Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Clinique A Different Nail Enamel in 'Really Rio'

Please note: these pictures have been edited slightly, but only to ensure that the true colour of the nail polish is shown
Spring has (apparently) sprung and so it is time to break out the pastels and the bright nail polishes. Scotland is having some pretty dire weather at the moment so it is impossible to tell that it is actually May when you look outside. Rain is currently battering against my house and the window is making a horrible whooshy noise because of the wind. Aaaahhhh it's a true delight to live in Britain.

There is nothing better to cheer you up than painting your nails a pretty colour which is exactly what I did this fine afternoon. This is actually one of my mum's nail polishes which I pinched from her because she is currently at work (sshhh) so by the time she gets home, my nails are already painted and she can't object. She has good taste in nail polish, that woman. This pretty peachy coral from Clinique (link) is so lovely and screams spring. It's very unique in the fact that it is created specially for sensitive skin, which I still find strange even though I know the reason behind it. Who would have guessed you could get nail polish for sensitive skin, eh? Seriously, what's next. Apparently this prevents your eyes from itching and burning if you touch them which doesn't exactly apply to me because I have never ever found this happening with normal nail polish. I even wear contact lenses which make your eyes more sensitive and water far more often yet I still have never had a problem. So, while the fancy formula has no relevance to me, that does not dispute the fact that this is so pretty. That's the best way to describe it - pretty. The Clinique website makes it look super orange but it is slightly different to that in person. I wish companies would hurry up and figure out how to make photographs of cosmetics and nail polishes online look like the real thing. It can't be that hard. The formula is beautiful and glides on like a dream. I've read a few reviews of this range before and they often said that it needed a good few coats to make it opaque, however I found 2 was perfect. The brush is small enough to ensure precision but not too small that it takes forever to coat one nail. This is just an all round good nail polish and I would happily buy more colours - not that I need any more nail polish...


  1. I never knew that nail polishes could make your eyes itch or burn when they've already dried... I've never ever had that happen either.
    This sounds like a great nail polish, the colour is lovely.

  2. Love this nail polish! would be perfect for spring! xx

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