Sunday, 6 January 2013

Leopard Print OOTD

I know my last outfit post was only a few days ago, but my original plan for today was not to write this. I planned on doing my 2012 beauty favourites today but I put off taking the pictures for too long that it is no longer properly daylight and the photos are of crap quality. These are pretty rubbish too, the photos look good on the screen but not so much on my laptop... Even so, here I am, with yet another outfit to show you.

My face was makeup-less, I wasn't looking up!

This is what I wore yesterday to go to my auntie's house for dinner. The leopard print sheer blouse was bought in the New Look sale a couple of days ago for only £9, from £17. I love the little black collar, I am absolutely obsessed with everything that has a collar, I love that look. Underneath this, I wore a little black tank top from Primark (you know the ones that only cost £2 or something) as I thought it would be a little bit inappropriate to be able to see my bra a little bit when visiting relatives. The top was teamed with the knitted black pleated skirt from Primark which was an incredible £3 in the sale - yes, even Primark has a sale on at the moment. It was originally £8 which even then is cheap as chips. It came with this leopard print belt which was the reason I bought it in the first place. I wanted a belt to go with this top and my shoes and the fact that the skirt looked nice on was a definite bonus. My tights are from Asda I think, or maybe Primark, can't remember. And finally, my gorgeous shoes are little Topshop beauties. They were £15 in the sale from £28. The are so cute and actually pretty comfortable. The little studs are a nice touch. 

All in all, I really really really like this outfit. It was quite easy to put together and was incredibly cheap too. It totals up to £29 not including the tights as I don't know how much they were but they were no more than £3 for a pack of 3 I think. It's smart and put-together looking but yet easy to pull off and still looking somewhat casual enough for everyday wear. This will definitely be an outfit I will be wearing again soon. 

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  1. Such a pretty outfit :) I always love a touch of leopard print too. I can't belive how inexpensive they were!!



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