Thursday, 8 August 2013


I haven't been all that into blogging recently for some reason, in fact it has been just over a month since my last post.  I don't know what was up with me because I usually love it but it's the summer holidays and I've been really busy and just not in the mood.  I'm back though and ready to get back into the swing of things.

Two weeks ago I started an acne treatment called Roaccutane which, if you have been fighting acne for years and have tried several different lotions and potions and tablets, you may have heard of.  In Scotland, it can only be prescribed by dermatologists and the tablets can only be picked up there or at a hospital rather than your local pharmacy but I'm not sure what it's like for other countries.  Also, as we don't pay for prescriptions in Scotland, it is free of charge but I do know you pay for it in America (just don't ask how much because I have no idea).  If you want to read all about the treatment, how it works and the side effects you may receive then please read a previous post of mine where I explained it all. 

I have seen some changes in my skin but rather than talk about them today, I would like to first let you all know what my skin was like before as I feel this could be quite beneficial when describing progress.  I have had bad skin for several years now, probably ever since I was about eleven years old.  It started off only on my forehead where I had a mass of little lumps that looked awful but it didn't bother me too much because it was mostly covered by my full fringe and I wasn't entirely self conscious at that young age.  Eventually it escalated into something much worse and I began to get them all over the rest of my face.  The main areas ever since have been my forehead, cheeks, chin and back.  I know a lot of acne sufferers get spots on their chest but surprisingly, that has never been a problem for me.  My acne is something that I am incredibly self conscious about and I would never ever go out without makeup on.  I even brought makeup with me on my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze camping trip last year because I wouldn't dream of going out without it.  It does make me feel bad that I think my acne is awful but I see pictures of people all the time with it so much worse than me but that doesn't stop me from hating it.  I have tried out all sorts of tablets and creams from my GP but to no avail, so he referred me to a dermatologist. Long story short, the dermatologist agreed Roaccutane might be good for me and it was all fabby doo until I went for my second appointment and halfway in they discovered the contraception my GP had prescribed for me to take alongside it (you have to take it to prevent deformities of your unborn child should you get pregnant) and I had to wait another couple of months.  Now I have the proper one (I take Microgynon) and so I got the tablets.  They are incredibly strict about how they give out these tablets because they are so powerful.  But, like I said, read about that in my other post. 

So, today I would just like to show you a few pictures of what my skin looked like before starting the roaccutane treatment.  My skin has good and bad weeks and it turned out that the week I was due to start treatment was a very good week indeed.  It is so typical.  Anyhoo, this will give you a rough idea.  Keep in mind this is a BIG deal for me to post these pictures on the internet for all to see, considering I wouldn't go out the house. 

 - super oily skin
 - spots on face and back quite bad
 - soft (ish) lips
 - no dry skin on body
 - hair needs washed every second day, sometimes more often

This post turned out a lot longer than I planned.  Whoops.  Just so you know, I won't only be posting Roaccutane updates on my blog.  I know that this will not interest everyone so I will carry on posting about beauty stuff and whatnot to please the rest of ya.  So chill, it's not all gone to pot. 


  1. Regardless, you really are very pretty. I hope this new thing works for you because I hate to think that it's getting you down.

    Evie :)

  2. my skin is the exact same! I've been backwards and forwards to my gp and she has talked about this and it's making me want to try it now!
    rach x

    1. So far, so good for me! I'm 3 weeks in and so far I am only seeing the benefits! The worst thing I have experienced so far is the dry, flaky lips but it's manageable and so totally worth it. Hope I'm still saying that next month... x

  3. Replies
    1. Aww thank you Anca, that is very nice indeed for you to say :) x


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