Monday, 9 December 2013

Ciate | Fit for a Queen

I own possible the best advent calendar in the history of advent calendars. Every day I open the little cardboard door to a little delight in a bottle. You guessed it. It's a NAIL POLISH ADVENT CALENDAR.

'Fit for a Queen' is one of 24 (obviously) mini Ciate nail polishes included in this calendar. It is an absolutely stunning metallic silver with shimmer running through it. Not the most subtle of nail colours. I keep seeing my nails out of the corner of my eye when light hits them because they are so gorgeous and shiny and noticeable. If you like neutral, toned-down nail polishes then this is definitely not for you. However, if you are like me (who wouldn't want to be), then you will love how festive this makes your nails look. Two simple coats produced this gorgeous finish and I don't even have a top coat on them, partly because they didn't need it and partly because I am too lazy for that. They really remind me of Collection 2000 'Star Dust' which I blogged about ages ago here. The two are incredibly similar, the only difference being 'Star Dust' is only £2.99. Even though the prices are quite different, I still recommend Ciate because the finish is even more gorgeous. It is also really similar to Nails Inc 'Cambridge Terrace' which retails for £11 and is even more similar than the Collection 2000 one. Again, I'd recommend the Ciate one over this (shock horror, I'm telling you to get something other than Nails inc, the best nail brand ever) purely for the reason that it is £2 cheaper.

How festive are your nails right now?

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