Monday, 30 September 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, hollylikestoblog! ♥

Oh dear.  I am clearly not designed to be a professional blogger.  Considering I haven't blogged in over a month AND I missed my blog's 2nd anniversary by just over a week, I am obviously not a natural at this whole thing.  As I am sure all of you with your own blogs will agree, keeping one up requires an awful lot of hard work and dedication (oooooh listen to me) and sometimes you just can't be bothered with.  Another reason I am clearly no professional. 

Throughout this year I have, without a doubt, became even more obsessed with makeup and beauty bits and bobs - who knew that was even possible.  I spend a ridiculous amount of my wages on makeup.  I have branched out a bit this year and tried some new things out, like the all-famous Real Techniques brushes and Bioderma (reviews coming soon if you wish?). Whilst I am slow at carrying out the completely overused term of jumping on the bandwagon when new products come out, I do tend to buy them eventually - and then love them so much that I wish I bought them sooner like everyone else out there! 

I've also made quite the overhaul of my blog's design.  Take a peek at this blog post to see what it looked like before.  I felt like I needed a change because it had been a while since I did anything different with it, and as it turns out, I really like it.  I definitely think it makes my blog more professional, making up for the fact that I am quite the opposite.  My favourite bit is my new header, don't you agree?

So while I may not post on here as often as I used to, it's still my little babba that I cherish with all my heart.  It doesn't matter to me how many people are following it, but when a lovely little comment comes through on a new blog post it is one of the best feelings in the world.  To think that someone out there in the world, a total stranger, has spent their own free time reading my nonsense and then taken the time to actually tell me what they thought of it is surprisingly fulfilling.  I do love it when I get an email through on my phone to let me know I have a new comment so keep that in mind next time you do happen to say anything!  You can sit there and think about the cheesy little grin that is on my face at that very moment in time.

At the time of publishing this post, I have:
 - 199 GFC followers (45 more than this time last year)
 - 86 Bloglovin followers
 - 28,790 page views (a whopping 22,109 more than last year)
 - 150 published posts (38 more, shows how bad I have been this year)
 - met a lovely (and stunning) new internet friend called Heather who is smashing and always likes my instagram photos (an indicator of just how great a person she is). Follow her gorgeous blog at

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my little cherub over the past two years.  It means bloomin' loads to me and every single one of you put a smile on my little face.  Hopefully this time next year I will be sitting here writing about it's 3rd birthday (not a babba anymore!). Maybe I'll even do it on it's actual birthday rather than forgetting like the fantastic blogger that I am.

P.S. What coincidence, this post is also my 150th! It's fate.

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