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Guest Post: Emily's Sportswear Wishlist

You may recall this interview post that I did with Emily from Mermaid Hair and Too Much Make-up, and here she is again with a quest post for you all. I gave her free reign on writing this post and so she was allowed to write about anything she desired, and she chose to show her fitness clothing picks which I am delighted about. I have been thinking about starting doing some more exercise lately in preparation for Nepal and so this post actually benefits me too! My personal favourites are the Asda trainers (who would ever guess that they only cost £12 from a supermarket?!) and the H&M sports bra. Hope you enjoy this post as much as I did!

I often wish I was fitter - more toned, stronger with more stamina (at the moment I struggle walking up a couple of flights of stairs! aha) However, I have serious motivation problems. I spend all day sat at my desk telling myself I'll workout soon, yet all of a sudden it's bed time and I've done absolutely nothing. But, I have a plan - maybe I'll be more motivated to workout if I look good while I'm doing it? So I've put together a little wish list of some cute fitness gear I could buy myself as encouragement to work out.

I really like Nike trainers, and I think these particular ones are beautiful. However, I would never pay that much for trainers, when you can get them a lot lot cheaper elsewhere (see below). You're mostly paying for the name, however I would also expect these to be a lot more sturdy and long lasting than cheaper brands. Quality is important here as you want to ensure the shoe will effectively support your feet and legs, however it doesn't have to leave you broke!

These are a great, cheap alternative to high-end, branded trainers, and I think the design of them is really pretty and 80s looking! However, you could not expect these to last as long as say Nike or Adidas trainers, and I wouldn't recommend them for regular running as I don't think the level of support would be high enough.

I do love this Roxy matching vest and short set - I think matching fitness sets are so cute!

Blogilates is a fitness channel on YouTube run by Pilates instructor, Cassey Ho. If you haven't heard of her/it you have to go and check it out. Her workouts are super intense and effective, yet her fun, bubbly personality makes them enjoyable. Anyway, she has her own online shop where she sells really nice, girly sportswear with motivational and encouraging slogan prints. I love these running shorts - the teal colour is so summery. To be honest, I love all of her clothing, and most of it is really reasonably priced. The only problem is that the shipping from America can be a bit pricey depending on how much/what you buy. Definitely worth checking out though!

I love cropped leggings for working out in and I think these are really nice. They used to be £10, which is still super reasonable, but at the moment they're on sale for just £5 - grab them quick!

In my opinion, sports bras are sports bras and there's really no need to pay upwards of £20 for one! So here, you're getting 2 for £7! That's pretty good value in my opinion. Also the pink one would totally match the pink waistband on those cropped leggings ;)

Really like the design of these shorts - girly colours in a fun, ditzy pattern. They look really comfortable too, and are slightly baggy which makes a nice change from most other fitted sportswear shorts.

I do love both these tops. I think sleeveless is a must when working out - not only to keep you cool to also to enable full range of arm & shoulder movement. Being adidas these are a little pricey. Personally, I tend to buy super cheap primark vests for working out. Plain ones look great with cute shorts and brightly coloured sports bras.

Love the colour of this sports bra, and especially the contrasting coral trim. Think this would match really nicely with those Blogilates shorts.

More shoes. Personally, I love nearly all of Adidas' trainers - they have a huge range of colours and styles for a variety of prices. Like I was saying before, the quality of your shoes is important, not only do you want them to last, but they need to be good at supporting your feet & leg muscles and bones in order to avoid injury. I think £60 is definitely a reasonable price for some good quality trainers, especially if you're planning to take up regular running. I've also included another 2 more expensive pairs, because if your budget allows for it, why not? Treat yourself!

Hope you all like my sportswear picks! What do you think about my theory that cute fitness clothing will encourage me to workout? And how do you stay motivated?

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