Saturday, 29 March 2014

Tag: Beauty Scenarios

I recently stumbled upon this tag which Lily Pebbles created and I really like the idea of it so I thought I would try it out myself since it is so unlike any other Q&A tag that I have seen. Enjoy!
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1. You have to get rid of all your foundations and you can only keep one high end and one drugstore, which do you keep? 
I tend to only use one foundation all of the time, and that is the Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Medium Beige which is quite possible the best foundation I have ever used, I adore it. There is no way I would choose to throw it out! As for drugstore foundations, I haven't tried out any new ones recently because of my unbreakable bond with Bare Minerals but the Revlon Colorstay is a classic.

2. You go for an interview and the lady interviewing you has lipstick on her teeth. Do you approach the subject or ignore it completely? 

I think I would be too shy to tell her, especially in an interview when I would already be nervous! I would want someone to tell me if I had lipstick on my teeth but as for the other way round, I'm not so sure. I would if it was someone I knew well but not the lady interviewing me!

3. You're not feeling yourself and need a pick me up. Which lipstick do you put on to make yourself feel beautiful?

I'm not really a massive lipstick kinda gal, I prefer my lipglosses but the Tanya Burr lipstick in Aurora is so gorgeous and pigmented that it may as well be. 

4. You go back in time for a day to your teenage years, how would you do your hair and makeup differently?

Considering I am still in my teenage years I don't have to go back very far, but I would definitely grow out that awful fringe sooner! I had a full fringe from when I was about 4 till about 13. Seriously. It was awful.

5. You ask your hairdresser for a shoulder length Pixie Lott hair cut, but they hear wrong and give you a pixi cut. Do you a) Smile, say thank you, leave and call your mum hysterical b) Cry in the chair and things get awkward or c) Complain to the manager and demand a refund.

I'd like to think that for something as drastic as a pixi cut that I would be brave enough but, again, I am very shy when it comes to confrontation. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I would try my best to hold in my tears and have a cry to my mum later on.

6. Your friend surprises you with a 4 day city break and you have 1 hour to pack. Which 'do it all' palette do you pack in your makeup bag?

1 hour to pack?! Is that really all I am allowed?! I take so long deciding what makeup to bring on trips, and don't really have any palettes that cover a lot of bases but my Soap and Glory Powder Trip palette is pretty amazing because it has a bronzer, blush and highlighter and all three are gorgeous. With them all being full sized products (I think), it isn't the most compact but it is still very useful to have with you.

7. Your house has been robbed, don't worry everyone is safe, but your beauty stash has been raided. What's the product you really hope is safe? 

My Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. It may only be £4.19 so I could easily go buy another but I couldn't live without it until I got the chance to go to the shop and buy a new one. It is just so fabby.

8. Your friend borrows your makeup and returns it in awful condition. Do you a) Just pretend you haven't noticed b) Ask them to repurchase it or c) Secretly do the same to something of theirs.

My friends know how protective I am over my extensive makeup collection and I would like to think that they would never damage anything on purpose. If they did, they would probably buy me another one but I'd feel too rude to ask them if they didn't offer. Similarly, I couldn't live with the guilt of doing it to theirs because makeup is too precious hahaha.

I tag every single one of you to do this tag. Send me a link to your post if you do so I can have a little nosy!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Girl Behind the Blog: Mermaid Hair and Too Much Make-up

I have another interview kind of post for you guys today, this time with the very lovely Emily from Mermaid Hair and Too Much Make-up. Earlier today she posted the same interview questions but with my answers so I recommend that you go have a little look at that here. I just had a little read of it and I must admit, it is so strange to see a picture of me on someone else's blog! I feel famous.

1. Sum your blog up in three words. 
Life, Style & beauty.

2. What/who inspired you to start blogging? 
Other bloggers and youtubers, such as Zoella & Beautycrush, inspired me to start blogging. But I also love blogging as a way of expressing and sharing my opinions.

3. Have you met any friends through blogging? 
I suppose i've met 'contacts' but i haven't been at it very long, and i tend to be a bit sporadic with my posting and replying! Aha, i hope to meet friends through it in the future.

