Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Advice needed! Considering a blog name change

I am beginning to get bored of plain old 'hollylikestoblog'. It is a name I came up with a long time ago when I didn't think I would still be blogging a couple of years down the line. Yet here I am. Now it seems a bit dull and rubbish. I think my blog name is due a revamp, don't you?!

I have thought long and hard of a good name for my blog and the best I have come up with is Holly la Beau. It's a sweet name, if I do say so myself. It means 'Holly the beautiful' in French which may sound a bit stuck up and big-headed when it is said in English but everything sounds better en fran├žais. Here are some of the headers I have come up with. What do you think? The backgrounds of them would be white if I actually use them but this lets you distinguish between them a bit easier. Let me know your favourite in the comment section because I really need a second opinion on this. Pretend they are numbered and tell me your favourite that way to make it easier for the both of us. Also, let me know if you even like the name! It isn't definite that I will be changing it to that, or even changing it at all, but it would be nice to hear what others think of my plan. If you can think of anything else I could name my blog then feel free to let me know! I am open to suggestions.

I think the last three are my favourite.


  1. I think if you want to change your blog name, you should go for it :) I changed mine when I wasn't happy with it and I'm so glad I did. I like the 5th header and think the new blog name is lovely :) xx

  2. I think you should just go for it! I really love your new blog name and my favourite header is the second one up from the bottom with the stemmed rose :) I've been considering changing the name of blog as well recently, but i haven't put much thought into it yet! xxx


    1. I think that's my favourite too! xxx


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