Thursday, 22 May 2014

Exam Survival Guide

I am sure we are all well aware of how stressful exam time is when it rolls around. Motivation can be difficult (see Study Tips for the Procrastinator), but mental exhaustion can also play a part in leading to high-stress levels. Therefore, I bring you my exam survival guide to ensure you (hopefully) sail through without the dreaded stress spots and migraines.

1 // Get comfortable
You need to be comfortable when you are studying or you won't be able to focus as much. Comfy clothes and a comfy place to sit is a MUST. You know what that means? It's time for a PJ day.

2 // Snacks, snacks and more snacks
Food is fuel for the brain and will allow you to focus better. Have a break every so often and go and grab yourself a healthy (or unhealthy, it's up to you) snack to keep you going. You don't take information in as easily when you are hungry so get eating - your exam results will thank you (although maybe not your stomach or thighs).

3 // Drink plenty of water
Similar to eating plenty, you also need to keep yourself hydrated. Ditch the fizzy drinks which give you a sugar rush and hinder your studying and instead reach for the water. It's also good to have a coffee every once in a while as long as it isn't too late on in the day which will keep you up all night.

4 // Have some down time
Nothing is better than letting your mind slow down and relax during a little break from your studying. Watch TV, flick through Instagram, do anything that takes your mind off studying for a while. You can't study all day as your brain simply can't retain that much information, meaning you can allow yourself about of me-time to do whatever you like. I recommend taking a nice bath and having a little pamper.

5 // Get a good night's sleep the night before your exam
You definitely don't want to be up late cramming the night before so that you are almost falling asleep whilst trying to sit the exam (been there, done that). I know it may be hard to pry yourself away from the books because you feel like you don't know everything but if you followed my study tips (link above) and you started early enough to fit everything in then you will be fine. I quite often feel like I don't know anything before I go into the exam hall but when you see the questions in front of you, the answer often comes to you. If not, write a sensible(ish) answer and you may be lucky and get it right (also been there, done that).

Good luck in your exams!


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