Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

Oh. Turns out I am still alive and have not disappeared off the face of the Earth, despite the fact that it has been over 3 weeks since my last post. I'd love to say the reason for that is because I have been so busy and have had not a minute to spare in my hectic, 15-year-old life but that would be lying. Truth is, I am a lazy sod. 

So, to come back with a bang (yes, I am that big headed about my writing skills) I will start off with a review which I have been putting off for so long that I have now finished one whole bottle of it and am half way through my next. And it takes months to finish a bottle. Yep, it's Liz Earle's famous hot cloth cleanser that has everybody drooling on their newly-perfect skin. 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

 "Our beauty essential is the foundation of fabulous skin. An award-winner, voted No.1 by some of the world's top beauty experts, Cleanse & Polish is perfect for all skin types whatever your age.

"A rich concentrated cream that gently removes daily grime and make-up, even stubborn mascara, to leave skin clear, smooth and exceptionally clean. Used with the pure muslin cloth it lifts away dead skin cells, revealing fresh, radiant skin.

"Naturally active ingredients include cocoa butter to soften, smooth and moisturise. Rosemary, chamomile, hops and eucalyptus tone, sooth and purify."

I absolutely adore this cleanser. I will admit, however, that I didn't like it when I first purchased it back in the summer last year. I felt like it made my already painful spots worse, despite the countless rave reviews I had read that said how much of a lifesaver it was for acne-prone skin. I now believe that it was just a coincidence because when I made the brave decision to go back to it around September time, I didn't have a problem with it. I reckon it was just a bad time for me with spots. I go through different stages of acne; not too bad for a few weeks then awful for a few weeks and then back to the beginning. Although it doesn't work to totally clear my acne, I do see an improvement when I use this.

I also cannot describe how amazing it makes you feel. My skin is left feeling soooo smooth, it is like a baby's bottom. You just feel really clean after using it and it has the ability to remove every single trace of make-up. I tend to use a face wipe first though to remove all my make-up as then the muslin cloth is cleaner and looks nicer and you also need to use less product.

It smells heavenly too. It is totally naturally fragranced which is what makes it suitable for acne-prone skin - any artificial fragrances and I would be breaking out before you could even say "go". 

"Cleanse & Polish is a 2 phase process.

"Phase 1 Cleansing: massage gently onto dry skin over your eyes, face and neck to purify, soften and stimulate circulation.

"Phase 2 Polishing: rinse the pure muslin cloth in hand-hot water and wring out before gently polishing off the cream. Finish by splashing your face with cool water.

"Use morning and night, follow with Instant Boost Skin Tonic and your choice of Liz Earle moisturiser. 

"For all skin types."

It was such a weird thing to get used to, rubbing it in to dry skin when you have make-up on. You end up with giant panda eyes and swirly, patchy foundation which looks pretty hilarious. It's also the first time I have ever cleansed using a muslin cloth and I have found that I really like it. It helps to achieve a really good clean of your face and has the added benefit of easy exfoliation too. If you buy the starter kit, it comes with 2 muslin cloths so you don't even have to go to the bother of buying them seperately. 

The hot water opens your pores to allow your face to be thoroughly cleaned so it is just as important to splash your face with cold water afterwards. This ensures that your pores are re-closed and no dirt or bacteria get in them and cause spots. 

I hope that helped a few people at least, if you are silly enough to have not yet tried this miracle worker. I also have the Instant Boost Skin Tonic, which I got for Christmas, so I will probably do a review on it too sometime soon. Let's try and not wait months before that one, shall we?

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Leopard Print OOTD

I know my last outfit post was only a few days ago, but my original plan for today was not to write this. I planned on doing my 2012 beauty favourites today but I put off taking the pictures for too long that it is no longer properly daylight and the photos are of crap quality. These are pretty rubbish too, the photos look good on the screen but not so much on my laptop... Even so, here I am, with yet another outfit to show you.

My face was makeup-less, I wasn't looking up!

This is what I wore yesterday to go to my auntie's house for dinner. The leopard print sheer blouse was bought in the New Look sale a couple of days ago for only £9, from £17. I love the little black collar, I am absolutely obsessed with everything that has a collar, I love that look. Underneath this, I wore a little black tank top from Primark (you know the ones that only cost £2 or something) as I thought it would be a little bit inappropriate to be able to see my bra a little bit when visiting relatives. The top was teamed with the knitted black pleated skirt from Primark which was an incredible £3 in the sale - yes, even Primark has a sale on at the moment. It was originally £8 which even then is cheap as chips. It came with this leopard print belt which was the reason I bought it in the first place. I wanted a belt to go with this top and my shoes and the fact that the skirt looked nice on was a definite bonus. My tights are from Asda I think, or maybe Primark, can't remember. And finally, my gorgeous shoes are little Topshop beauties. They were £15 in the sale from £28. The are so cute and actually pretty comfortable. The little studs are a nice touch. 

