Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What's In My ASOS Shopping Bag?

*I recently hit 20,000 pageviews so thank you to everyone who has ever visited my blog. It means a lot! I am also up to 188 followers, almost at the 200 mark which will make me very happy indeed!*

Dang flabbit I did it again. Went one month without blogging. This is becoming a terrible bad habit. However, this time, I do happen to have a very valid excuse for my disappearance - the dreaded exams. May has seen the exam season start for Scottish (and possible English too, no clue) exams, for Standard Grades, Highers and Advanced Highers. Thankfully, by being a mere 4th year myself, I have only had to do my Standard Grades this year. However, next year is the big one when I sit my Highers for the first time which will basically determine the rest of my life. No pressure then. 

I have just one exam left - Geography on Thursday - so I thought it is about time that I get back in to the swing of things. I am starting off with a nice simple, easy post which does not require me to take any photographs personally. I did plan on doing a haul which I have been putting off for weeks on end but there is really crap weather today, resulting in awful lighting for photographing clothes. It's like Mother Nature is punishing me for waiting so long. So here is all the items of clothing that I have in my ASOS basket right at this moment and I plan on ordering tonight! Despite them being summer clothes and summer STILL not having arrived in dreary Scotland, I have my hopes set high for the coming months. And I have the added benefit of an American trip in July (37 days and counting till the delightful sunbathing weather of Pennsylvania). 

I added everything to my 'saved items' section so that they were displayed in a grid fashion, incase you were wondering. You probably weren't.

Now obviously this basket total is high - very high - but I won't be keeping everything that I order. That is a hell of a lot of skirts for one two week holiday, considering I also have some already purchased. I will keep one or two of them. I am especially in love with the purple aztec one, at a delightful price of just £18! I'm a bit sceptical about the headband. I may order it, I may not. And the ASOS horse purse is so cute! That, paired with the free next day delivery that I qualify for as my basket is so damn full, it really is a bargain. Free returns too. I love ordering River Island clothes from ASOS. They are the current clothes from the shop, but with free delivery unlike the River Island website. Take the peach chiffon skirt for example. I know for a fact that it is on the River Island website due to the fact that I have been drooling over it for weeks, only to find it without the £3.95 delivery charge on ASOS! I don't know about you but I resent paying delivery charges. You think, oh this is only a fiver! What a bargain! But then the delivery charge is just as expensive as that sale item you want and it puts you off. 
Do you love ASOS as much as I do? And do you have any little beauties to add to my bag before I place my order?!

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