Sunday, 28 October 2012

Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Treatment Gel

Spots are my weakness. As I am sure a lot of people will agree, when you have a spot on your face you feel like everyone is looking at it and it is all they can see. And while this is most likely not the case, I can't help but do everything I can to disguise them when they are in a really obvious place. My fringe does hide any on my forehead (which is awesome) but around my nose and mouth is a tiny bit harder to cover with hair... Last week I had a GINORMOUS spot right on my lip. It was nasty. I hate spots that sit right on the edge of my top lip, they make my lips look swollen and horrible. And they really hurt every time you move your mouth!

So, with a purpose of finding a miraculous cure, I set off to Asda to buy something that would hopefully calm it down as well as any other spots on my face. I seem to be having quite a bad month just now in terms of spots. My face seems to breaking out quite a lot, and not just at THAT TIME OF THE MONTH either. I also bought a face scrub in Asda which I shall review soon as well.

Also available in Boots and Superdrug.

The other product I picked up was Clean & Clear's Advantage Spot Treatment Gel. I think I may have used this a good few years back but I can't really remember how I got on with it so I decided to give it another try. And besides, it was reduced to just £3 (from £4).

Clean & Clear say: Immediate action. Helps reduce spots within 4 hours. Helps keep spots away*
*with daily usage
How to use: Apply the invisible gel directly on this spot. Suitable to use under and over make-up, whenever needed.

Let me just start off by saying, DON'T USE THIS OVER MAKE-UP. It literally just ruins all your hard work from the morning and wipes all the foundation, concealer, blusher and whatnot off. I ended up with a circle of my face that was a slight different colour because all the make-up had been rubbed off that area. It made my spot appear more prominent. Not a good look.

As for "helps reduce spots within 4 hours", LIES. Pure, utter, LIES. Feeling quite happy with myself knowing that my spot would be reduced in just 4 little hours, I applied the gel to the monstrosity of my lip and not so patiently waited for it to take place. Hence my disappointment 10 hours later when my spot looked exactly the same as before. At least it didn't look any worse, but it didn't look any better either. I also found it dried out my spots a little bit. Some people say that is good because it helps them to heal quicker but it just made my make-up sit very unattractively over it.

Reading reviews on the internet, I have found that there are a lot of mixed reviews out there. Some people say it worked wonders, others say it made their spots worse or did nothing at all. Sadly, I fall in to that nothing at all category. But you never know, maybe you will be in luck and it will work for you. It's worth a try as it isn't especially dear but don't expect any miracles.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

I am going to Nepal!! (in 2014)

I only just thought not long ago that I could maybe write about this so since I have a little bit of free time tonight I am going to knuckle down and do it. (Whenever I hear that, I always imagine someone with really long arms that touch the ground so their knuckles are just dragging along behind them. Don't worry, you don't have to tell me I am weird. I already know.)

I have known about this for about a fortnight now so it is pretty impressive that I have been gloating about it every day considering how EXCITED I am. Soooo... I'm going to Nepal! 

Nepal is in the Middle East, round about India I. Obviously living in Scotland puts me good bit away from Nepal so we would have to fly to Kathmandu. The time difference will be quite a lot as well, I'd imagine. It will be a 3 week expedition in the summer of 2014 which is quite a while away but keep in mind the whole thing has to be fundraised! It is £3200 per person and there is roughly 17 (ish) people going through my school so that's over £50,000 that has to be raised! Hopefully we will manage to fundraise it all (and more).

Week 1 will be the 'Charity Phase'. It hasn't been finalised quite yet so we don't know what it is we will be doing but it could be anything from helping to build new classrooms and schools for local children, teaching the children in the schools or even installing water systems in the local area. We will also be bringing school supplies with us, like pencils and notebooks, which our rucksacks will be loaded with (ughhh I can just imagine the weight on my back) to give out when we are there. 
Week 2 is the trekking week. We will be climbing up mountains in the Himalayas, possibly the Annapurna,  for around a week and camping = no washing for a week. Yum. Bet I'll smell great after that. 
Then the final week is our 'recreation' week. We can basically do whatever we want (as a group). I fancy going to the Chitwan National Park which is a safari park where we would get to go on a safari ride on an elephant and wash the elephants too! How cute. I love elephants. I think they are my favourite zoo animal. Random piece of information about me there!