All in all, I really really really like this outfit. It was quite easy to put together and was incredibly cheap too. It totals up to £29 not including the tights as I don't know how much they were but they were no more than £3 for a pack of 3 I think. It's smart and put-together looking but yet easy to pull off and still looking somewhat casual enough for everyday wear. This will definitely be an outfit I will be wearing again soon. 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

13 Resolutions for 2013

I always follow the tradition of making resolutions at the beginning of every new year, however they never seem to last more than a few months (just me??). This year, however, WILL be different. I WILL stick to the plan and improve on last year. 2012 was quite a good year for me but I am hoping 2013 will be even better. Hopefully my resolutions will aid that desire.

2013 Diary; Next

1. Kick my exams' asses. 
Apologies for putting it so bluntly, but I have my Standard Grades in May/June time this year and I really really really want to ace them. Plus my brother got straight A's in them 2 years ago and I can't let him do better than me.

2. Don't be such a lazy git.
I sit on my ass far too much! I need to get up and do more and stop being such a lazy [beeeeep]! When the weather improves, I plan on going out for walks and being more active. 

3. Eat healthier.
I eat too much chocolate and not enough fruit and vegetables so I plan on changing that. I know I have been gradually putting on a bit of weight over the past few months and I'll be fat if I carry on like this.

4. Learn to live a little.
I am too boring. I need to learn that it is okay to try new things and have a bit of fun rather than just putting things off and not agreeing to anything. I just feel like my life would be so much more enjoyable if I could just learn to say 'yes' every once in a while. 

5. Don't be as shy.
Similar to no.4, I think this would make my life better. I am an incredibly shy person and it just gets in the way of a lot of things and honestly, the amount of opportunities I miss because I am shy!! 

6. Open up more to people.
Incredibly similar to not being as shy, but I am making it a different point anyway. I don't open up to a lot of people and tend to keep things bottled up rather than talk to people about anything. I really struggle with telling people how I feel about something, probably something to do with my awful shyness.

7. Keep a diary.
I think this is such an interesting way of documenting my life. Then, when I come back to read it in 10 years time, I can remember exactly how I felt when something happened rather than just the occasion. 

8. Get my blog to 250 followers. 
I am at 183 currently, which I am incredibly proud of, but I strive to get more people reading my blog. I am incredibly grateful for every person that follows me, it amazes me how people WANT to read about my boring, generic life. Not that I'm complaining.

9. Blog more.
My posts are far too inconsistent so I want to maybe aim to get a couple of posts up per week rather than 4 one week and then none for a fortnight. I hope that maybe making myself more consistent will attract a few more followers. 

10. Continue to grow my hair.
I really want to have longer hair so I am going to try to not get bored of waiting and end up cutting it short.

11. Worry less about what people think of me.
I have a bad habit of doing this and I think it can often ruin situations. I simply need to care less.

12. Keep my room tidier.
This is such a boring resolution but it's a genuine one. I know how upset it makes my mum when I don't listen to her and leave my room a mess. Also, for someone who detests mess, my room is untidy an awful lot.

13. Get a job.
I desperately need a part-time job to contribute to my spending obsession. I never seem to have any money when I desperately need it which is so damn difficult for a teenage girl. 

New Year OOTD

WELL. Long time no see! Almost one whole month infact. What with my exam prelims, fundraising for Nepal, Christmas present shopping, parties, Christmas, my birthday and New Year, I have had absolutely no time to blog whatsoever! I would like to say, however, that I am officially BACK IN BUSINESS.

Considering the fact we are now in our first day of 2013, it would be fitting to show the very first outfit of this year. It is pretty simple - I was only going up to my gran's to see some family and then coming home and having a lovely dinner with my parents and older brother. Although as usual, I did put a bit of effort into my outfit, even if the day wasn't hugely eventful.

Burgundy long sleeved top - Next sale £7, was £14
Black velvet jeans - River Island sale £15, was £30
Leopard print stud shoes - Topshop sale £15, was £28
Gold stretch belt - Primark £2
Arrowhead necklace - Matalan £5

Despite this top being quite simple, I love the sheer chiffon panels on the arms. The dark red-purple colour is absolutely gorgeous too, and looks lovely with my new studded shoes. These shoes are A-MA-ZING!!! They are so comfortable yet gorgeous, and a steal at only £15. The gold belt adds a nice little touch to the outfit and breaks up the top and jeans. The gold necklace spiced up the top a bit and made the outfit more put together and less boring. All in all, I really love this outfit and am quite proud of myself of making it up in the space of five minutes this morning! It is really easy to just throw on but is quite flattering too. Perfect for visiting the family. 

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year like I did! I will have a nail post planned and also a sale haul and maybe a post on a few of the gifts I got for Christmas and my birthday. 

P.S This is my first post of 2013, woohooooo!