Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Spring Wishlist!

People rave about this so naturally, I want to try it as an alternative to using face wipes to take my makeup off. I do use cleansers and whatnot but I like to use face wipes to take my makeup off first so that I am not using so much cleanser and wasting it. Apparantly, this does the job to perfection.

Aren't these shoes gorgeous?! I want them so bad for when I go on holiday to America in July. They come in black as well but I personally prefer the brown ones although the black is equally gorgeous.

Essie Fiji (the picture on the Boots website really does not do it justice)
This would be a perfect colour to wear during spring/summer. I don't actually own very many paler colours, mainly brights, and I don't actually have any pale pinks at all that are nice. Plus, I still haven't tried Essie despite everyone talking about them for a while now. I will need to get my hands on this. Not that I need anymore nail varnishes to add to my collection, I have bought 6 in the past week...

I wanted this even before I had smelled it. My friend has it now though and it smells DIVINE. It has a really sweet, sugary smell which is what I like in a perfume. The bottle is gorgeous too with its iridescent shimmer.

This bag is so cute! It's not that big but I don't really like carrying larger bags around with me so this would be a perfect size. I saw it in the new Forever 21 shop in Glasgow when I was there and it is so gorgeous. It feels really good quality too.

That's it for my Spring wishlist guys! I really hope I manage to buy some things off of it this time around, I usually don't seem to get around to it. Bioderma is definitely top of my list though, so look out for a review on that hopefully coming soon!

P.S. If you have tried Bioderma, would you care to leave a comment and tell me your view on it? Pretty pretty pretty please?


  1. i really really want to try bioderma! i'm heading to france this summer so planning to pick up tons of bottles there, but it's hard resisting till then..


  2. Bioderma is so good! Face wipes always used to leave my face really red and sensitive but this is so good to your skin!



  3. You have so beautiful blog! :)
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  4. really want to try bioderma too - its supposed to be amazing! :)

  5. I'd love to try bioderma, might look out for that perfume next time i'm in boots too! Although i'm quite a fusspot when it comes to sweet smells!



  6. I also want Taylor's perfume!! xx


  7. Ah i love essie,! but its always so damn expensive :( x

  8. your wighlist is wonderful:)
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  9. Bioderma is a really good brand, I've tried their moisturiser for sensitive skin and the eye-make-up remover, it really is amazing, so gentle on the skin! I would definitely recommend it.

  10. The bag is gorgey i love the colour and the huge bow! I've heard such positive reviews on Bioderma so I may have to pick it up soon :) Great post. x

  11. The Essie Fiji, I agree would look amazing in spring/summer time, I would imagine that it is a lovely colour to show of a nice healthy glow from the summer! and I would love it if you took the time to read my blog http://katytalkingtoyou.blogspot.co.uk sorry I am new to this :)

  12. hi, i love your blog! Ive just started up my own anonymous (for now) blog. Id really love you and your readers to check me out and maybe comment, it may not be your scene but i wanted to do something different you know, Amazing blog by the way xxx


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