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bareMinerals Original Foundation Review

I don't know why but I have never been a huge fan of the 'loose powder foundation' idea. There is no logical reason for why the first thought in my head when I read those words is 'rubbish coverage'. I am a loyal user of liquid foundation, and have been for a few years now, despite my (unfortunately) young age of 15. I always get the impression that they are going to do a better job at concealing my flaws. And then, low and behold, along comes bareMinerals. 

My mum has used the bareMinerals foundation for a few years and whilst it also looked lovely on her, I never thought to try it out for myself. It wasn't until January time (ish) that one day I spontaneously thought I would nab it out of her makeup bag and give it a whirl - sssshhhh, don't tell her. Despite being one shade too light for me, I was blown away by how much I loved it. So what did I do? Went and bought one for myself of course. 

I have the shade Medium Beige, which isn't as orange as it sounds (or looks in the picture). I'm not even that tanned at the moment (just you wait until summer though) but it matches my colour perfectly. The amazing thing about this foundation is it goes on as a loose powder but sets like a liquid foundation. Not only is it quicker to apply, but it gives just as good coverage. The coverage is definitely buildable. No matter how much you put on, it never seems to cake - trust me, I tested this theory. It also seems to last for the whole day - a trait in which itself is an absolute miracle on my oily skin. 

As well as gifting you with a gorgeous and natural luminous finish, it is also proven to improve the appearance of your skin over time. Now who could say no to that?! The minerals diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles and also work to cover redness imperfections without drying out your skin and clinging to rough patches. With the added benefit of SPF15, there really isn't much that this foundation DOESN'T do. 

There are several brushes on offer at bareMinerals for you to choose from to apply the foundation, but my favourite isn't from that brand at all. I like to use my ELF Studio Powder Brush. I find the flat top buffing brush absolutely perfect for blending it in, but I am sure other people will have other brushes that they find work just as well. The ELF one is just my personal preference, and it also happens to be a hell of a lot cheaper than the bareMinerals ones. 

I have extremely oily skin and although it does come up with a bit of shine after a while, I am yet to find a foundation that doesn't do this. It's nothing a little bit of pressed powder can't fix. It also works well on dry skin types, which my mother has. If you have overly oily skin and are too worried about becoming greasy throughout the day, you could always opt for the matte version which I hear is top notch too.

There is, however, one down side to this foundation. As it has the little holes on the top to shake some powder out into the lid before applying, you have to be extremely careful how you handle it. Turning it upside, dropping it or even putting it is a makeup bag tends to deposit a large amount of powder in there so when you open it up it can make a hell of a mess. There are some pots which come with a twisty lid over the holes which prevent this from happening but not all of them have that. It really depends where you buy it from so you may want to check that out first. 

So, in conclusion, I highly recommend this foundation to people of all skin types and all skin needs and I 100% agree with the countless beauty awards this product has received. bareMinerals foundation can be purchased as part of a starter kit or on its own, in different sizes of pots. 

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  1. Great review Holly! Really want to try this now, so perhaps I'll get this on my birthday shopping trip soon :-)

    Megan x

  2. Have heard great things about bare minerals! Great blog!

    cat x


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