4. What is your favourite thing to blog about? 
I like doing beauty product reviews. I often look up reviews and swatches on blogs before buying new products, so I like the idea of being able to help other people make decisions about products too.

5. You're all time favourite product? 
Hmmm this is a really tough one! At the moment, i'm thinking Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, simply because i'm so impressed by the quality of it considering the low price tag! Definitely going to be my staple mascara from now on.

6. What is the one makeup item you could never leave the house without?
Foundation. If I only had time to apply one product before walking out the door it would be foundation every time. I have quite blotchy, red skin naturally and hate it! When I do have time to do my full face and am going out for the day, I can't leave without taking a powder compact with me. I have a pretty oily t-zone and get so paranoid about looking shiny so powder is a must for touch-ups during the day.

7. Favourite fashion and beauty brands? 
Favourite fashion brands would have to be Primark, Topshop and ASOS. Beauty is a hard one - I think almost every product I own is from a different brand! aha If i had to pick one though i think i'd say Rimmel - their range of products and colours is great and they're super affordable too. If I wish rich and could actually afford to shop there, Illamasqua would be a favourite as well.

8. Any hopes for your blog in the future? 
I hope that I can stick to my blogging and get more regular with posting. I have considered starting up a youtube channel in conjunction with my blog but I hate my voice so I don't think that's gonna happen aha I'd love to get paid for my blogging or become a blogger/writer for companies like ASOS or Topshop. I'd like to work in beauty marketing andPR eventually.

A big massive thank you to Emily for taking part in this with me and taking the time to answer these questions! She will be guest blogging for me very very soon so keep an eye out for that. I will also be guest blogging for her as well which I will keep you all posted about! Now go give this lovely lady's blog a read.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mother's Day Flowers at Debenhams + 15% off!

I am pretty sure that I am not the only one here who woke up this morning and realised that Mother's Day is just one week away and I have no idea what I am getting my mum. When you can't think of a good present, flowers are always the safest bet. Who doesn't love flowers?! This year I will be getting my darling mother a lovely bunch of flowers from Debenhams. There is so much choice on the website and they all look so gorgeous. They are all a really good price for how pretty they are. You even have the option to add other gifts to the parcel like chocolates and wine to make the gift extra special. I really like the white lilies and roses shown above so maybe I will get them for my mum.

To make this gift seem even more appealing, I even have a little discount code for you all to get 15% of your purchase! The code is MDBLOG15 so make sure you order your flowers quickly before it expires. Just don't tell your mum you got money off them...

Shop the post:
Pink Oriental Lilies // Citrus // White lily rose

View all flowers here

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Girl Behind the Blog: A is for Ayla

I have decided to try out something new on my blog this month, and that is interviewing other bloggers. Hopefully this will be a good way for you all to find some new favourites, and it also makes me feel like I am sort of a good person in a way for giving some free publicity to people that I love to read! If you would be kind enough to let me know if you like this idea then that would be fab.

First up is the lovely Rachael from A is for Ayla.

1. Sum your blog up in three words.
Girly, informative and personal!

2. Who inspired you to start blogging?
I started blogging 3 years ago. Back then there were a lot less bloggers to take inspiration from. I accidently stumbled across a fashion blog called 'Glam and Grunge' when I was 13 and fell in love! Unfortunately, the blog doesn't exist anymore.

3. Have you met any friends through blogging?
I've met so many fantastic ladies (and gents!) through Blogger and Twitter! For me, the various blogger Twitter chats are amazing for meeting people with the same interests as you, it's so easy and laidback too! Nothing makes me happier than receiving emails through other bloggers! 

4. What's your favourite thing to blog about?
I'm a stickler for a long wordy post, not everyone's cup of tea I know! I love reading and writing Monthly Favourites posts, they're amazing for finding products you otherwise wouldn't have tried. I love personal posts too. Writing about my life is something I do a lot of over at A Is For Ayla.

5. What is your all time favourite product?
I have to say, I never go a day without Batiste's Dry Shampoos. My favourites are 'Blush' and the new 'Oriental'. Not only are they good for refreshing your hair, but they give such a nice finish and texture to thick wavy hair. I can't begin to imagine what I did without dry shampoo before!