Annapurna mountains
I will keep you updated with what's going on probably, mainly because I am so excited about it and I want somewhere to share it with! I know it is not really anything to with what my blog is about, and it is anything but a glamorous trip!! To think that next year I am going to New York, one of the fashion capitals of the world, and then a year later will be trekking through the Himalayas and teaching school children! It is like a gap year all crammed in to 3 weeks. 

On a side note, Halloween is next week! Despite Halloween being on Wednesday night, my school is having the party on Tuesday. I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. I love dressing up and going to a party but I think the whole thing can be quite tacky. But never mind. Any excuse for a party, as I always say! I'm dressing up as an angel. I only just ordered my outfit tonight so it better come in time, I don't know what I would do if it didn't! I'm glad the party isn't on Wednesday because I'm going to Tyler Hilton's concert then at King Tut's in Glasgow. I'll do an OOTD for that sometime next week, I think I am wearing a new leopard print peplum top with black jeans and my tan wedge shoe boots from New Look that I love so much. 

This is my costume, bought here for £9.99. I'm going to stitch a lace panel at the bust though because it is a little bit too revealing for my taste... The wings are beautiful though.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A nice little surprise from What's In My Handbag

I got a lovely surprise this morning when the doorbell rang and my dad shouted up the stairs to me, "Holly, there is a parcel for you. What have you wasted your money on this time?" Personally, I find that very offensive as all those nail varnishes and lip glosses are necessities in my life but being a typical dad, he doesn't understand these things. To this, I was very confused because I haven't ordered anything recently so I came downstairs to see what on earth he was on about. Seeing my confusion, he thought that it was "something for my Christmas" even though it was addressed to me. Ahh, men.

It turns out it was a package from What's In My Handbag (WIMH). Every week there is a special 'try' that you can apply to be sent and a handful of people are chose to receive, totally free of charge. Sort of like a competition, I guess. There are some good offers on beauty products on the website, and you can look through other people's handbags. You have your own 'beauty cabinet' where if you see something in someone else's bag that you want, then you click 'I want this' or if you have it, 'I have this'. I hope I am making sense but then I rarely do, so... To really know what I am mumbling about, just head on over and sign up. It's free!

I thought I read somewhere on their website that you receive an email if you have been selected to try something out but maybe not, because I never saw no email in my inbox (brilliant grammar there Holly) unless I skipped over it like I do with countless emails. I get so much junk, you know?! I actually kind of liked the fact that I never knew I was getting it, it just turned up this morning unexpectedly. Woohoo, I love surprises!

I got a bit carried away when taking my snaps. Prepare to be bombarded.

Love my very precise unpackaging of the tissue paper. Not. 
And how cute was it that they put in that personalised sticker?! Impressed - 

The try I received was from a week or two ago and it was Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm. It also came with an Emma Hardie cleansing cloth, not to different from the Liz Earle muslin cloth. This cloth is like the Liz Earle one on one side and a much softer, generic face cloth on the other. The muslin side is for a more exfoliating clean, whilst the super-soft side is for more delicate areas, such as around your eyes.  The cleansing balm smells absolutely beautiful! It feels kind of oily and slimy, but still really nice if that is possible. Like a massage oil. I hope this works for my oily skin! It is the same kind of idea as Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. Sort of. You put a 'couple of drops' (how you get a couple of drops from a solid product, I have no idea) into the palm of you hand and add a bit of water to create a cream which you then apply to your face and massage in to dissolve make-up, grime and excess oils. You then soak the cloth in warm water and wipe off, à la Liz Earle. I am so excited to try this out tonight, although it won't be removing any makeup as I am going swimmingin an hour (as I do every Monday, look at me being all exercise-y) which will just wash it all off anyway.

