Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nailed: Nails Inc Nail Jewellery 'Royal Arcade'

Nails Inc Nail Jewellery 'Royal Arcade'

There is no doubt about it, this nail polish is absolutely gorgeous! It is the most incredible, sparkliest nail polish I own, by far. This is it teamed with a Miss Sport cobalt blue colour (damn those nameless colours) but it really does go with any blue. You don't really see the blue very much at all, the glitter is just about completely opaque, but maybe for the odd bit where you might have missed or there isn't as much glitter, it is very useful to have a base colour under it. It would probably look great with black underneath too but I haven't tried that (yet). Shown in the pictures is two coats. I like it better with two, it makes the glitter much more even. With one coat you get some nails that are glittery enough but sometimes you don't get as much on the brush, as with any glitter polish. However there is one downfall to it - it is an absolute pain in the backside to take off! I stood for 15 minutes scrubbing at my nails. I used one piece of cotton wool per nail, each totally soaked in nail varnish remover. My fingers were even stiff and sore afterwards from gripping the cotton wool pad so tightly to try and get it off! I've heard that you can put a bit of cotton wool on your nails and then wrap it in tin foil for 5-10 minutes and that removes glitter perfectly but we had just used the last of the tin foil the day before so I couldn't see for myself if that worked. Does it? If you have tried that method, let me know. 

Comes in four shades. Each shade is meant to look like a gem, in this case Saphire. There is also Emerald, Diamond and Pink Diamond. 


  1. The tinfoil method works brilliantly. You only need a bit of cotton wool and a drop of acetone or polish remover. It saves a lot of time and cotton wool :P

  2. haha, i feel like a fly! im attracted to your nails! ^_^ i own piccadilly circus by nails inc. and i love it! its a really autumny/wintery colour xx

  3. Love this blue!
    Never have heard of that tin foil method but im going to give it a try next time I use glitter on my nails, it is SUCH a pain to get off.



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