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I recently saw someone do this tag on their blog and since my exams start on Tuesday - eek - and I don't really have time to set up  for photos and edit them and write a proper blog post, I thought a nice little tag like this would be good to keep you all satisfied. Can't leave you with nothing to read now, can I?! Feel free to do this tag yourself and comment with a link to it so I can have a nosy (even though I should be studying).

Source - weheartit (edited)
Blush or bronzer? I'd definitely have to say blush for this, it brightens up my whole face and makes me feel put together. I could probably live without bronzer, as much as I love it.

Lip gloss or lipstick? Had I been asked this question a few months ago I would've said lip gloss, without hesitation. Now, however, I am leaning slightly more towards lipstick. I really love the look they give. I still don't own a MAC one so that may be my next purchase.

Eyeliner or mascara? Mascara, for sure. I hardly ever wear eyeliner, partly because I can't be bothered but mainly due to the fact that I am utter crap at doing liquid eyeliner and haven't found a good one that is easy to apply and lasts all day. I am open to suggestions!

Foundation or concealer? Probably concealer because then I can cover my hideous under-eye circles as well as any blemishes on my face. I am feeling pretty confident right now in terms of my complexion because of Roaccutane which cleared all my acne up nicely so I could probably live without foundation if I had a good concealer.

Neutral or colour eye shadow? I don't wear eyeshadow very often but when I do, it is always neutral. I'm not brave enough to brand out into colours just yet!

Pressed or loose eye shadows? Pressed - I make too much mess with loose powder!

Brushes or sponges? Me and sponges don't get on very well when it comes to applying makeup so I rely heavily on my brushes.


Long or short? I try my hardest to keep my nails long because I prefer them that way but I have such weak, flaky nails that break far too easily meaning most of the time they are pretty short.

Brights or darks? Brights in the spring/summer, darks in the winter.

Acrylic or natural? I've never had acrylic nails so I'd have to say natural, although I do really love how acrylics look.

OPI or Barry M? Probably Barry M, purely because I own more of them. I own one OPI nail polish which isn't really enough to say it's one of my favourite brands, is it?

Up or down? Down, wearing it up emphasises how abnormally small my head is.

Straight or curly? My hair is naturally quite curly so I think I suit it a lot more than wearing it straight. I look weird with straight hair because I'm not used to it.

Bun or ponytail? Ponytail on days when my hair is behaving (which isn't often) but sometimes I have to do a bun because my hair is completely unsalvageable

Long or short? My hair is so thick so it would sit weird if it was short so I have always had mid-length hair. I am trying to grow it though, with not much success.


Perfume or body splash? What the hell is a body splash. 

Lotion or body butter? Body butter, they feel so luxurious and nice! They can be a pain to rub in though but soooo worth it.

Body wash or soap? I always end up dropping soap because it slips out my hand so I'm a body wash kinda gal.

Lush or other bath company? I can't say I have ever used a lot of Lush products. I don't really have a favourite brand for body products, I tend to switch between quite a few.


Jeans or joggers? I am definitely a jeans person, I just don't find joggers comfortable. I'm just not a casual dresser I guess!

Long or short sleeves? I get too cold wearing short sleeves most of the time (Scotland = coldest place ever) but long sleeves annoy me and I usually end up pushing them up a bit so they are more like 3/4 length.

Stripes or plaid? IT'S BLOODY TARTAN. I hate when tartan gets called plaid. I am Scottish, we invented it, we get to name it. And for that reason, I am sticking to my heritage and saying TARTAN.

Flip-flops or sandals? Definitely sandals, I hate the feeling of something between my big toe all the time when I walk!

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