I promise to do a full review when I have tested this out properly but give me a couple of weeks, okay? I want to give it a fair test before I decide whether or not I like it. Can't really do that in one night, but I will have a fair idea beforehand. Check twitter later tonight to see how I get on with my first try! (@hollylikes2blog)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Nailed: Monochrome Spots

Black and white are two colours that, for some reason unbeknown to me, I have always loved together. I don't know what it is, but I love pairing the two contrasting colours together. It's like going back to basics - simple yet chic (so totally love that word).

And that was my inspiration for my nails today. Something that would go with everything, yet still not be boring and look like I just flung it on. It did take a good while to do - although I was watching a movie at the same time which may have factored in the time frame - but I reckon it was worth it.

17 Fast Finish 'Nightshade' // Avon Nail Experts French Manicure 'White' // Avon Nail Experts Peeling and Brittleness Solver

I applied 2 coats of the black nail polish, then dipped my nail dotting tool in to the white nail varnish and then finished off with one coat of the clear nail polish. I don't think that is meant to be used as a top coat, most likely as a base coat, but I run out of mine last week and this was the only other thing I could use. 
This nail dotting tool is an actual lifesaver when it comes to creating spotty nails. I honestly couldn't do it without it. I bought my pack of 5 here for only £2.19. Each of the 5 are double-ended, so it really is a bargain. They are all different sizes to create different sized dots, whatever your preference. After you have used one, clean the end with a bit of nail polish remover on a cotton pad and then use again! Brilliant, just brilliant. 
I am totally in love with this look. I wore it once before and I received more compliments on them than I ever have before with my nails! The woman at the till in New Look said she loved them, as did my geography teacher and loads of people at school. I just love it when people comment on my nails! 
I think I will be wearing spotty nails more and more as the weeks go on. You can wear them to suit any outfit, just switch up the colours to match! But personally, this monochrome look is my favourite. As we progress in to winter, I don't want to wear too many bright colours on my nails as I feel that is more suited to spring and summer, so this is perfect for transitioning in to the colder season. Not that that will stop me from going all out with neon nails or anything. 

What's your favourite nail look for winter?

P.S Quite impressed by how my photos turned out for this post, what do you think?! 

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Lace & Burgundy OOTD

Just going to keep this as short and sweet as possible to be perfectly honest, I can't really be bothered writing my usual novel of a post today. I was planning on doing a couple of product reviews this week but stupid homework got in the way and I had to do it. I had a solo talk to do (which I still haven't completed) and an essay due today on A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare. Oh the joys of Standard Grade English.
Sorry about the yucky bare feet. Ew, I hate feet.

White lace top - Dorothy Perkins 
Purple/burgundy jeans - Primark

I also wore this leather jacket from Topshop (but with the removable hood, well, removed) and these tan wedge boots from New Look. Love this top, I got it for Christmas almost two years ago now and wore it once, I think. It's a miracle it still fits. It's a UK size 8, must have been a bit big then but fits to perfection now. And these jeans are lovely. They feel really nice for Primark jeans, and haven't faded as quickly as they usually do from there. AND they are a super good fit and really comfy. What more could I ask for? I wore this ensemble (must be read with a fancy accent) to go shopping with the fam. It is bloody torture to shop with my 17 year-old brother, I will tell you that. 

That's all for today. I will probably have some reviews and whatnot up next week sometime since school's are closed for October holidays. Yipee! Shopping day in Glasgow on Tuesday, but I don't think there will be a haul (my purse is totally empty, booo). 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

September Favourites 2012!