6. What is the one make-up item you could never leave the house without?
This is always the hardest question! I'd have to go with Maybelline Falsies mascara. It's cheap yet effective and makes an instant difference to your face! I never use any mascara but The Falsies!

7. Favourite fashion and beauty brand?
For makeup, I'd have to say NARS is my guilty pleasure. It's expensive but in my opinion, worth every penny! Once you've tried their Laguna Bronzer, it's hard going back to anything else!
Fashion wise, I've really been getting in to Urban Outfitters recently. Admittedly, it's not always my style, but as I've become more interested in buying in my Summer wardrobe, UO have come out on top every time!

8. Any hopes for your blog in the future?
Right now I'm just seeing where it's going. I try not to force posts out when I don't feel like it. My blog has always been personal, and that's the way I see it staying!

I would like to say a very big thank you to Rachael for agreeing to be interviewed for my blog - you're a star!

Would you like to feature in my next 'The Girl Behind the Blog' post?
Send me a quick email at if you are interested.
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Monday, 17 March 2014

8 Study tips for the procrastinator

Procrastinating? I am not procrastinating, I am just making sure I have nothing else to do before I start studying.
Studying Incentive: when you reach a gummy bear you get to eat it. An idea so crazy it just might work!
I have a different kind of post from my usual for you all today. Having not long finished my mock exams and the finals fast approaching, I need to learn how to study more effectively. Because, let's face it, I am CRAP at studying. I seriously suck at it and I am sure I am not the only one. This year is such an important year for me in terms of exams because I am in 5th year doing my Highers (no idea what that means in terms of the rest of the world) which means that these results will decide whether I get into university or not. Scary stuff. Here is my tips to help you be less crap at studying.

1 // What kind of learner are you?
One of the first things you should do, before you even start studying, is figure out what kind of learner you are. The two main types are visual learners and auditory learners. Visual learners find it easier to see what it is they are learning. If you prefer to use flash cards, draw mind maps or read/copy notes, you could be a visual learner (like me). Auditory learners tend to learn best by listening. To cater to this, you could record yourself reading out your notes and listen to it when you are getting ready in the morning (like doing your makeup or your hair, for example), or just before you go to bed. Once you have figured out what kind of learner you are, you can adapt your studying so that it is as effective as possible. 

2 // Create a study plan
I know we all hate the idea of having to make a study plan but it really is an effective way to manage your time. If you have time slots allocated for different subjects on different days of the week, you will be more likely to actually get your head down and do it. It gives you that little bit of motivation if you feel like you have to stick to your plan so make sure you give yourself plenty of time for each subject so you can fit enough studying in. Subjects you find more difficult can be given bigger slots so you can spend more time getting to understand them and remember all the information you need to know. 

3 // Alter your notes so they are in your own words
If you are given notes by your teacher, try copying them down differently to help you understand them better. If they used a word you aren't sure of, look up the definition and adapt the sentence so it makes more sense to you when reading back over it. This will help the information sink in better and make it easier for you to reproduce come exam time. 

4 // Don't cram
Hands up if you are a crammer! Most of us are guilty of this, including me. We simply don't give ourselves enough time to fit everything in and end up spending the night before an exam trying to force as much information as possible into our little heads. It has been scientifically proven that our attention spans only last for about twenty minutes, and after that our mind starts to drift. Therefore, by spending hours on end the night before is not going to do you any good. The information will not stay in there. Try starting your studying earlier so you can take your time over it.

5 // Organise your study space
It is far easier to work on a clutter free desk. Ensure your surroundings are tidy so that there is nothing sitting closely to you that could take your attention away. Scientists have found that people are able to focus better in a tidy area so put those clothes back in the wardrobe and mugs in the dishwasher!!

6 // Take regular breaks
As previously mentioned, our attention spans often usually only last around twenty minutes. By taking regular, five minute breaks, our brain has time to relax enough so that when you go back to studying, it is fully prepared to retain more attention. This is your opportunity to go make yourself a cup of tea, have a scroll through Twitter or nip to the loo, just don't spend too long on your break or before you know it, you will have wasted an hour! (I am guilty of this.)

