Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A nice little surprise from What's In My Handbag

I got a lovely surprise this morning when the doorbell rang and my dad shouted up the stairs to me, "Holly, there is a parcel for you. What have you wasted your money on this time?" Personally, I find that very offensive as all those nail varnishes and lip glosses are necessities in my life but being a typical dad, he doesn't understand these things. To this, I was very confused because I haven't ordered anything recently so I came downstairs to see what on earth he was on about. Seeing my confusion, he thought that it was "something for my Christmas" even though it was addressed to me. Ahh, men.

It turns out it was a package from What's In My Handbag (WIMH). Every week there is a special 'try' that you can apply to be sent and a handful of people are chose to receive, totally free of charge. Sort of like a competition, I guess. There are some good offers on beauty products on the website, and you can look through other people's handbags. You have your own 'beauty cabinet' where if you see something in someone else's bag that you want, then you click 'I want this' or if you have it, 'I have this'. I hope I am making sense but then I rarely do, so... To really know what I am mumbling about, just head on over and sign up. It's free!

I thought I read somewhere on their website that you receive an email if you have been selected to try something out but maybe not, because I never saw no email in my inbox (brilliant grammar there Holly) unless I skipped over it like I do with countless emails. I get so much junk, you know?! I actually kind of liked the fact that I never knew I was getting it, it just turned up this morning unexpectedly. Woohoo, I love surprises!

I got a bit carried away when taking my snaps. Prepare to be bombarded.

Love my very precise unpackaging of the tissue paper. Not. 
And how cute was it that they put in that personalised sticker?! Impressed - 

The try I received was from a week or two ago and it was Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm. It also came with an Emma Hardie cleansing cloth, not to different from the Liz Earle muslin cloth. This cloth is like the Liz Earle one on one side and a much softer, generic face cloth on the other. The muslin side is for a more exfoliating clean, whilst the super-soft side is for more delicate areas, such as around your eyes.  The cleansing balm smells absolutely beautiful! It feels kind of oily and slimy, but still really nice if that is possible. Like a massage oil. I hope this works for my oily skin! It is the same kind of idea as Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. Sort of. You put a 'couple of drops' (how you get a couple of drops from a solid product, I have no idea) into the palm of you hand and add a bit of water to create a cream which you then apply to your face and massage in to dissolve make-up, grime and excess oils. You then soak the cloth in warm water and wipe off, à la Liz Earle. I am so excited to try this out tonight, although it won't be removing any makeup as I am going swimmingin an hour (as I do every Monday, look at me being all exercise-y) which will just wash it all off anyway.

I promise to do a full review when I have tested this out properly but give me a couple of weeks, okay? I want to give it a fair test before I decide whether or not I like it. Can't really do that in one night, but I will have a fair idea beforehand. Check twitter later tonight to see how I get on with my first try! (@hollylikes2blog)


  1. This is so fun! You're so lucky!

    Lea x


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  4. :O that would have been a great surprise, unexpected deliverys are the best :D
    And awk the wee label to you, too cute , rach x.


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