Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Bargain Exfoliator: Pampered Shower Smoothie

Hello again everyone! Easter is over and it is back to school for me (boooo) but luckily, I'm only at school for the rest of this week and then I have about 4 weeks off. I so wish it was for a nice relaxing holiday but instead it is study leave as my very-big-and-scary-and-official exams begin on Tuesday. I'm not sure if study leave is something that happens everywhere - it is basically just time off school so that you can focus on your studying without the distractions of others and you only need to come in when you have exams timetabled. I cannot wait for these exams to be over and my life to become stress-free again! Luckily for me, I have found myself a bargain and a perfect pick-me-up for when I am feeling stressed (which is all the time at the mo) - the Pampered Shower Smoothie.

I picked this up for no apparent reason on a trip to my local Savers when I needed dry shampoo. I had plenty (and I mean plenty) of different body washes and exfoliators sitting in my cupboard at home ready to use but I couldn't resist, especially when it was just £0.89! It was just so cheap! I thought it would something nice to blog about, especially if it turned out to be good. 

I am happy to report that this is lovely. The smell is oh-my-god-delicious - strawberry, raspberry and pomegranate. If you aren't a fan of sickly sweet smells this may not be for you. I, however, love them. I think there was also a coconut one in my local store, but I may be wrong. It claims to be for all skin types, which I completely agree with because it isn't too harsh on dry/sensitive skin and still leaves you feeling silky smooth. The exfoliating beads are tiny so you don't need to worry about it causing irritation. Not only does this luxuriously thick creamy exfoliator smell amazing when you are using it in the shower, you can still smell the lovely fragrance for quite some time after you have stepped out and dried off. For such a cheap product, it does the job well. The packaging isn't the most exciting , but for 89p I am sure I can handle it. I wonder if there is a moisturiser to go along with it - that would just be the icing on the cake. I can't find it anywhere online apart from this dodgy-looking website so maybe check your local Savers first if you are looking for this, it sounds like a much safer option.

Will I repurchase? Most definitely.

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  1. It looks good, need to try it :)
    Michela xx


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