Thursday, 4 April 2013

March Favourites 2013

For once there isn't actually much nail things in my monthly favourites apart from the topcoat. I usually have a nail polish or two to show you but this month, with my new job as a waitress, I haven't been painting my nails with all that much because I am not allowed to wear it to work. Booooooo. This topcoat is really good though, and leaves my nail polish lovely, shiny and streak-free.
I have, however, took part in a dance show this month at my school so this gradual tanning moisturiser was great for making me not look so washed out under the stage lights. It took about 3 days to get to a nice natural colour without looking too orange. I might use this again in the summer since Scottish weather is so dull. Besides, we were dancing to Beyonce so we couldn't look pale, could we?!
I have only been loving the Bare Minerals foundation for the past week or so but I thought I would include it anyway. It is great for days when I am not really planning on doing very much as it is so natural. I have also started wearing it to work as I don't like to look too full on for serving customers. My skin is looking pretty good just now so I am fine without a concealer but when I have worse spots, I will more than likely need one.
Before the Bare Minerals foundation, I used the Clinique Even Better one for everyday use. It is also a very lovely foundation which glides on easily and lasts really well on my oily skin. I may do a proper review of this soon.
To apply both these foundations I use the ELF Studio Powder Brush which I seem to talk about in every few blog posts. I have had it for a while now and it is still going strong. I have yet to find a brush which applies either mineral or liquid foundation better than this. 
The Rimmel concealer is also a lifesaver because of it's highlighting properties. It is absolutely perfect for wearing under the eyes, doesn't crease too much (although it does still crease because I am so damn oily) and makes me look refreshed and awake.
And finally, the face wipes are just a simple thing which I use in the evenings to take off my make-up before I cleanse and whatnot. Nothing spectacular, but they do the job nice and quickly. 

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