Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mother's Day Flowers at Debenhams + 15% off!

I am pretty sure that I am not the only one here who woke up this morning and realised that Mother's Day is just one week away and I have no idea what I am getting my mum. When you can't think of a good present, flowers are always the safest bet. Who doesn't love flowers?! This year I will be getting my darling mother a lovely bunch of flowers from Debenhams. There is so much choice on the website and they all look so gorgeous. They are all a really good price for how pretty they are. You even have the option to add other gifts to the parcel like chocolates and wine to make the gift extra special. I really like the white lilies and roses shown above so maybe I will get them for my mum.

To make this gift seem even more appealing, I even have a little discount code for you all to get 15% of your purchase! The code is MDBLOG15 so make sure you order your flowers quickly before it expires. Just don't tell your mum you got money off them...

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Pink Oriental Lilies // Citrus // White lily rose

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  1. I didn't know mother's day was a week away either! But, those flowers look absolutely lovely! Thanks for the coupon code! :)


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