7 // Do past papers
You can use exam papers from previous years to help bring all your studying together. When you have finished a unit, do some exam style questions on them as this is the best kind of practise you can possibly get. Exam questions are often similar so you can sometimes find that the same type of question comes up every year or two and you will therefore know how to answer it. It gives you an insight in to what questions are most common, so you can spend more time studying for them. 

This is, without a doubt, my best piece of advice to you all. Don't just sit your phone beside you and promise yourself you won't touch it, make sure it isn't even in the room so you aren't tempted to check it everytime you get a text or notification! A phone, or any gadget or distraction, is just too tempting to have near you. It is okay to have a glance at it on your five minute break, as long as you don't get carried away - leave it outside your room when you go back to studying. I know firsthand how addicting it can be when you are meant to be studying, but to get anything of real value done, you need to banish those gadgets. Pronto.

I really hope these tips help you in some way if you are studying for exams soon, or even just class tests. Let me know if you try any of these out. And if you have any type of test coming up, good luck!

P.S. Stop reading blogs and get back to your studying. 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturiser

What Origins say: Instantly hydrates and revs up radiance. This light-weight, oil free, skin energy drink, fortified with legendary skin-boosters like Panax Ginseng and Coffee Bean, jumpstarts hydration levels. Lacklustre-looking skin is rapidly refreshed and revitalised to create a healthy vibrant glow.

A promotion poster in the John Lewis store in Glasgow claimed this was 'like a shot of espresso for the skin'. And boy were they right. I have found my new favourite moisturiser. At £23, this is Origin's cheapest moisturiser- the rest are all at least on the £30 mark. While it is definitely not cheap, it certainly is chearful! In this case, you really do get what you paid for. The super lightweight formula is more like a gel, making it perfect for normal to combination skin types and doesn't feel thick and heavy on the skin. I would say this is not what you would be looking for if you had dry skin because it isn't moisturising enough for that. Sorry, you really are missing out on this little beauty then if you have dry skin. Not only does this make your skin feel as soft as a baby's bum, it also hydrates it which can be difficult to find in a moisturiser. You can find a moisturiser that is really good at making your skin soft, but it doesn't provide you with the necessary hydration. This sure does. With normal/oily skin, I struggle to find something that doesn't leave me like a walking pile of grease by lunchtime but I think I have finally found that wonder product. Funnily enough, that isn't even my favourite thing about this product - the smell is. Heaven in a tub. The tangy citrus smell is absolutely delicious, easily the best smelling product that I own. But, seriously, this is a lifesaver. You're skin will be instantly refreshed and bright and fully prepped for make-up application. I highly recommend that you buy this if you have normal/oily combination skin. Now.

View on the Origins website:

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Glasgow Shopping Experience

Swarovski, Buchanan Galleries
Boux Avenue, Buchanan Galleries
John Lewis, Buchanan Galleries
Buchanan Street
Lush, Buchanan Street
Train journey home
There is something about shopping in Glasgow that I really really love. I live just over an hour away from the city so it is just a train journey away when I want it. I hope to go to university there one day, in fact. I think it is the atmosphere that I love the most about it. It is sooooo busy, all the time, so if you don't like the hustle and bustle I don't recommend on going on Saturday as I did last week. Maybe try a mid-week morning rather than the busiest time on the busiest day. It was maybe slightly too busy for me - it took ages to walk up Buchanan Street because there was so many people.

Buchanan Street is my favourite place to shop. It has a whole range of different types of shops, from affordable to only available to the super rich - certainly not waitresses like me. My favourites are Forever 21, New Look and Zara, to name but a few. As the only Forever 21 in Scotland, it's a pretty busy shop but I love it. You can't some really good quality items for amazing prices. I have a haul coming soon from my trip to Glasgow that includes a few pieces from Forever 21 (sneaky preview above) so keep a look out for that. I am really happy with everything I bought, even though the trip has seriously reduced my bank balance! There are some things that I just can't resist.

There is some really great places to eat in Glasgow too. There is a lovely Italian restaurant in Royal Exchange Square called Di Maggio's, just off of Buchanan Street, where you can find all of your usual dinners like pizza, pasta, burgers etc. If you go for the pizza, I recommend getting one to share! They say it is for one person but I don't know anyone who could eat a pizza that size all by themselves. When I was in Glasgow last week, my mum and I ate in Charcoals on Renfield Street, the best Indian restaurant IN THE WORLD. Oh my days it was delicious. And so inexpensive! I had the vegetable simosas as a starter and then the Chicken Chasni. De-lish. It's safe to say I needed a lie down after eating all that.