Oh. My. God. No wayyyyy is it October already. Like, whattttt. Wow. This year has gone so unbelievably fast, I don't like it! I want things to just just slow down so I can register what is going on around me before it is over and done with. One thing that is just totally baffling me is the fact that I am already almost halfway through the school year, feels like just last week I was complaining to you guys that I had to go back to school soon! Oh dear, now I have just realised that in 2 and a half years, I will be finished high school completely and will be moving on to university. Now THAT is such a scary thought.

Ummm... right. I guess I should get back on topic. I have a good range of stuff in this month's favourites (but there isn't that much there so that's not hard), as well as some movies and songs and whatnot too. Can't be bothered taking pictures so you will need to make do with some recycled ones from previous posts and some from the lovely land of Google Images.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Oily/Combination Skin
- How could I not have tried this before?! It is incredible, my skin just looks soooo flawless after using it. It is quite a full coverage foundation but applied right, it doesn't look too much. It isn't cakey at all and just sits really nicely on my skin. Although my oiliness does come through a bit after a little while, it is no where near as bad as all other foundations I have tried. I won't be replacing this in a loooooong time!

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara
- I am not really a huge Max Factor fan. I think I have only ever had a couple of things from there before, one being a foundation (Xperience or something along those lines?) that I really did not like at all. I saw this on an advert on the TV and I needed a new mascara anyway, so I just thought, why not? Pleased to announce that I do in fact LOVE it. Heaps of volume, length AND curl - what more could you want?

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
- Think this was maybe in last months favourites as well, but I loved it so much that I had to include it again. It really brightens up my face and the colour is just gorgeous. And it is surprisingly moisturising too, it doesn't settle in to the ever-present cracked bits in my lips (which is a hard thing to find in a lip stain). Love!

Please ignore the lipstick swatch, thank you!
Maybelline 24Hr Colour Tattoo 'On and on bronze'
- This is just such a gorgeous colour. I wasn't sure if this was going to be a bit much if it was worn all over the lid but it looks stunning. It last super duper long too so the name is totally appropriate! It's not too dark for day-wear but it could also easily be worn for nights out. Amazing! And a total bargain too...

Vera Wang 'Lovestruck'
- My mum's best friend gave me this because she got it as a Christmas present last year but she didn't like it. Apparently she was planning on giving me it earlier in the year but she lost it (as she does with everything) so this was her just finding it in September. It was too girly and sweet for her taste, so naturally she thought of me! And I have to say, I do love it to bits. I already have Princess by Vera Wang which is amazing so I had high hopes for it. ("He's got... hiiiiigh hopes. Hiiiiigh hopes." You know the Frank Sinatra song? Can't help but sing that, Louise always sings it in her videos on youtube.)

Taylor Swift 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'
- There is just something about this song that is really really catchy! I have been listening to it non stop this month and within a day of it  being released, I knew every single word. I think that is maybe a hint that I listen to way too much music... Her new album, 'Red' ,comes out this month (22nd to be exact) and to be perfectly honest, I have never been so excited for a CD in all my life. I should maybe just have put Taylor Swift in as one of my September favourites, I just love her so much. OK, now I sound like some creepy stalker person.

Monte Carlo Poster
'Monte Carlo'
- As cheesy as this movie is, I really really enjoyed it! It's a Disney one (aren't those always the best?) but it isn't one of those ones that they showed on Disney Channel like Princess Protection Program (which I do love too actually) but it was actually in the cinema last year, I think. Yes, the acting is bad and yes, it is not the greatest story line but it is just a nice feel-good movie. I loved it so much I even watched it twice.

how cute did my brother and I used to look, d'awwww

My wall
- This was my project for the other night and I am really pleased with how it turned out! Ideally, I would have had it in another corner of my room as along with my bookcase, it now looks super crowded in there but I already had a photo collage thing up on the wall so I wanted my other stuff around it. I want a big notice board that I can put things on but this will do till then. I have train tickets, cinema tickets, old photos, the newpaper articles that I wrote when I did my work experience at my local newspaper and even a signed photo of Chris Hoy. Cool, right? I met him years ago and got my picture taken with him, feel so special.