Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Backpack Trend


From New Look, not on website. Roughly £22.99
Backpacks have definitely won the Comeback of the Year Award 2013, with the 90's trend found everywhere at the moment - be it on the shoulders of runway models, celebrities or just the plain old British high street. The new practical way of transporting all your bits and bobs seems to have came back with a bang this year and every up-to-date retailer has cottoned on to the trend and is no doubt making a fortune from it. I personally began the year wondering whether or not the trend was for me and didn't reckon that it was one of my favourites. The majority of girls seemed to suddenly appear at my school with a fashionable backpack as their school bag of choice as if an unspoken rule had been decided. It honestly happened so quickly. It was as if one day everybody had their regular shoulder bags and whatnot and then BAM! Everyone has a backpack with some sort of pattern on it. Whilst I refuse to be too mainstream and common enough to wear one to school, I will admit that I might have cheekily bought myself one to use as my hand luggage bag for my flight to America (where I will be once you read this because I have mastered scheduled posts) and I LOVE IT. It fits a surprising amount in it and is so much more comfy than lugging around my junk on one shoulder - I will update you when I get back from America as to how it fared as hand luggage. They may have become far too common recently but that shouldn't stop you from going out and buying one. RIGHT NOW. Let me know if you already have one and what yours is like, I love all the different designs that I keep seeing!


  1. I have one a few years ago and it broke on me! I love them but it's put me off buying more
    Water Painted Dreams

  2. I have one I just bought today! It's from Hollister and it is mainly different shades of blue, with some white and green in it. It has some flowers and stripes and some other patterns on it, I'm using it for this school year and I am absolutely thrilled! I've always wanted one and I love it :) I hope you have lots of fun in the U.S. ! I live here, where are you going to be visiting?? Hope you have a wonderful time! :)


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