Mini (ish) Glasgow Haul

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I did it again. I went shopping in Glasgow the other day with my friend Emma (who has just started a blog, which you can find here) and I managed to spend more money than planned, AGAIN. I seem to be doing that more often than I would like lately, but what can you do when there are so many tempting things to splurge on? Damn damn damn my need to constantly buy new (and totally unnecessary) makeup.

Striped jumper -  £16.99 New Look (not online)
Black saddle bag - £4 Primark
Owl snood - £4 Primark
Lipstick 'Innocent' - £8 Topshop

Now I know that this is a very picture-heavy post so I shall try and keep this as short and sweet as possible, starting with the jumper. Now I have worn this jumper once since I bought it a couple of days ago and I did really like it but when I washed it, it shrunk so badly! The sleeves are far too short and it is too short in the body but I am so annoyed because the label has obviously been cut off as i've worn it. Anyone know if I can still take it back if I have the receipt, even if there is no tag on it anymore?
Really really really love this bag. It's quite unusual as the snapper button is on the bottom but I like it. Quite vintage looking, I think. A bargain too.
How cute is this snood?! It's for my friend's birthday, which will now be a very belated birthday present. Her birthday was the start of August. Oops...
Oh man I have wanted the Maybelline Colour Tattoos for so long and now I finally have one! Not going into too much detail as I will do a review fairly soon but see the swatch above for a sneak preview. 
My Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara has dried up so I replaced it with this one after seeing an advert on tv. So far so good. Review also coming soon.
And finally, I GOT A TOPSHOP LIPSTICK! Yippeeeeee! My local Topshop doesn't stock the makeup and last time I was in one with it I couldn't decide what one to get but I got one in Glasgow. I got 'Innocent', which I am sure most of you have tried as it seems to be quite popular with bloggers and youtubers. As with the last two things, there is an upcoming review.

Sorry for such a long post. Those pictures take up so much space! Remember to let me know what you think about trying to return that jumper. Ciao for now x


  1. I love the jumper! sucks about it shrinking though haha but hey, cropped jumpers are in at the moment so you could still make it work :)

  2. well, at least you spent your money on really cute things!! That jumper is so cute, shame about the sizing :( I really don't know about the whole thing with returning it, but good luck! I love the shadow and lipstick as well!

  3. :O that lipstick!!! i went into my local Topshop to buy that one, but they don't sell lipstick because its tiny, fortunately im going somewhere that has a huge one in a couple of weeks, i will be buying it then! love that jumper!xx

  4. Oh wow, the Maybelline eyeshadow looks so stunning!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  5. loveee topshop lipstick!

    love the blog, please come and visit me at my blog and follow back? I'm new so could do with any support :)



  6. Love the snood - and talk about late presents, the same happened with me as well, my friend's birthday was in August and I only just gave her her present - well better late than never as they always say :) xo


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