What about you, where is your favourite place to shop?

I am looking for guest bloggers, more info here

Friday, 7 March 2014

A search for guest bloggers

I just want to quickly say to you all that I have been thinking recently that I would like to try some guest blogging. You would write a little post for my blog and I would possibly write one for yours if you are interested. Not only will this help both our blogs get a little bit of publicity to different readers (not that I have tons but still), but I think it would be great fun! Obviously I would have to be picky and can't let you write just anything you fancy, it has to fit into my blog's theme is some sort of way. But apart from that you will pretty much have free reign! Or, another idea could be blogger interviews where I would ask you some questions and post your responses to them on my blog, also giving you publicity. If you are interested, drop me an email at Hope to hear from you soon!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Liebster Award - The Lazy Version

First of all, I would like to thank Ashley for nominating me for the Liebster blog award, it means a lot!

I am far too lazy to do the full shabang but I will answer Ashley's questions since she is clearly not as lazy as me and did what she was meant to when she got nominated. I just can't ever be bothered thinking of people to nominate and going on to their individual blogs to let them know and whatnot. Far too much effort. I don't have time for that. But since the lovely Ashley did, it would be rude not to at least acknowledge it and answer her questions!

1. If you could buy a plane ticket to go anywhere, where would you go?
I'd go to Pennsylvania, USA, as that is where my sister, her husband and four-year-old son live. Because we live so far away, with me being a loyal Scot, we only see each other once a year which is nowhere near enough! The plane tickets are just so damn expensive.

2. Have you ever been to a concert before?
Yes, I have been to a few in my lifetime. My first concert was Ellie Goulding a couple of years ago, just before she got really big and famous. I've also seen Tyler Hilton live twice before (all hail One Tree Hill and the beauty that is Chris Keller). I have seen The Overtones twice with my mum too because she loves them and can't ever find anyone else that wants to go with her! I'm going to see them in Glasgow on Friday, actually.

3. If you could dye your hair any colour, what would it be?
That's a tricky one. I love blonde hair but it definitely wouldn't suit my colouring and dark eyebrows so I guess I would have to say either a darker brown or a pretty auburn.

4. What's your favourite cheesy movie to watch?
Any Disney Channel original movie, they are definitely my guilty pleasure.

5. Do you like summer or winter better (for outfits)?
I really don't know the answer to this one. I love wrapping up in pretty scarfs and coats and digging the boots out of the closet but then I also love when it is time for the cute summer dresses and denim jackets and sandals. That's a toughie alright.

6. Favourite store to shop at?
I really like New Look at the moment. I know that is a very generic choice but they have some really great stuff. Their spring preview is looking amazing. 

7. What's your favourite school subject?
I really like English, maybe because I think I want to do Journalism at university when I leave school. I am still so undecided on what I would like to do for the rest of my life but blogging and reading and writing is my passion. You wouldn't believe the amount of books that I own!! I'd love to write a book one day.

8. Who is your favourite actor/actress?
There is quite a few that I like. Sandra Bullock, for a start. She is just hilarious. And then there is Jennifer Lawrence who is simply stunning. Oh, and Channing Tatum. Whew. He doesn't even need to act, he just needs to stand there. I could watch a movie of just him sitting doing nothing.

9. Tea or coffee?
Ask me this a couple of months ago and my answer would have been tea, with no hesitation. However, I have seen the light and am now an avid coffee drinker. But I do like both.

10. What's the perfect way to spend a Friday night?
Partaaaayyyy! There is nothing like a good party to end a long week of school.

11. Would you skydive if you could?
Oh yes, without a doubt. I have always wanted to skydive. I would more than likely be absolutely terrified, even though I'm not all that bad with heights. But that is a hell of a way up to go in the sky to jump out of a plane. But hell yes.

Thanks again to (the very pretty) Ashley! Can't believe I didn't follow your blog before now! Just glad it has been brought to my attention. So y'all scoot over there now.