Wednesday, 14 May 2014

5 Books I Wish Had A Sequel

There are some stories that you just aren't ready for them to be over. I always find myself speeding through a really good book because I can't bare to put it down but when I get to the last few pages, I am savouring every word and hate turning the page. You just want to the story to go on forever and ever. Today I bring you five of my favourite books that I have finished but haven't fully accepted that they are at an end.

1) Someone Else's Life by Katie Dale
The plot for this book is very imaginative and unlike anything I have ever read, and gets very emotional at times. I like books that make you think, and this does exactly that. It's about a girl who's mother died of Huntington's disease, only for her to discover that she wasn't her biological mother at all. She goes in search of her real family with the help of her best friend and there are several unexpected twists and turns all throughout this book. The blurb makes it sound so good but it was even better than I imagined. 
I'm not yet ready to accept that this series is over. United We Spy is book 6 in this series but I love the story and the characters so much that I want it to keep going forever. I was putting off finishing this book for so long because I knew it would mean that the storyline would be complete and I just don't like that idea. It's such an unrealistic plot set in a school for spies that is undercover as a boarding school but it just works. It also makes me want to be a spy so bad, although I think I would be pretty bad at it.
I am sure you will have heard of this book, and if not, where have you been?! As I expected, I cried a lot while reading this book. A LOT. I always cry at books and movies that are remotely emotional so the story of two cancer patients falling in love was sure to have that effect on me. It has also been been made into a movie which, correct me if I am wrong, I believe comes out in cinemas in June. No way am I going to go to the cinema and see it, I'm not ready for everyone to see me blub. 
4) Losing Lila by Sarah Alderson
Aaaah I love this series. It manages to completely unique and as far from real life as you can get whilst still managing to be exciting, enjoyable and not cringey in the slightest. This is book two of two (unfortunately), however Sarah Alderson has since brought out some short stories (Lila Shortcuts and Tormenting Lila) that are equally enjoyable, although I think they may only be available on a kindle. I just wish there was a third story. I do prefer the first book in the series (Hunting Lila) but this satisfied my need for more Lila-and-Alex romance. Next on my book wishlist is another Sarah Alderson number because I adore this series so much and I hope her others follow the same path.
I have read many of Sarah Dessen's books and loved them all but this one comes out on top as my favourite. Sarah has a way of writing that really grips you and connects you to each of the characters and you find yourself hoping and praying that everything turns out okay for them. This isn't your average cheesy teen love story where each page is as predictable as the next. This book is about a teenage girl called Ruby whose mother leaves her but she tries to continue living on her own because she has no one to turn to. When she is discovered, she is sent off to live with her elder sister Cora who she hasn't seen in years and her husband who she has never met. Throw in sexy Nate from next door and you have yourself a winner.


  1. I loved The Fault in Our Stars. I can't wait to see the movie! And Someone Else's Life sounds wonderful too. I have to put it on my to-read list. :)

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. It's definitely one of my favourites at the moment, I highly recommend it! x


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