Friday, 28 September 2012

Nailed: Nails Inc Sprinkles 'Pudding Lane'

Haven't did a Nailed post in a few weeks now so I think it is about time I do one. I have been really loving sparkly nail polishes recently and although they are a total pain in the ass to take off (still haven't tried the tin foil method - google it if you don't know what I am talking about), they are just so darn gorgeous! Just now I am wearing a Nails Inc one on my nails that is fairly new, my newest to my Nails Inc collection but still had it for probably about 2 months, if that. It is one of their Special Effects polishes, which I have tried quite a few of and have loved them all.

 Apologies for the little chipped bits, painted my nails 2 days ago and my nails are so thin and bendy
that nail polish does not last long at all :(

Source of the two above images

Nails Inc Special Effects Sprinkles 'Pudding Lane'

This one is from the Sprinkles collection which has four shades in total - this blue, a pink, a whitey-lilac and a greyish-brown. This is the only one I own, but I quite fancy the whitey-lilac one, 'Sweets Way'. The fact that they are all named as if they are sweetie street names is so cute, especially as it looks like I have hundreds and thousands on my nails! 

Nails Inc say:
"These brand new polishes deliver a unique Sprinkles effect using just one product. The glitter particles are mattified to give you the perfect amount of sparkle."

They are an all-in-one polish - you don't need a base colour then a glitter topcoat as somehow the glitter stays at the top of the nail polish if you get what I mean, yet the colour still manages to be opaque. As you can see, the first layer of glitter is slightly hidden - still there but quite so in-your-face. 

I am IN LOVE with this nail polish. It retails for £11, same as all other Nails Inc colours, here on the Nails Inc website.

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  1. I love the polish too! This is on my wish list! (: xx


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