Monday, 10 September 2012

New Twitter Account... especially for you!

Sorry for the second post in one day (I never do that! Well, there's a first for everything...) but I really just wanted to say that I just made a new Twitter. I do have my own personal one, which is @HollyMckie, but I really wanted one that was just for my blog. I never ever ever tweet about my blog on my regular twitter. I would be kind of awkward because obviously there are people who I know that don't know that this little baby exists so I don't tweet anything about it. But now I can!

So please please please follow me on it! I have tried to go through my dashboard and follow some of your blogs but I didn't go that far back so I only have a few. So follow me and I will follow you back, 100% guaranteed! 

Blog twitter: @hollylikes2blog

1 comment

  1. great idea :) I may do this too!

    come visit my blog? I'm a newbie! :)



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